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Crystals of Darkness


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ok just make up your character as you go. only write what you character is doing. Make dialouge a different color from your action color.

[COLOR=sienna]I'm hungry[/COLOR] Sienna comlained walking home.

The story will unfold as we go. Just fallow the tittle...
I'll start.

Namina looked out her window. The rain kept pounding and thunder roared after each flash of lightning. [COLOR=skyblue]I'm Bored[/COLOR] She sighed and stood up from the window seal and walked into the kitchen. She reached up to open the fridge when a flash of lightning showed a shadow outside. She stopped and looked again but there was no one there...
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Sakura sighed heavily and looked out the window at the storm.She turned away from the window and flopped on her bed.Today was so gloomy.Sakura went down stairs to the kitchen and ate some food.She looked at the window and thought she saw a shadow of someone but it wasn't there.Sakura shrugged it off and finished the food.She walked back upstairs and into her room.She thought she saw the shdow again but it wasn't there.Sakura shook her head and thought she was just sleepy so she got into bed and went to sleep getting away rom the gloomyness.
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Namina shook her head and took a deep breath. This whole staying home alone thing never got to her before... So why now?
She turned to the clock and took note of the time. her mom would probably be out all night. Namina sighed and opened the front door she stared out at the rain and crossed her arms. She loved storms. [COLOR=skyblue]Wha's that?[/COLOR] She uncrossed her arms and picked up a neckalace with some kind of crystal on it. weird...
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Guest dayday
Saina sat on her bed and stared out the window. Suddenly lightning flashed a shadow appeared in the tree outside. Saina jumped back and gasped. [COLOR=royalblue]Huh? [/COLOR] A small crystal was sitting on her windowsil. She cracked open the window and grabbed it off. [COLOR=royalblue]What's this?[/COLOR]
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Guest dayday
Saina eyed the crystal for a while then layed back on her bed. She rolled it around in her hand for a while. [COLOR=blue]I wonder were this came from.[/COLOR] Lightning flashed again and the shadow appeared and dissapeared again. This time there was a note. Saina grabbed it so it wouldn't get wet in the rain. She opened it and read it:

Dear Saina,
This is an important crystal for you to keep. If you want to know more about what is going on, come to the shoreline at 2 sharp tomorrow. There I will tell you everything you need to know.


'Well, of course it's going to say X, what else.' Saina sighed and stuck the note on her nightstand. Then she turned out her lamp and went to sleep.
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another flash of lightning followed by an extreemly loud thunderclap. it distracted namina who looked up and saw the shadow again. Her lights went out and she could see the shadow with every flash of light.[COLOR=skyblue]who are you?[/COLOR] she asked stepping back the crystal in hand.

[COLOR=crimson]who I am is not important.[/COLOR] came a voice that was deep.[COLOR=crimson]I need you to keep this crystal out of the hands of the darkness. It won't be easy hiding it with a human. [/COLOR] He created a ball of fire in his hand and stepped out of the window it opening by his command and shut it with his hand.

[COLOR=skyblue]How did you talk without being...in-side? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=crimson]Thats not important right now. They could have fallowed me.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=crimson]shhhh. Now take this.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=skyblue]Why what will it do?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=crimson]Take it and do not fear it will give you power to fight should they find you.[/COLOR]

questions raced through namina's head but she took it any way.
another flash of lightning lit up the room showing that the person had wings.

[COLOR=crimson]save your questions for later. i must find the others. i'n another flash of lightning he was gone...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=skyblue]but wait what do i ...do with this?[/COLOR] she stared at the flame and wonder why it wasn't burning her. It began to grow bigger and climbed up her arm. it consumed her and she felt it burning through her skin. she couldn't cry out from the pain because it was almost just a warm sensation. Every thing went away and she seemed normal. She looked around and noticed the storm was ding down. She decided to go to sleep.
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Guest dayday
The next morning Saina woke up and stretched. Ahe remembered the note and looked at it. She picked it up and read it again. [COLOR=royalblue]I guess I'll go. It couldn't hurt.[/COLOR] Saina spent the rest of the day thinking about the crystal and the weird shadow outside her window. At 1:45 she left to go to the shoreline.

Saina sat down on the sand and waited for the mystery man to show. After about 2 minutes of waiting she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw someone dressed in a black cloak walking toward her. Saina just stared at him with her mouth open, scared out of her mind.

The person sat down beside her and held out his hand.[COLOR=royalblue]The crystal.[/COLOR] Saina handed him the crystal.[COLOR=royalblue]I see so this is the right one. Number 2. I guess I should make this quick. This is the 2nd crystal. The rest have been given to people just like you. They have the power to take you to the Realms of Darkness. Only if you use it the right way, if you don't you won't go anywhere. In the realms you will find a captured child. You have to help him, but before you do you will have face an evil sorceress. She is the one who has captured the child. The child is also a sorcerer. The one of her greatest enemy. But he has not learned to use his magic. Bring him to me and you will be greatly rewarded.[/COLOR]

After that the man stood and started to walk away. Saina watched him then called, [COLOR=royalblue]Wait.[/COLOR] The man stopped and looked at her.[COLOR=royalblue]Is the child yours?[/COLOR]

The man stopped and looked at her. Is the child yours.

The man turned and looked at Saina. [COLOR=royalblue]That is none of your concern just do as I said.[/COLOR] He dropped the crystal in the sand and walked away.Saina watched him until he was no longer visible.
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"why would he want me to protect a crystal from someone?" namina asked herself as she got dressed. "Arg. i wish i knew the answers..." she looked out into the hallway to her mothers door. after partying all night her mom would sleep all day and it would be the same routine. namina grabbed the crystal on her way out. on the way out to the park she ran into the guy from the night before. He was wearing a long trench coat probably to hide his wings.

"I need you to do me a favor."

"Haven't I done enough keeping this protected?"

"The crystal is for you to enter the realms of darkness."


the guy told her every thing the one guy had told saina.

"So...who's kid is he?"

"My brothers..."


The guy turned to leave but Namina stopped him. "Wait! whats your name?"

"Call me Z."

"and your brothers name?"

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Guest dayday
OOC: That's not fair, you didn't have to re-edit all that stuff. That was hard! *whine* Sorry it's so long. I was bored.

Saina walked into her house trying and to be as quiet as possible. She had stayed at the shoreline all afternoon and evening thinking. It was now 10:13. She snuck back up to her room and closed the door quiety. When she switched on the light she saw her mom sitting on her bed with her legs and arms crossed. She was still wearing the dress suit from work.

[COLOR=royalblue]"Where have you been all night? I've been worried sick about you," [/COLOR] she said.

[COLOR=red]"I was at the beach that's it."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]"What for?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]"I was swimming."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]"You don't have a bathing suit."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]"I was skinning dipping?" [/COLOR] Saina shrugged her shoulders.

[COLOR=royalblue]"I would like it if you didn't lie to me." [/COLOR] She notices the crystal around her neck. [COLOR=royalblue]"Where'd you get that?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]"Get what?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]"That necklace around your neck." [/COLOR] She stood up and walked over to Saina. [COLOR=royalblue]"Did some boy give this to you?"[/COLOR]


[COLOR=royalblue]"I said don't lie to me."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]"I'm not lying. A boy didn't give it to me."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]"So, then a man give it to you?"[/COLOR]

Saina grasped the necklace and took a step back. [COLOR=red]"Maybe," [/COLOR] she said.

[COLOR=royalblue]"What do you mean maybe? A grown man gave that to you. Girl have you lost your mind? How long have you been doing this?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]"Doing what?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]"Sneaking out like this. Is there a certain reason you stayed out extra late tonight?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]"That's disgusting. Why would I do something like that?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]"Well, because it's something a 15 year old girl would do. Did you?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]"I'm telling you no. I wasn't doing anything. Just sitting out by the water thinking. That's it."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue]"If you say so, but I still don't believe you. Tomorrow, we're going to talk more about this." [/COLOR] Saina's mother left out the room and went down the stairs.

[COLOR=red]"That was close. Wait a minute she thought I...and then...ugh." [/COLOR] Saina changed into her pajamas and went to bed.
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O.O.C: im giving up on that it's too much work!"

Namina stepped in her mom was sleeping on the couch. "Well I guess she won't be out partying tonight." she said sarcasticly.

"oh hi honey" she said sitting up. "Marks in the kitchen"

"No way mom! Why'd you bring him here?"

"Look sweety. I want us to be a family."

"you said that last time with brad!"

"Well this time it will be different."

"You know it's kinda hard to be a family when your gone most of the time!" Namina ran up to her room not letting her mother fight back.
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Guest dayday
Saina woke up the next morning and started to get dressed. Her mother walked into her room. "Where do think you're going? We're still not done talking," she said.

"Yes we are. There's nothing to talk about." She finished getting putting on her shoes and started toward her door. Then she turned around and went back to her dresser and picked up the crystal.

"I said you're not leaving through this door. Now sit down so I can talk to you."

"Sorry, I'm in a hurry." Saina opened her window and jumped on a branch on the tree outside. "I'll be back soon," she called. She climbed down and headed toward the park.
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Namina fumed. She was so mad. Why would her mom do this to her again?

"Hunny I'm going out with some freinds" she sang as she walked out the door.

"typical" namina mubled. she went down stairs to get some thing to eat. But when she got there there was a man in the kitchen.
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Guest dayday
Saina walked over to a bench and sat down. She started to think about the man in the cloak. Just before he left she was trying to trying to remember if she caught a glimpse of his face. He seemed familiar to her.
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"What are you doing in my kitchen! My mom can bring you home but you have leave when she does!" she picked up a bannana as though it would help her and prepare to get him out.

"Whoa whoa. chill." said the guy stepping into the light.

"Z. you scare the crap out of me."

"Well it's not like I was in any danger." he chuckled looking down at the banana.
Namina laughed and threw the banna back in the fruit basket.
"So why exactly are you here?"
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Guest dayday
Saina leaned back and looked up into the sky. But before she could see it a shadow was looking down at her. "Uh hi," she said. "What's your name anyway?"

The cloaked man sat down beside her. "I already told you, it's X."

"I thought was just how you signed the letter. I didn't know it was your real name."

"Well it is. I wanted to talk to you a little more..."
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Guest dayday
X crossed his arms and leaned back too. "You have to be here at this spot tomorrow at five pm. You will meet someone else who has a crystal also."

"Why didn't you tell me this yesterday?"

"It slipped my mind." He shrugged. "Think you can remember that."

"Yeah, is there anything else you forgot?"

"No, that's basically it. See you around kid." X reached out and ruffled Saina's hair, then he left.
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Guest dayday
Saina sat in the park for another ten minutes or so then she got up and started back home. 'Then there's other people too," she thought as she looked down at the sidewalk. 'I wonder who it is."
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The next day Namina couldn't wait around. So she went down to the shore as soon as she got up. She spent most of the day there.

"Your early."

"Hey Z"

"I've noticed lately you don't seem to like your mother much."

"She's not my mom I just live with her. What kinda mom drinks every night and day and brings home a different man every week tring to make us a happy "family"

"What about your dad?"

"What dad?"
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Guest dayday
OOC: I guess Ohkami isn't posting anymore.

Saina woke up the next morning and headed down toward the kiitchen for breakfast. Her mother was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. They had avoided each other the day before but now it was time to talk.
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Guest dayday
Saina walked over to the table and sat down. She picked up a orange from the basket and started to peel it. She threw the peels in the trash then started to leave. "I'm going out."

"What for?"

"I'm supposed to meet somebody somewhere later on."

"Then can't you wait a while. You can't be in that much of a hurry."

"I want to get there early. It'as important."

"What is it then? What's so important that you can't tell me?"

"I just can't tell you okay. I promised I wouldn't. Just leave me alone for a while. You're always getting on my case." She ran out the house and slammed the door behind her.
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Namina watched the waves for a while. It's so peaceful out here. I wish I'd come other times.

"You may have to." came a voice.
Namina looked up. the guy standing beside her looked alot like z.
"You must be X."

"yes, Your partner should show up soon."

"As a matter a fact there she is." pointed out Z.
Walking of the dunes was a girl and around her kneck was a crystal.
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