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  1. [color=teal][b][size=1] You know, it had never occured to me that it the chainsaw would get in the way O__o" And, I didn't count on making an eviler version of Deschu... he was just supposed to be... a bit... erm... ecstatic, yes. That's right, [i]ecstatic[/i] for a plushie. lol... the ponytail just sort of... happened, because I based his mask sort of on Vega's from Street Fighter ^^; the picture I had has his ponytail hanging on his shoulder, so that just happened since I got distracted by the picture... I'll do another picture wih his mask off, and his ponytail going down the back so you'll finally be satified Des, lol.[/color][/size][/b]
  2. [Color=teal][Size=1][B]If any can recall, a while back GinnyLyn created Deschu, Desbreko?s plushie counterpart. After countless chats with these two, the other day it seemed each of us had a plushie whom clinged to our leg? except me. Well, Des began to complain that I needed a plushie who would be willing to make a flying jump in order to get to my leg. Well Des, since I thought you were most likely to mention that again the next time we talked, I thought a bit? and then recalled the time I turned Deschu in to Jason minion. That was the day I had created Jaschu in my mind. So, I finally sat my butt down and drew Jaschu, so you?d stop [I]nagging me[/I], lol. It took me about 15 minutes, with an additional 5 to 6 minutes to shade him in, so methinks it took me a good 20 minutes in the end. It isn?t as great as Ginny?s drawing, but still? isn?t he cute? Lol. So Des here?s what you asked for? I know after this, Jaschu will not be my favorite plushie anymore?[/color][/size][/b]
  3. [color=teal][size=1]Ginnel shook her head and slowly walked out from behind the rocks, and took the blender and shook it while glaring angrily at it. ?I see no one! Where do I go!?? Ginnel shook the blender madly. The blender was suddenly struck by thunder, and formed in to and eight ball. Ginnel: O.o? The small plastic piece in the middle popped out, and Ginnel peered in to the little window. Magic Eight Ball: If you stand there, he will come? ?WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?? Ginnel screamed shaking the ball more forcefully. Magic Eight Ball: If you do not release me, I will be forced to call: ?1-800-Magic eight ball- Abuse? ?There are only eight numbers in a phone call?? Ginnel stared at the eight ball and shook it again. Magic Eight Ball: The number you have dialed is out of service? ?But? you?re an eight ball?? Ginnel groaned, and dropped the ball. Ginnel suddenly turned sharply to the sound of a scream, there was fog covering the area, and a sudden black object came falling, only to land on Ginnel. ?Ooouch!? Ginnel said, her head pounding again as another moan sounded. She opened her eyes to find herself staring face to face with another person. Ginnel/person: O__o? ?AHHHH!? The two screamed immediately pushing away from each other. ?Hey, you wouldn?t happen to be Rel, would you?? Ginnel asked. The other person suddenly tugged at the back of his pants, revealing his name on his underwear. ?I think so? my name is on my underwear anyways?? Ginnel: o__O? ?Riiight, well, Rel, I am Ginnel. Sent to you by God Skine.? Ginnel stood up and held out a hand, to help Rel up. ?That?s a funny name?? Rel commented, as Ginnel glared at him angrily. She picked up the eight ball and threw it at him with much force; the ball hit him with a loud ?klunk?! as Rel instantly fell with a bump on his head. ?Oops?? Rel: @___@? ?What do I do now Mr. Blender?? Ginnel asked. She shook the eight ball and waited for reply. Eight Ball: Ask again later? ?What!? Ginnel shrieked in outrage at she threw the ball, which bounced like it did as a blender, off another rock, coming back at her, she quickly dodged it and smiled. ?Nothing gets me twice!? She said with a smirk, While, behind her the eight ball ricocheted off another rock coming back at her without her knowing, only to end up smacking the back of her head leaving a large and painful bump which she rubbed in agony. ?Then again? no one?s perfect? I guess, I?ll wait for Rel to wake up?? Ginnel said to herself as she laid her back against a rock and waited, asking the ball more questions until Rel came back from unconsciousness.[/color][/size]
  4. [color=midnightblue][size=1][center][img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?postid=524326[/img][/center] [i]That?s Ginnel, a smart-alecky monkey-girl, who lives in a small town, full of lively people. She can be quite the troublemaker, and is a real quick thinker when not lost in her thoughts. She?s one of the people who are sent in helping Rel, hopefully to keep him in line, and focused.[/i] ?NOOO!? Ginnel shot through the doors, a bread placed in her mouth, as she climbed to the roof, and clanged to the weathervane by her monkey tail. ?Ginnel! Give me that bread!? The young lady yelled, shaking her fist at Ginnel. Ginnel stared at her, and cocked her head to the side, going in to thought. A small imaginary think bubble appeared as she slowly zoned out. [i]GINNEL?S THINK BUBBLE THINGY: Ginnel + Bread= ^____^ FULLNESS On the other hand? Ginnel ? Bread= T____T NOT FULLNESS.[/i] Ginnel?s thought suddenly vanished, and she turned her head to its normal position. ?No. Nyah!? Ginnel said putting the bread down, and sticking out her tongue, while sticking her thumbs by her ears, and waving them slowly back and forth, and with that, she hopped off, towards the road, where she?d be safe. ?I ist the evil ooone! No one can catch me, for I am half Monke-? Ginnel began, a strange cry heard from above. Ginnel looked up to see a strange shiny object falling from the sky. ?Why do I get the feeling that pain is coming my way?? Suddenly, a heavy, new but scratched blender came flying down, ricocheted off a rock, and came hurdling at Ginnel, where it suddenly hit her head. Ginnel: X . x ?OOOOOOOOuch.? Ginnel said, clutching her head in agony. ?Heeey! ?This blender is nice! ? but? where did it come from? And, why am I talking to myself?? Ginnel held the blender up to examine it. A shadow suddenly cast behind her? Ginnel: O__O? [I]Please, please god? don?t let it be the baker lady?[/I] ~~~~~ No picture yet, I?ll put it up though? just wait ^^[/color][/size]
  5. [color=midnightblue][size=1]Ben, please excuse my latest absence, We've been moving stuff around, seeing as how I'm sharing rooms with Cameron now O__o" so, I might be a little slow with posts >__
  6. [color=midnightblue][size=1]Heh, Ben, to get a vision, here's a nice pic drawn and colored by me ^^ heh, just to give you an idea of her looks.[/color][/size]
  7. [color=Teal][size=1]Ben, I wonder if I could use a fic digimon. I'm hoping to keep my fictional digimon, but if not, I'll edit this. So please excuse my sign-up >_
  8. [color=midnightblue][size=1]My sign up is rather... "Warped" at the moment... I'm not in thinking mode, am sure there's going to be something I'll need to edit, so please excuse me for the moment ^^; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [b]Name:[/b] Aran {[i]Auron[/i]} Lyn Xiou [b]Age:[/b] 19 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Height:[/b] 5'8" [b]Weight:[/b] Erm... *Thinks hard* erm... not accurate, but my guess is around... 160 pounds? o.O" heh, not too great at estimations >_>" [b]Appearance:[/b] Aran has long, black shoulder-length hair with long, shaggy bangs {In a mop-top style you could say}. She has dark brown eyes that dim in the dark whenever she tilts her head, She usually wears a black sweater and is hooded during battle, but beneath that; she wears a dark blue collard shirt, with dark blue cargo pants. She finds no need for vests, just simple clothing. [b]Personality:[/b] She's a very cheery person, it's hard for her to not to like someone, and keep quiet for long. She is loyal, and you can always depend on her, she has a positive mind, and can raise people's spirit with ease, she's never been a sour loser or any of the sort, and has a rule that she [i]must[/i] shake her opponents' hand before, and after battle to show her support towards them. She is liked by many, due to her so high-spirited attitude, and awkward silliness. [b]Biography:[/b] Aran had always dreamed of owning a Zoid. She had always watched her friends in Zoid battle, they always told her their many stories, where they'd come to either be defeated, or defeat the opponent. At the age of sixteen, she became a registered Zoid pilot; her father which besides her older brother which was all she had, gave her a Zoid, custom made, but similar to that of a Liger, but much smaller and lighter. She also received an organoid {Can't fuse with Zoids} by the name Strife. Aran left home and went in to the world of Zoid battles, where she took on teams with her friend Alex Keilith, whom piloted a red Blade Liger. The two at the time were a team of two, slowly rising to be respected by many of the other teams, a month after, they met up with a pair of twins, Kano, and Kade who piloted a pair of twin Lightning Siax; Kano's Siax a black and bright blue, and Kade's a black and fuchsia. The four met at a small market place. After hours of getting to know each other, Alex signed them on to the team, where they became better friends, and agreed to help each other reach their goals, and raise their standards. -------------------------------------------- [b]Team Sign Up[/b] [b]Team:[/b] Striker [b]Members:[/b] Alex Keilith, Kade and Kano Xiang, Aran Xiou [b]Rank within Team:[/b] Member {Combat Specialist} [b]Team Zoids:[/b] Red Blade Liger, Lightning Siax {2x}, and a Wing Liger (If allowed) [b]Team Transport:[/b] Black Hammer Kaiser [b]Z.P.R.S Numbers:[/b] 120002295 [Alex Keilith] [b]120002296 [Aran Xiou][/b] 120002297 [Kano Xiang] {Kade's Twin} 120002298 [Kade Xiang] {Kano's Twin} --------------------------------------------- [b]Zoid Sign Up[/b] [b]Name:[/b] Wing [b]Type:[/b] Liger [b]Zoid Appearance:[/b] [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?postid=472460[/img] [b]Customized with Lance Unit:[/b] {See Attachment} [b]Customized with Lance and Sniper Rifle:[/b] {See Attachment} [b]Support Systems:[/b] Large energy shield {Temporary last, but very strong; any enemy willing to charge it will receive some heavy damage}, a CD disk slot, several cooling systems, Ion Attack Boosters, twin booster units, optical enhancement device and a hidden sniper scope, and a thermal tracking system. [b]Weapons:[/b] Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws, two wing blades, Tail and back heel elbow blades. [b]Custom Modifications:[/b] Thermal tracking system, Tail and back heel elbow blades, hidden sniper scope, and a small disk slot.[/color][/size]
  9. [color=crimson][size=1] Heh, a while back, we went to the mountains while it was snowing up there, and me and my brothers; Randy, Dexter, Gavin (not Dragon Warrior!) and Mike my other brother Cameron (big fam eh? six children total including me @@) Anyway, we dared meto go on the ski lift, and lick the pole... well, first I said no, then, Gavin flashed a fifty before my very eyes, and so, I ran to the Ski lift, and licked this pole... got stuck. And was crying like hell. While down below, the boys were laughin' it up! When my mom found out, seeing as how I was stuck on this moving ski lift, it took them about thirty to forty minutes... Oo" I felt soooo stupid! But I got my fifty... and then lost it playing poker with Mike -_-" *weep* Heh, that was REALLY stupid... [/color][/size]
  10. [color=darkgreen][size=1]WEE! *trips* ~~~ [b]Name:[/b]Lekitas Greenleaf (Not realated to Legolas, just feeling less creative now Oo") [b]Age:[/b] 20 (looks 15) [b]Race:[/b] Elf (100%) [b]Description:[/b] Golden blond hair, and light blue eyes. She has bushy-like eyebrows, and has her hair braided behind both ears, that reach the back, and are bound together. She wears a mossy-green colored tunic, with a silky silver shirt beneath, with a belt around her waist, closing her tunic, and another slanted from her shoulder, to her side, lace up boots, and long ears (of course!) [b]Bio:[/b]She has lived in Tirfig (Thankies for the tip Meteora ^^) all her life, and has made one of the tops ranks in archery and sword play there. She's excellent at archery, and is swift and quick, and can pull her weapon out in the blink of an eye, and can do many others things that come naturally to Elves, like walking on snow, and hearing for distances. [b]Weapon:[/b] Two long swords that are like daggers, but are used like swords. She is skilled at these, and is quick to move. She is trustworthy, but can also be hard to befriend at times. She usually keeps to herself, and is always on the look out and is very good at keeping watch. Oo I'll show you pics, but not now ^^[/color][/size]
  11. [color=crimson][size=1]Sagelin and Lekitas looked at each other, then at Trystae who was far ahead. ?Best we get going Sagelin...? Lekitas said as she suddenly kicked Elias softly on the sides, causing him to spring forward, nearly throwing Sagelin off. Luckily, Lekitas caught him in time to stop the fall. Sagelin mounted again, and they rode onward, toward the next town, nearing with every minute. ?We should make it by nightfall for sure.? Trystae said loudly so Sagelin and Lekitas could hear. ?I feel this bad presence again? the threat has now reached us? a battle is to begin? I can feel it?? Lekitas said pulling out her Bow & Arrow from her pack. ?Sagelin? keep an eye if you see anything odd? tell me soon? hopefully, I can shoot him while standing on Elias?? Lekitas began. ?Trystae! nad no ennas!? Lekitas said turning her head sharply towards Trystae. [i][center][color=darkgreen](Nad no ennas = Something's out there)[/center][/i][/color] Trystae turned to the woods which had appeared without being noticed. ?Keep watch.? Trystae said strictly to Lekitas who obeyed immediately, and watched while listening to their surroundings. [color=black]?Sssoon my ssstaff, sssoon!? Jorala said slyly, as he watched the three closely, waiting for his opportunity.[/color] ~~~ Obviously, you can see I'm a huge LOTR/Elf fan ^^ those are the appropriate words to the Elven lang, I'm sure since I can write it rather well... but, if anyone noticed I spelled somethin' wrong, lemme know ^^ I'd feel rather silly if I'd messed up on my fave lang. ^^ After all, I [i]can[/i] speak it fluently thankies to Yindsay Oo"[/color][/size]
  12. [color=orange][size=1]KittyLyn, I'd gladly make a pic of you and Leggylas, but I don't know how you look OO" that makes things difficult for me ^^ but gimme an easy, brief des. and I might be able to -K-san[/color][/size]
  13. [color=midnightblue][size=1]Heh, thankies guys ^^ I looove my sweet leggy, with his big blue eyes ^^ oh, Frodo too ^^" Thankies Kitty! If I have time, I'll do a chibi sketch of Leggy (NOT COLORED) for you ^^ Well, this here is so far my last *weep* with school and homework piling up, and less art supplies, and more beatings from my other bro Cameron, here is my last comic, I'll put normal pics in, but sadly, there won't be any more comics Oo" Just pics, but, I hope you enjoy this one, this one is Hobbit abuse! *Take that Sam!* *Feels sympathy for sweet Merry, Frodo, & her #1 fave, Pippin* Well, enjoy! [color=crimson][b]No actual Hobbits were hurt in the making of this chibi art drawing (LHAO)[/color][/b] -K-san[/color][/size]
  14. [color=darkgreen][size=1]Elias, and Namaarie trotted on. Trystae turned and paused. ?I feel him near? Trystae said as she kicked Namaarie again. Now, Namaarie was running fast, Sagelin did the same to Elias who also sped up, and followed Namaarie. Lekitas looked around. They would probably be in town by nightfall. But, the closer they were, the worse Lekitas felt. ?What you elf eye see Lekitas?? Sagelin asked as he slightly turned to her, watching the road at the same time, making sure Elias didn?t hit any rocks, or bump in to Namaarie. ?I can see the town. We should arrive by nightfall, and if not then, we surely will by day? but, my senses are going mad, for I feel us closing to him? but, I still wonder what he wants?? Lekitas said looking around. There was nothing she herself could think of. Until, she noticed the staff. Lekitas examined it, without touching, and leered at it. Her eyes widened as she remembered the same picture seen within the halls of her castle. The evil staff of Darkus, the same staff he used to destroy, and terrorize long ago? that staff, that controlled the Orcs, that killed her father? their king. Though she had noticed it before, she had completely forgotten about it, ?til now? ?Sagelin?? Lekitas said. Sagelin again, slightly turning his head to her, trying to focus on two things at once. ?Where? did you get that staff of evil!?? Lekitas said strictly as she reached for it from Sagelin?s pack. Sagelin feeling this, made him act, accidentally caused him to pull Elias?s reigns with force accidentally causing him to throw the two off. Trystae saw this, and turned Namaarie around. Sagelin looked up at Lekitas who stood over him pointing her Bow & Arrows at him. ?Where?d you get this staff from?? Lekitas asked. Her fingers ready to let go with any lie, or fake answer. Sagelin slowly got up and held the staff in his hands. Slightly afraid to speak, while Trystae held her Bow & Arrow at hand, concentrating on shooting the Arrow off course, if fired. Awkward silence was all until Sagelin finally spoke? ______________ If that bothers you DW, or Terra, lemme know, I?ll be glad to edit it ^ ^ [/color][/size]
  15. [color=crimson][size=1]Thankies! heh, first off, DW isn't my bro. They just happen to have the same name. DW's name is spelled Gavyn. Mines is Gavin, plus, he has a girlie middle name, and has problems with taking pictures.... If DW has all that, he's really scary! Heh, just kiddin', I'll load up another pic l8ter, as for Chichiri's Girl, I'd love for you to show this to your teacher! All mines has 'em Oo" and I hate them all! (That was mean T_T) Actually Lord Prozen, my other brother Cameron told us to start this comic thingy, this one is from the movie, but we changed it a little, as for the other two, those are ours ^^ I'm making one where Legolas is pranicing in the snow, and Gandalf is like; " I swear if her doesn't stop prancing around, I'll be forced to shove my staff up his a**!!! But I'll have to ask my friend's friend who came up with that first ^^ My bro did a nice one where Legolas and Arrogorn are fighting over Aragorn's sword, and Argoorn is like; "Legolas! Give-Me-My-Sword! Must-Slay-Demons!" and Legolas is like; "No! Must-Use-Sword-To-Comb-My-Hair!!!!" heh, sooo funny ^^ Can't wait to show you!... If he lets me ^^ he did it for his girlfriedn, and JUST for her, so don't get your hopes up Oo" Heh, Also, C_L... Legolas isn't even in that pic... unless you count the back of his head... and also, LEGOLAS IS MINE!!! *strangles KittyLyn... or tries to atleast* heh, Terra, Frodo is kinda leaning, he's... not drawn too well, ^ ^ we did this like at 2 AM, so me and Gavin were like bats in the light... but the opposite since I was supposed to be asleep for school Oo" The archers are messed, and yes, that is Arragorn, and Frodo ^ ^ drawn by me! The bad drawer! The next, KittyLyn, you'll like that one ^^ all about Leggy and his evil ways! But again.... MY LEGGY! *grabs Lagolas and holds on to him tightly* Leggy is mine! *ahem* oo" uhh, hankies for the replies ^^ heh, my bro says thankies too... and by the way, NEVER draw Darth Vador... he's sooo hard! XD[/color][/size] [color=teal]EDIT:[/color] [color=darkgreen][size=1] heh, here's what you've been waitin' for! Heh, hope you all enjoy me and my bro's poorly drawn/colored pic! This one is dedicated to my Legolas addicted friend Kitty ^^ heh, and also, to C_L those two nut bags ^^ Hope you all enjoy, this is with Legolas up to evil deeds Oo" -K-san[/color][/size] [color=teal]Please do not double post, even to make an attachment. At the very least, you should wait until someone else posts, or simply delete your previous post and post again, the next time uploading the image. Just please stick to the rules. ^_^ -Syk3[/color]
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