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Ceres: Gateway to hell


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OOC: This is my own twist off the Yu Watase 'Ceres' which I have started to read and am relly enjoing now

For thousands of years I have searched. Hoping that they never fall into the wrong hands for now I have allowed a gateway to bee opened to hell. I Ceres..now embodied in a teenage girl must seek out my enemy and find my heavenly robes of Earth will be doomed to an eternity of Hell On Earth. Those Damn Mikages. They are the ones to blam for my suffering. my pain and this possible torture of every other living being on Earth. Who do they think they are for this they all shall die. But that is of little consequence, but this girl..Aya she is also apart of the Mikage clan, but without her I do not exist.......
How can this be just a week agao I was to celebrate my 16th birthday and now I am doomed to die by my own family what am I to do. Why did this have to happen to my brother and I. Aki, my brother I hope that you are okay and I hope to see you again soon dear brother, but this presecne insaid me only wants to see you dead. Why..why have I been thrusted into this?

As you can see this is a very complicated story of a girl Aya possessed bya powerful being called Ceres a celestial maiden..an angel. So far Aya only knows that this maiden wished to kill everyone in the Mikage famil. here family to get her celestial robes so that she may return to heaven. But unknown to all the Mikages that if the robes are returned soon is that all of Earth will he doomed to hell, in order to kee Heaven safe from Hells attacks. If Ceres doesnt find her robes Earth will be doomed? But if she does Aya's family will die? So this is where you all come in.... You decide the fate of earth. Will you be on Ceres's side and destroy the Mikage to save earth. Or with Aya. finding a way to save her family from Ceres.
Although the plot is a bit dark for now the outcome it tottaly up to you. You can also join the Mikages who are trying to kill Aya and save their clan. I am looking for about 10 other people to join and I need the forces to be balanced.

The names you make are totally up to you but I do need you to pick one of ther characters.

I will be Aya...aka Ceres

I need.....

Good Guys...

Female...the celestail female who is also discovering her powers and sides with Aya/Ceres.
Male...Aya's bodyguard and potentil love interest..Not sure yet.
Male...Aya's brother who is trying to defeat Ceres yet keep his sister alive.

Bad Guys
M/ F....Demons looking for the celestial robes in order to bring Hell to Earth.
M/F....MIkage family members trying to kill Aya and keep the presence of the celestial robes a secret.

and a few nuetral character...or you may choose sides later

Pls include the following info when you sign up.

Name: Include the character you are wishing to sign up for

I think thats all for now!!! If you have any other questions PM me!! Hope to satrt this soon!!!
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Do I make the guy up?


Name: Dango
Age: Unknown
Side: Was evil(See istoy), but now good.
Histoy: Son of the devil. Dango is crossed with his father and a wolf. He was pure evil, but now is good. But he can have a few evil twist. Most of his life he spent with his father. He went on his own trakes.
Description: Long, black hair and a wolf's tail. He has a black none-sleeved shirt and black pants. But also has fire red eyes and demon powers. His tail lets him turn into a 100foot werewolf(realllly big!). But also has a normal wolf form. He is very strong.

I can change that if yu don't like it.
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(I don't think Demons can be good.)
Name: Dragus Loader
Age: 23
Side: Good
History: Reincarnation of a Shinto houshold owner who knows a very potent curse. The Curse deals with five ropes, and five points of the body concerning the wrists the ankles and the neck. Dragus has never tried the curse.
Descrption: Tall and somewhat muscular. Dragus wheres a black leather jacket, black pants, a black shirt, black shoes, and black sunglasses. Dragus also has jet black hair and slightly tan skin.
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