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Guest SuperMaxSonic
Not one, not two, but FOUR projects at once. 2 fanfictions and two RPG's. This RPG is different from most RPG's. This is an actual Game. We need at least 8 people. This is what we need:
2 Earth Adepts
2 Fire Adepts
2 Wind Adepts
2 Water Adepts
Two seperate teams will be competing against each other. One will be trying to destroy the Elemental light houses, the other trying to save them. Each team contains one of each type of adept. I will give you stats once you join. Here is the storyline:

[I]A long time ago, Alchemy was abundant. It gave man the ability to do wonerous things. However, this lead to greed in the hearts of man, and a group of brave warriors sealed it away in 4 lighthouses. Many years later, Alchemy was re-awaikened, and although humanity prosphered, it once again corrupted their hearts, and was sealed away. Now, two groups set out. One wishes to destroy Alchemy so it may never corrupt anyone again. The other wishes to save it from destruction, becauce one day humanity may be ready for Alchemy. This is their tale.[/I]
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It would help if you gave a Profile Sheet but since one isn't provided I shall make one and tell me if it needs changes.

[b]Weapon:[/b]Water Blade
[b]Description:[/b]Chocolate brown hair,emerald eyes,a rich blue robe and tunic.
[b]Bio:[/b]Sakura is a great Water Adept and help the people in her village by providing everyone with fresh water everyday.The town loves her and especially the children because on hot days Sakura will make a fountain of water for them to play in.Even though she's only a teenager she has great power and control because when they first discovered her powers at a young age of 1 years of age she was taught how to control them and now she uses them with complete control.
They first discovered her powers when she was young and accidently summoned a large wave of water that flooded the town.For a while no one knew who was responsible until they saw Sakura had a typed of air bubble surrounding her that protected her.
Then finally Sakura heard about the Lighthouses and immediatly set out knowing she would be needed so she began her quest.

[b]Tell me if I'm missing anything or did anything wrong.[/b]
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Guest dayday
Do we have to do bios? I hate them.

Name: Saina

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Desription: 5'5, blue eyes, long black hair in ponytail, white scrunchie, white tank top, blue pants, white AIR FORCE ONES

Adept: Wind

If there's anything else jsut say so and I'll change it or add it.:D
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Name: Rain Armados

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Adept: Water

Weapon: Masemune

Description: Blue Shirt that is tucked into his black pants. a turban like robe around his waist. A blue cape, and a sheath on his left side of his robe to hole his Masemune blade, Blue eyes, and Black Hair

Class: Chaos Lord ( Balence )

Bio:Rain was a nice and kind man. Until his heart was struck with bad news of his relatives death. Then everyone he loved and cared for died. He was lonely. Soon he started destroying towns. He soon mastered his Water skills and Ice typed ability. Like the ice abilities, his heart was ice cold. A man told him that soon he will start caring for others again, including a girl. But he ignored that thought and killed him. Something in his heart told him to destroy the lighthouses. He followed it and his next target was the lighthouse. ( Basically he's the bad guy )
When he's 14, he took care of Djinns and used them in battles. Also used them to help him destroy towns. Right after he took care of 3 Mercury Djinn, he knew how to summon.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
Okay, you're doing pretty good on your own. But you need to add something to your bios. You need to say what type of character you are. Here is a sign-up sheet for you guys.


Name: Slayer
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Adept: Fire
Class: Supreme
Bio: All-Powerful adept who can control the element of fire. He runs into the character many times. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. What dose he want? That is a mystery. (Basicly the bad guy)

Class Listing:

Warrior: High attack rating, okay speed, so-so psyenergy.
Balance: Above average attack and psyenergy, crappy speed.
Mage: Poor attack rating, high speed, high psyenergy rating.

You will not need to create weapons, becauce you will find them on your quest. We already have 2 water adepts, and 1 wind, so we need 2 fire, 1 wind, and 2 earth. Once we have all the characters, you can devide yourselves up into teams.
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This will go along with my obsession of Mai...

Name: Mai Shiranui
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Adept: Fire
Class: Warrior
Bio: A youngh female fighter. She has known she was an Adept since she can remember. Has a nice figure, and loves to fight. Wishes to perserve the lighthouses.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
I have created a crappy map in paint. Do not use the old Golden Sun Maps. The red dots are the starting points in the game for each team. I will fill in the rest of the map as this RPG continues.
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