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Dragon Soul: Journey Acrosss Time


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Cross Mirai awoke with a start, he had finally been awakened from a genetic sleep, and was prepared to carry out his mission. Chronous inside of him felt ready as well.
"Subject E243, please carry out proper introduction." a woman holding a clipboard told him.
"Cross...Mirai." Cross said.
"Please state mission parameters and objectives."
"No unnecesary violence to avoid interference with timeline, do not attempt interference in important historical events, do not state full mission outline to outsiders, hazardrous subjects possessing Dragon Souls must not be marked liable. Mission: Find any and all persons containing even the slightest trace of Dragon Soul data in their DNA. Continue operations as planned."
"Please enter level 5 security code to recieve data."
"Urrgh, stupid thing. At least it works all right." The woman moved over to a large metal casket. Cross followed and got in, whereupon a coundown began.
"Reactor at 60%, 30 seconds to initiation, vital signs and brainwave data cleared, 20 seconds, Reactor at 80%, lifeline expiry estimated at 50, Zero Zone cleared, confirmation has been established, 10 seconds, Zero Zone active, initiating coordinates...complete... Initiating..."
Cross felt nothing as he was sucked down into a deep portal of some kind. He was uncertain as to where he would arrive, his only instruction was to acquire Dragon Soul data...
He arrived a moment later in a large clearing, whereupon he began to search for info... Time line uncertain, subject aquired, searching for DNA data... Dragon Soul data acquired, Subject name is Thomas Hidenburg, German, Time line data yet to be resolved...
Cross walked forward, this man, Thomas, had to be found...
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OOC:I just signed up in Recruitment

Sakura woke up and yawned and stretched.She looked at the time and jumped out of bed.She ran to the bathroom.She quickly combed out her chocolate brown hair and brushed her teeth.She ran back to her room and changed into her clothes.Sakura rubbed her eyes of sleep and found her blue tinted sunglasses.Sakura placed them over her emerald eyes and looked at her self in the full length mirror.She sighed and got her backpack and headed down the stairs into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast before running out the door.Sakura was a very atheletic girl and ran a lot so it was no problem to run the 3 blocks to school.

She made it just in time and sat pulling out her things to get ready for class.Then she felt a sudden chill go down her spine.
'Oh no...Not now...Please not now'she hoped but it was for nothing.The desk and chair and anything else she was touching became ice.Everyone gasped and Sakura ran from the room.

The chill went away and everything changed to the original state.Sakura shook her head and ran from the school not knowing where she was going but something inside told her to go that way.
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OOC: He will speak German but I'm providing the translations as well.

IC: Thomas sat in a tree watching a deer that would be his supper. But something spooked it, and it ran off. "Verdammit! Warum geschieht es wann ich Hunger habe? (Damnit! Why does it happen when I'm hungry?)" Then he felt it. Someone was in his forest, HIS forest. Whomever it was, they were going to pay dearly. He darted amongst the trees, not to be seen. This was his element after all, he had lived in this forest for several years, he knew it like the back of his hand. It was his home, his friend, his only friend. He darted to where the disturbance was, he was high in a tree when he saw it. It was hardly a man, but non the less he had disturbed Thomas' territory. He pulled the bow off his shoulder and knocked an arrow. He aimed at the boys leg, and let the arrow fly. The boy dodged it, but Thomas was quicker, the second the arrow had been loosed he had another arrow prepared and flying. This one struck the boy in the kneecap.
"Wenn ich nicht kann haben Hirsch, dann ich werde haben Mann für Hauptmahlzeit. (If I can not have deer, then I shall have man for dinner.)" He said as he dropped from the tree and cautiously approached the boy.
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OOC: Very impressive Dmitri, I never knew you had so many talents.

IC: Damage to lower portion... knee continuing functions as normal... damage indicator only 40% at maximum...
Cross looked up at the strange man speaking a foreign language... Translation in progress...
"If I cannot have deer, then I shall have man for dinner!" The man said evilly. Cross then darted upwards and pointed auxiliary weapon "Seeker" at the man's throat. He ducked out of the way and tried to ready another arrow, but Cross had lunged away in an instant. The man tried to return to hunting, but suddenly Seeker flew out from behind him and pinned him to a tree. The man was far from immobilized, however, as he shot another arrow that hit Cross in the chest. There was no other choice.
Initianting emergency procedure... Cell format restructuring in compliance with activation of DNA anomaly Chronous... Energy levels rising...
Cross began to glow a bright white, and the Dragon Soul had begun to activate....
Primary, Secondary and all Auxiliary energy supplies at 100%... Diffusing energy into mainstream... Focusing into cavity... Auxiliary cannon function has been activated... Target acquired... Fire...
"Time Shot..." Cross focused the light into his hands and when the man tried to shoot an arrow, it stopped in the air in front of him. Cross then fired the Time Shot, causing the man to twitch and then stiffen...
Searching for any DNA structuring anomalies...found... DNA in direct link with cells relating to Chronous... Target has been confirmed...
Cross smiled, this was the man he had been looking for, now all that was left was to explain...
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OOC: I'm a Renaissance man ;) But remember, you may have caught me, but I have yet to fight.

IC: Thomas struggled, his anger started to get a bit out of control. He felt something stirring inside of him. He suddenly felt at one with the forest. He moved what was thought to be his arm at the boy. But in reality a tree moved. The tree swung its branch and struck the boy in the back, sending him to the ground.
Thomas was released from his little hold. He moved to use his bow, he pulled it back and it broke.
"Verdammen Sie, dieses Mittel das ich werde machen müssen eine neue Verbeugung, nachdem ich die Hexe töte! (Damn, this means I'll have to make a new bow after I kill the witch!)" He threw down his bow and drew his two long swords. He walked up to the witch boy and stepped on his back, he put the tips of both his swords to the witch's neck, and started to push.
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OOC: The same to you.

IC: Cross came to just in time to see Thomas press two swords to his throat.
"Wait!" Cross yelled in German, causing the man to pause only momentarily.
"Did you feel that? That fury, that anger, that power? It is inside of you as well..." Cross began to get a little desperate, but maintained his composure.
"That power is inside of you as well!"
"Lies!" Thomas roared and brought down the swords, which were stopped by an energy field.
"Show me..." Cross caused a surge of energy which knocked Thomas far back enough to allow him to get up.
"Show me you have this power!!!" Cross began to glow white again.
"Buliwyf!" Thomas roared as a giant tree bent over at an amazing speed, threatening to crush Cross.
"Time Blade!" Cross yelled as a large light sword appeared attached to his fist and sliced through the tree, Cross still had to jump out of the way, however. Thomas controlled another tree and caused it to swing to the side, Cross needed to push a little harder to leap over it, but when he came down, Thomas had begun charging at him. Cross split his Time blade in two, and they began to fight. Cross spun around once to break the charge, then lunged forward with both blades out. Thomas blocked with great accuracy, and then began a flurry of blows which even Cross had a hard time dealing with.
"His strength and speed are superhuman! He truly is the one!" Cross thought to himself, but then he decided to think back to phase 3 of his parameters, any person or persons considered haphazardrous are not considered liabilities... Cross ducked and then jumed upwards to break Thomas' momentum. When he landed, Thomas was alredy behind him, they spun around and pointed their swords at each other. Cross grinned, the end wasn't in sight quite yet...
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"Welches in Hölle ist Sie?(What in Hell are you?)" Thomas asked, sensing this could go on forever, and besides, this witch cut down a tree!
"Ich bin wie Sie, ein wird der fähig ist, das Umgeben das er ist am meisten an Melodie mit zu manipulieren.(I am like you, a being able to manipulate the surrounding he is most at tune with.)" the witch answered.
Thomas narrowed his eyes, not believing this person. He began to speak a different language, not expecting the person to answer back.
"He could be lieing, there are no such powers. Though how on Earth was I able to move trees?" Thomas could see he could learn something if he listened. He stepped back and sheathed his swords.
"Erzählen Sie mir mehr um diese Kraft, und ich können lassen, daß Sie leben, wenn ich die Antwort mag.(Tell me more about this power, and I may let you live if I like the answer.)"
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"The world will be ending some 3500 years from now." Cross continued to speak the native tongue.
"I am searching for those capable of helping me rebuild the world, and you just happen to be one of them."
"What?! 3500 years? Why does it matter, I will be dead!"
"You wouldn't rather save other lives?"
"They have no meaning to me!"
"Very well, how would you envision the power the change the world at your will?" Cross had begun attempting to trigger a human emotion listed as #182: Greed.
"Change the world?"
"Yourself, and that Dragon Soul Buliwyf could dominate the new world!"
"Domination..." Thomas was beginning to take a liking to this.
"It is all yours if you seek to join me..."
"I will consider..."
"I am afraid we haven't much time, the second one awaits, and I must see him before my life falls in danger!"
"Very well! I will have to take charge, though!"
"I am afraid that is impossible, I am the only one able to initiate the time travel, you can only survive it."
"Alright, but I will not answer to you!"
"Oh, and the only thing is, what you see may be...surprising..." Cross gave the signal to search out their new coordinates, and when the portal arrived, the duo jumped in and it carried them all the way back to the year 4000...
"What is this?!" Thomas cried out in astonishment at the buildings.
"I told you you would be surprised." Cross began searching for their next target. It was acquired almost instantly, meaning that it was very close...
...Enix Kiro....
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Thomas looked around at all the buildings. Absentmindedly he started speaking english.
"What is all this! Metal trees?!?" He looked aroud, and suddenly realized he didn't want the world. The world belonged to Nature, and he didnt' see much of that around any more. He hated this place.
"I want to go home now!"
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OCC: Ohkami, I think that Wonderashot is going to meet all of us in different times. You might as well wait for the siginal when he goes to your time period. After that, I think we will all be seperated into 2 groups.
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"I have A feeling some thing is about to happen but I can't tell if it is good or bad" enix thought as he grabed his brass knuckles and sword. He went down stairs to get some thing to eat and left. "If to day is going to A boring day like it allways is I might as well go where I allways go" enix said to him self. After A couple of minnutes enix left the city and was at A lake surrounded by forest. "Now I can think about that feeling I had earlyer" enix thought as he sat down under A tree he thought to be 100 years old. He sudnley heard some movement in the bushes and climbed up the tree. In the bushes were two people comeing twords the lake. Enix started to withdraw his sword just to be ready. "I feel much better being here in this forest than in that city" thomas said to cross. "Don't get to attached to this place because we'll be leaving as soon As we find enix kiro" cross said as they entered the clearing. In the clearing animales were drinking at the lake and thomas said "maybe I can get some thing to eat here with all the animals around here". Enix pulled out A flute that had been given to him by his father that was in the family for years and played it. As soon as he started the animals left. He jumped out of the tree and withdrew his sword. "Why have you come here and why did you need to find me" enix asked. "To test you and to see if you have what i'm looking for" cross said as he threw his boomerang at enix. He was able to defend the the first time it came around but not the second time. When it came around againd some feeling in side him told him what to do. "I call for tahu to give me his power" enix said as he began to glow red. "Pyro blade sword" enix called out as his sword was incased in fire. He made two slashes and A flaming X was sent twoards the boomerang. The bomerang was sent back with A cross shaped burn. Thomas was angry that the one that cross was fighting was useing fire but he knew that he would loose the fight. Cross did his attack, time shot as enix jumped. Energy balls surrounded him and formed together as enix put on his brass knuckles. When the balls of energy were together He called out his attack, flame shot and punched the ball twoards the time shot and they cancled each other and made A explosion. When the smoke cleared cross had A sword to the side of his neck. It looked as though enix had jumped into the lake. "I have some things to ask you" enix said. "For starters who are you two, why did need to find me, who or what is tahu and I have A feeling that you are trying to change some thing or stop some thing, so if I like your answers I will join you in your journy" enix said.
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Dango walked along the road kicking a stone. H had just finashed school, and he wasn't happy with his test results.
"Midevl Geekoid they'll call me! Why did I have to get straight A's on THAT test? The krappest subject!" He growled.
"2013 Sucks! Ever since 2005 these new cops are wreakin' the place!" Dango looked around.
"I liked the lazy cops better." He walked acxross the road and into the park. The park he was in was pretty big. There was a forest and hills near it.
"I think a wonder in the woods will take my mind off the bloody test." He headed for the tall trees and headed into the dark gloomy woods.
"I love this fresh air!"
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"It is less than a simple matter, I am afraid..." Cross told Enix,
"The world will be ending in only a few years, therefore, we require your assistance, as well as Tahu, to rebuild it." Enix was surprised, but he still had to make sure Cross knew what he was talking about.
"Why should I believe you?"
"You've seen it yourself, you are the only one who can use that power. Besides, this will happen in your lifetime, and you could have the opportunity to rule the new world!"
"...Very well, so long as I have nothing better to do..."
"Good, now, we need a new plan of attack, the other 11 must be found quickly! Enix and Thomas, I will transport you both to the year 2010 to pick up a young woman named Sakura. You will know her when you see her. I will be in the year 2065 to get my next target, Cay Graff."
"Just get on with it!" Thomas roared in disgust. The two portals opened and the two groups jumped in...
...Cross awoke in the year 2065 in the same location... he could feel and incredible energy signal coming from afar, based on an EM wave.
"Cay Graff...prepare yourself..."
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"Come on thomas, I don't like you and I know you don't like me because I use fire type attacks and you most likley use the power of the forest to fight" enix said. "Ya but even though cross told me to come with you does not mean I will follow your orders" thomas said with some anger and enix replied "that's o.k with me because i'm not doing this to gain power or any thing like that, i'm just doing this to change the world and the future, meet new friends, go on A adventure and to find more about tahu." Thomas just grumbled at that. "Come on I have A feeling that the girl named sakura is on the move so we'll have to catch up with her and I am not planing to fight her" enix said as he started to run.
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[I]In a dark alley in the huge city a young girl sits on top of a garbage can. Watching, listening, recording every movement that happens in the area. She stands up and leaves. Walking down town to an abandoned arcade. As she walks, people stare and make coments. So young....[/I]

"Whats everyone looking at?" Cay laughed silently under her breath. Every time she walked out of any alley this sort of thing happened. It seemed so stupid. Shouldn't they be used to it by now?

Cay turned a corner and walked into the old run-down arcade. The place had been a virtual reality game. She walked in and fiddled with the controls until the room changed into what seemed like the top of a huge mountain.

"For all I care....." Cay started "They can go jump off a cliff...."
She started to walk near the edge of the mountain when she heard the door open behind her. The virtual world turned off imediatly. Cay jumped behind an old peice of equipment.
"Who is this guy?" Cay asked herself as the person entered the building.
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Thomas was grumbling. He didn't know what time they were in, but he suspected that they didn't enjoy sword wielding wilderness men walking the streets of this metal forest. He couldn't sense any familiarality in it. Nothing to connect to, so he was miserable.
He didn't like this person he was walking with, and he was hungry, and he wanted to go home, and live the rest of his life with the wild he loved. [i]Let them kill themselves off, won't hurt me any[/i]
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"You are Cay Graff, correct?" Cross asked the young girl. She was stunned that he had noticed her.
"So what if I am?" She replied, vey annoyed. Cross hoped that they would not have to engage in combat.
"I am here to tell you something, something about why people look at you the way they do..." Cay began to get nervous, who was this freak?
"You are the possessor of a Dragon Soul, one of 14 at anytime in this world. I am much like youself, able to manipulate the energies that I am closest to..."
"Shut up! What is it that you want?!"
"I want you to come with me... to help me save the world..."
"What are you talking about?! Stay away!" Suddenly a bolt of lightning erupted out of one of the machines and struck Cross, however he was barely fazed.
"You see? That was your doing..."
"Leave me alone!" Another bolt shot out, but Cross blocked it with his Time Blade.
"You cannot escape, either come with me quietly, or fight and show me you are truly the one!!!" Cross dashed forward to strike, but he was blocked by another larger bolt of lighning, Cay began to glow bright yellow.
"Electrinok! Thunderburst!" She yelled, and a large sphere of energy erupted from her body, blowing Cross against the wall. He got up, tasting blood.
"This could be interesting..."

OOC: As of Thursday, I'll be on vacation and won't have easy access to a computer, so I won't be here very much. You guys try to take over from then on!
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Cay felt electric pulses run threw her body. It felt odd, but she liked it. It made her feel safe and powerful. She jumped over behind one of the machines and pulled out her glaive. It was a very old weapon. She hated guns. She usually kept it here so that she didn't cause a panic on the streets.
"So." She said to the man. "I have a few zapping powers. I have no idea what yours are, but I think I can win this fight!"

Cay lunged forward about to stab the man with the glaive. He rolled out of the way and shot some blast at him. Cay felt her limbs begin to tighten. While she was destracted he jumped behind her and help her in a tight grip.
"Please, I'v had to fight the other 2 and I really need a break." The man told her. "Just come with me and i'll explain everything."

Cay couldn't help but laugh. "How stupid do you think i am? You strong, i must say, but i still have some tricks up my sleaves......"
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"Truly you must be the one! At least allow me to explain..." Cross was cut off as every machine in the area shot a lightning bolt at him. Cay stood back and began to laugh.
"Now you know not to mess with me!" She rushed forward and began to spin her glaive around in the air. She jumped and brought down the weapon, but Cross jumped up and sent out an energy wave to block the hit. He put up his Time Blade and began to fight. Cay spun around and triet to hit Cross from a low angle, but he jumped to the side and bounced off a wall. He brought down the blade, but it was blocked easily and Cay threw him off. He landed on top of a machine, but it began to spark and electrocute him. Cay rushed forward, holding the blade low, and tried to uppercut, but Cross rolled out of the way just in time and the machine was cut in half. Cay turned around, but it was already too late, as Cross had fired a Time Shot which knocked her over and temporarily paralyzed her. Cross threw Seeker and it pinned her weapon to the floor.
"The world will be ending around the year 4000. I am here to collect people who can posess the powers of the Dragon Souls and rebuild the world."
"Why should I believe you?"
"Because you have this power, why not put it to good use? Why would I lie?"
"Hmph, it's true I can do this..." Cay got up, but her weapon stayed on the ground.
"I still am not sure if I can believe you, though."
"That doesn't matter now, I just need your help, please."
"...Maybe..." Cross opened up the portal, and jumped inside, Seeker following. Cay thought for a moment, then picked up her glaive and followed...
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OOC: Sorry for posting so late!

Tami yawned. She didn't have anything to do. She looked over at the large blade sitting in the corner of her room. Shaking her head a little, she picked up the phone and called one of her friends, making plans to go to the mall that weekend. She laid back on her bed. She picked up her Calculus book and started working on the next chapter.
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Sakura continued to run.Then she felt something.Like someone was following her.Sakura span aronund quickly and saw 2 men.

Sakura:Who are you?!What do you want?!
Enix:Are you Sakura?
Sakura:Who's asking?!

Sakura unsheathed her blade and held it in fighting stance.

Enix:I am Enix and he's Thomas.We're finding Dragon Soul carriers.You have one.
Sakura:I know I have one.His name is Arctis.The power of Ice.Although sometimes I can't control it.
Thomas:We are here from a boy named Cross.We're here to bring you to him and so we can all get together.All the Dragon Soul Carriers.

Sakura straightened and nodded sheathing her blade.

Sakura:Lead the way.Usually I would fight someone who said something like that but I have a feeling you're telling the truth.
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"Of course we are telling the truth! Why would I tell you a lie if it was told me as well!" He shifted uncomfortably. How he hated this, he would have to see if he could go home at some point. He was still hungry. He looked at the girl Sakura and thought she would make a nice meal, maybe puts some carrots and onions along with her. He would have to see about this later, he didn't know if he could take on both of them. But if he could he would have double the meal, and more food to last him a while. But then how would he get home?
He had to play his hand carefully.
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