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Hell House Torture: BB's Revenge


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[color=darkblue][size=1]Anyone who seems interested you can always join ^_^ just sign up in the Recruitment center!
Several people suddenly drop from the sky in a group landing face flat on the dirt road.

They look up to see a large two story (Changed the level ^_~) house sitting upon a hill that just yelled "Evil" four people walked out and looked upon them all.

LirLiri: Hello doomed ones! welcome to our evil house of Big Brother ^_^

Jay: I want a soda... OH! um... you live here now... AND WILL BE TORTURED!!

SJ Mayran: Where we hosts will be haunting your every moment here until you crack and commit suicide!

Kaede:... I was gonna say that! oh well I get to pick the game!

Denise: What game?

Kaede: DON'T INTERRUPT ME! *ahem* anyway, we are youre hosts! Kaede, Jay, LirLiri, and SJ Mayran! we're here to torture you! now, here's your game that will get you into BB house... if you can live through it! MUWAHAH!

LirLiri: *Snaps finger* There, now look at you!

Everyone looks at each other to see that they're all furry and look like hamsters just with a strange variety of colors.

Farah: this MUST be a sick joke...

Jay: No... it's real...

Kaede: O_O... LOOK AT ALL OF THE FURRY HAMSTERS! *Hugs the Austin hamster and he bites her* OW!

Austin: Serves you right you!

Kaede: Anywho, you must get into the BB house there we will restore you to normal!...

Jay: But beware of our dogs whom we have sicked on you! they're in the yard... good luck!

SJ: We have cats here too!

LirLiri: And they are highly trained to find all of you!... an eat you! so good luck!

The hosts wave and then dissapear and laugh as the BB group... I mean, hamsters... look forward only to see a large white cat grinning evilly at them while licking its kitty chops...[/color][/size]
And it begins! have fun with it! be creative... and there's worse to come... MUWAHAH! *cough*
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[color=crimson][b]Ken[/b]: Fear not, I will draw my sword!

Ken reached behind his back to take out a large sword- unfortunately, it was only large to the Hamster, the cat hungrily comeing ever foreward.

[b]Ken[/b]: Do not tempt my hamster-wrath!


With the side of his sword, Ken lept up into the air and squarely struck the cat on the head, its response being a pawswipe that sent him flying over into the nearby brush, sword skidding across the ground after him.

He re-emerged, dirtier than before, with a "@.@" look on his face, the Cat preoccupied with the splitting pain in its head..[/color]
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As Niko watched Ken attack the cat he got out his brush and prepared to use it if the cat came near him. It was still preoccupied with the pain Ken inflicted so Niko started off towards the house praying nothing came out.
Niko jumped as a dog came tearing around the corner eyes fixed on him. It came nearer teeth flashing. Niko calmly took out his box. The dog leaped at Niko and Niko pulled the lid off. It was a picture of a peguin. Only it's face was a twisitng mass of rotting carcass. The dog's carcass. The dog took off howling and Niko continued on towards the house.
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Denise pulled out her lacrosse stick (I decided on a luxury item! ^_^) "Charge!" She ran straight for the house. A large, tawny cat appeared in front of her. She closed her eyes and swung at it hard. When she opened them again, the cat was walking off, hissing. It saw down and began cleaning the large net-shaped welp on its face. Denise kept running for the house.
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"I feel so Hamtaro," Ray mumbled. As he saw a dog running towards him. "Crap."
The dog ran up to him and was barking viciously, so Ray, did the little hampster noise, and bit the dogs nose. The dog turn tailed and ran. Raymond started running to the house, wondering if he had a poseable(sp) thumb.
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[color=darkblue][size=1] Kaede: LOOK AT THE FUZZIES!

LirLiri: God, next time I get to choose the game!

Jay: Yeah! this game is SO Hamtaro style... AND WHAT'S UP WITH THESE WHIMPY DOGS!?

Kaede: O_O"... gee... dunno... I thought hamsters where defenseless... hmm it's that Ken one! he's evil!

SJ: T_T If you ask me... the hamsters seem to be whiping cat, and dog butt...

Kaede: It's all Ken's fault!

Jay: All in favor of beating the crap out of Kaede say "I"

Everyone: I!

Kaede: O_O"... hehe... all in favor of leaving Kaede alone say "I"!

Everyone: ......

Kaede: Hehe.... ^____^"
As the hamsters waddle theirselves over to the BB house a large "BOOM" sound is heard and Denise turns a corner to see a large amount of cats comming out of a crate box.

Denise: Greeeeeaaaaatttt!


Ken: *Wakes up* Huh?... *sees Ein before him*

Ken: AHH! *grabs his sword and swings it*

Ein: *Barks*

Ken: Oh yeah... you're not an attack dog! you're the stolen one by Keade... hehe Hey uhhh Ein was it?... gimme a lift! this way we can get all the uhh ham-hams? into the house!

Ein: *Barks and helps Ken up as Ken directs him over to Ray and Denise but first Niko, who was closest...[/color][/size]
Hehe, aren't I "Evil?" *Throws another rock* OW! WHO KEEPS DOING THAT!?
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[color=crimson][b]Ken[/b]: Niko, over here!

Ken leaned down and grabbed Niko's extended paw, lifting the hamster up onto the back of the dog. Ein skidded to a halt as Ken looked around calmly, finally finding Denise, her small stature makeing it difficult.

Right infront of the house several rows of cats and dogs appeared, prepared to ward off any and all hamsters from ever setting a foot in that house. The only way in was through Ein's quick feet..

[b]Ken[/b]: Come on Ein, go!

Ein barked in agreement, heading for Denise as quick as he could go..[/color]
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Michael licked his paws slightly, glancing about himself with a confused look. Standing on his hind legs he twitched his nose and sniffed the air. His ears pricked up as the sound of barking echoed about. Turning quickly he just managed to clamp his jaws down on the tail fur of the dog before it went rushing past, the wind whipping through his fur. He closed his eyes and held on for dear life, hoping the other hamsters knew what they were doing.
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Farah blink cautiously and then quickly scrambled up a few handy boxes as fast as she possibly could. She was aware that several cats and now a rabied dog were in the process of trying to catch her.

Farah: Ha..let 'em

She continued to scramble but suddenly found herself falling. She hit the wet soggy cardboard and spat it out,

Farah: Ah hell

She turned around quickly and looked for a plausible esacpe route, one of the cats, a flee bitten thing that looked like it had seen better days, leapt down and tried to block her way. She ran right and it swiped at her with it's paw the other way the same effect. It hissed and leant to grab her in it's mouth, sharp teeth looking all to big when one is stuck in a hamsters body.

She glanced around, squeeked and then charged willy nilly under the beast, only pausing to bite quite hard to make sure that it could never breed (cat// O.O) and charging out of the soggy cardboard.

Farah: Freedom!

And then she landed in a drinking bowl...though she could only hope it was a drinking bowl.
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[color=black][size=1]Jay:Why is your stupid dog helping them Kaede?
Kaede: O_O... uhh no comment...
Liri: I'll tell you why! cause... he's a dog!
Kaede: Hey! what's THAT supposed to mean?
Liri: *Stares at her ears and smiles* nothing *in thought* just that he's a mutt who believes hamsters whom we trap within a house should live...
SJ: Great... the dog is near the house... *sigh*
Kaede: You know it should be against the rulse for them to use Ein as transportation!
Liri: There ARE no rules... you never gave them any to follow! idiot...
Kaede: Well then... maybe you shouldn't let me come up with stupid games like these!
Jay: We didn't... you blurted the game out... anyway, where's my soda?
Kaede: Hmm... I swear once they get in this house... hell will emerge! for I have another plan!
Liri: NO MORE PLANS FROM YOU! you're on thin ice doggy!
Kaede: O_O *hmph!* fine!, all of you return to your positions!
*Kaede looks behind her to see thousands of tiny red eyes that fade away slowly as she stares at them*
Jay: What was that?
Kaede: O_O My minions of evil...
SJ: She means her plushie squad please... -___-"
Liri: Once they make it inside... I'll make they're stay hell! *hehehe*
Kaede: How?
Liri: don't ask, you'll know when I tell you!
Kaede: Note to self... never suggest hamsters for a game... @_@" [/color][/size]
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