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the silence(rpg)sign up!


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this is my first rpg...

heres the basic info you need to know...our world was plunged into a time of terror by a creature of great power he is known as the demon Rane. we are trying to stop him..(duh!!!:rolleyes: )

you can have 1 ability or 4 in wide rage like the elements but if you do you have to have a weakness like you get exusted after using it...you also may have a compaion like a dog ,dragon,ect...

companion's personilaty:

if you have a question pm me!!:D
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Name: Osiris
Age: 25
Ability: The All Seing Eye...
Weapon: Ancient Staff(you can buy it at the supermarket which is located at the center of the Earth)
Bio: An old man that has a habit sneaking into the girls toilet. Using ability is not allowed. Master said so.
Personality: A pervert. An old seer born under the full moon that witnessed the first ever meteor crash on Earth
Companion: Bahamut (if you know FF, you'll know this)
Companion's personaliy: You should know. The defender of justice, blah..blah..all that usual stuff...
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Name: Kenjiro
Age: 14
Ability: Amazing psychic powers (leaves him vulnerable to psysical attack)
Weapon: Gold Katana (can use a move called bolt charge which makes him stronger and faster)
Personality: Quiet guy, amazing fighter.
Companion: Arcanine (amyone who nows me knows this is my fave poke)
Companion's bio: Strong, friendly, extremely protective of Kenjiro)
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I think I'm gonna be sick..."craving for young girls flesh?" Yeesh...J/k.

Name: Sky
Age: 17
Ability:BullsEye (110% Accuracy)
Weapon: Blink and Blank (Dual Revolvers, unlimited Dark ammo)
Bio: His past is unknown...yet he has a connection to combating evil.
Personality: Calm, dark, quiet. Yet caring.
Companion: Bane (A shadow that follows him around and aids him with massive prejuduce against his target.)
Companion's persona: ...loyal to Sky, no one else.
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Oh how nice
Name: Zero
Age: 17
Ability: Psysical and Psychic Power (using one leaving him vulnerable to the other)
Weapons: A 4'4" Long Saber
Bio: Lost and trying to find out about one own past
Personality: Quiet but very dangerous
Companion: Dark
Companion's Personality: Loyal and Strong
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