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the king of bandits


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Ok time to start the rpg alright

[B]As Jing was standing at the front of the sand boat when he felt a something on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Kir on his shoulder ?were almost there Jing the crew is down stairs getting there stuff together.? Jing turned around and started walking towered the stairs when he got to the room below he saw all of his crew getting there stuff together. Jing cleared his throat ?Alight listen up we will be at the City of Thieves soon when we get there we will split up you and a partner well go around town and steal from at least three people. Then we will meet back up in about two hours at the Dragons Paw Inn when you get there go and wait in room 113. When every one is back we will take the stuff we stole and put it in the stash you will also need to find out eney thing about the double mermaid too so pick you?re partner and get you?re stuff together and go steal some money o and one more thing stay clear of Akira Taiinheart got that. Ok Gerard since you only steal when you have to you?re with me so get you?re stuff together and come on.? Kir started saying were here the City of Thieves so come on get you?re partner and go .[/B]
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Akira stood on top of a medium-sized building, waiting. She heard footsteps down below. She looked down and saw that it was one of Jing's "lackies". Jing was the only one who was not afraid of Akira. She loved to be one with the shadows of darkness. She dropped down to a pole and swung from it to a ledge. Gerard stopped and looked up, nothing was there. He looked around and saw nothing. He shrugged it off and left. Akira flew from the ledge to another building and again and again. Until at a vrey last stop, she flew from a 21 story building and into an open window. Her biggest client was there. She grabbed her bag and dumped out one of the rarest gems in the world, the Devil's Heart. It was a ruby that was heavily guarded in a tomb in Egypt. It was embedded in the heart of the devil of Egypt.

[B]???:[/B] So, the Devil's Heart...congratulations. Listen, there's a diamond that I want you to get and have...a small present from me to you for being my associate.
[B][COLOR=indigo]Akira:[/B] And what would that be, Ryou?[/COLOR]

Ryou "Mr. Biggs" Hitomo is a 16 year old teenage boy that owns over 50 casinos, hotels, and night clubs. He uses Akira, probably for the reason that he's probably in love with her, to get what he wants. His "lackies" are scared of her.

[B]Ryou:[/B] That would be...the Double Mermaid. The world's biggest diamond.
[B][COLOR=indigo]Akira:[/B] You...want me...to get the world's most heavily guarded diamond? Alright, when and where?[/COLOR]
[B]Ryou:[/B] Not so much the when, but the where. I'll get that information later. You're wanted at the meeting for Thieves Incorporated.
[B][COLOR=indigo]Akira:[/B] Yeah. I'll see you two later then. Remember: No one can steal from each other, only from those who aren't me. [/COLOR]

With that she jumped back out of the window and started to fly. Soon, she got to the Thieves' Inc. meeting area.
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As Gerard and Jing walked through the City Of Thieves
[B]Kir:[/B] When are we going to steal form people Jing
Jing raised his hand upward it had about 20 jewls in it ?I already have?
[B]Kir:[/B] should have known
[B]Jing:[/B] Ok Gerard you have to at least steal from one person see that goblin looking creature over there he has a huge diamond in his pocket try and get it.
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Kura walked through the city streets, exhausted. He had to be careful of thieves, but he was on a quest to find his family and spread their religion. Kura looked around desperately for an inn or a tavern or somewhere he could rest, and he settled for a place called the Dragon's Paw inn. He went in an everyone took notice of him, he was wearing some fine clothes, so he pulled out his bladed staff as a warning. He sat down at the bar and ordered a "Lionheart", one of his brother's favorite drinks. He took a deep gulp, since this was his first try, and was nearly knocked out. The drink was a little sweet, but extremely strong! He still tried to look aware to avoid getting pickpocketed, but he was getting drowsy. Suddenly he heard a familliar voice next to him order a "Lionheart" as well. He turned and saw his brother sitting there!
"Rai...?" Kura wasn;t sure if this was an effect of intoxication, but when he leaned forward to make sure, he was certain that it was.
"Hello, brother!" Rai greeted kindly. He had long golden hair and was wearing a fur coat, although his arms were not inside the sleeves.
"It's been too long! How have you been?" the illusion of Rai smiled at his brother.
"Rai, you aren't there..."
"Maybe I'm not, but I am alive, I can tell you that!"
"Of course! Let me tell you right now that you are on the right track, and we will meet again soon!" Rai grinned broadly, and then vanished in a haze. Kura turned around and noticed that a young man had just stolen his money! He chased furiously after him, hoping his brother truly was alive...
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Before getting in, she saw Jing and one of his "lackies" trying to steal. Tsch Tsch. Never steal from a green goblin. She stayed within the shadows and walked over to Jing. She got close to him and scared him.

[B][COLOR=indigo]Akira:[/B] Boo.[/COLOR] Jing jumped, making Kir fall. [COLOR=indigo]So what's axe boy doing? Uh-uh. Stealing from a green goblin in the City of Thieves is a big no no. *sighs* He'll learn the hard way.[/COLOR]
[B]Jing:[/B] *scoffs* Gerard is an excellent stealer, I'll have you know.
[B][COLOR=indigo]Akira:[/B] We'll wait and see. [/COLOR] Akira still stayed within the shadows. Jing had no clue that Akira was the one talking to him. She had abilities that no one could match up to, disguising herself was one of them.
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As Jing waited for Gerard to steal from the goblin he did not turn around to look at the figure in the shadows

Jing: this is the city of thieves Akira I would recognize you?re voice eney were now if ya want to settle this little argument right now (Jing switched out his long switched blade out of his hand)we can do it right here

Kir: What do you think you?re doin make in me fall yall pay for that
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[I]Sky leaned back in his chair. He was a little frustrated that they were only pickpocketing right now. He had hoped that he could get his family treasure back soon.
"I shouldn't be complaining. It could be worse. At least I can keep an eye on the King of Bandits while I'm a part of his crew." He thought.
Sky closed his eyes, and waited to see if anyone would choose him to be their partner.[/I]

[B]OOC: I'm sorry that this is so short. I just don't want to ruin anyone's future post by choosing them as my partner.[/B]
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Akira stepped out of the shadows and knew that Jing knew her too well. Although, she wanted to work out, she needed to get to the International Meeting of Thieves Inc.

[B][COLOR=indigo]Akira:[/B] Love to, Jing...but umm...I kind of have somewhere to go. You've probably heard of the International Meeting of Thieves Incorporated?[/COLOR]
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Guest dayday
Saina walked up behind Sky and tipped his chair back. He fell back and looked at her upside down. She was smiling.

Saina: So you want to be partners? I'm not that bad.

Sky: Uh, I guess. But I've never worked with a girl before. Is there anything I should know?

Saina: Not really. Just make sure you don't get too close to me. I have a condition to kick somebody if they get too close.

Sky: I'll keep my distance.

Saina: Great, then I guess we're partners. But if we become good friends, you'll be allowed a little closer thatn others.

Through the whole conversation Saina never stopped smiling.
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"Sure, I'll be partners with you, Jin!" She jumped up and picked up her small bag. In it were her sais and few other things she almost never took out.She smiled and started to leave. He was looking at her as if she were crazy. "Didn't you say you wanted to be partners? Come on!" She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out into the streets. "Where to first?"
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Gerard walked over to the goblin looking creature, he roughly grabbed his shoulder.
"Come with me sir," he said politely to the goblin. He led the creature into a dark alleyway, and a moment later he came back out with the diamond.
"Good job, but you could have not let him know you had stolen from him." Jing said perterbed.
"Do not worry, he will tell no tales." Gerard replied smoothly.
"What do you mean?"
"Dead men tell no tales." Gerard said with a cold voice.
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Gerard and Jing wondered through the city of thieves till they saw the Dragons Paw Inn and I man running after what looked like a thieve Jing just smiled and laughed when they entered the Dragon Paw Inn they saw what looked like a lot of thieves Jing and Gerard walked over to the main desk

Jing: Do you have room 113 key

desk clerk: Im sorry that room is taken

Jing:Is that so (his long switch blade switched out and Gerard ready his axe) are ya sure about that

desk clerk: No NO No here is the key

Jing: what I thought

Gerard and Jing walked up stairs and found room 113 and unlocked it there were two people in the room Jing said "Get out" the people said This is our room then they saw Gerards axe and ran out the room "Jing sat down in a chair and leaned back
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Kura continued to race furiously, these thieves were fast! He followed the thief around a corner and suddenly the thief was blown back across the street and through a store window! Kura raced over to see what had done that, but nothing was there! He went into the store and calmly got his money back, but then had an idea as to what may have caused the man to fly backwards. Kura raced around the corner and looked for some kind of a clue. he noticed a few footprints, and some broken glass, and decided that he had no proof, as he turned around to leave, he noticed something shining in the sand, he then picked it up and noticed it was a long strand of blond hair.
"...Rai?" Kura decided that it was of no use, but then wheeled around and saw a young man had tried to pickpocket him! In an instand he kicked the man to the ground and pressed his bladed staff to his throat.
"Who do you think you are?!"
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Akira went back among the shadows and climbed a wall, she went to the top and searched the city. She looked for the best hotel there was, then saw Tiger Claw Hotel. She jumped from the building and landedin an alley. She went out onto the street and walked to the front of Tiger Claw Hotel. People were standing at the front. They bowed to her and she just wabed her hand. She figured it was Ryou Hitomo's hotel. She went in and asked for the biggest and best suite there was. It was Ryou's personal room to Akira's. She grabbed the keys and didn't want any help carrying her bags. She entered the elevators and went to the suite. She opened the doors and looked around. She threw her bags on the couch and went to the kitchen. She grabbed a bottle of water and emptied her bag. She looked around for hidden cameras first, she knew that Ryou wouldn't have wanted that. Out of her bag came gems and diamonds of all sizes and colors. She also had rare artifacts- the cat statue of Bastet from Egypt, the Hong Kong Dragon's Eye, the Japanese Golden Dragon Dagger, and other artifacts.
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