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Sign Up Dragonball z: Final Kame Hame Ha!


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Well, I've never had any post on my last sign up for Dragonball z, but this might work...

[SIZE=1]A new Evil arose years ago. Kamori, the draogn warrior. Goku and the gan gha dsummoned this evil whent hey used the evil red star dragonballs. Kamori was too powerful. He killed off Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Pan and Kabito(We bravely attacked Kamori.). Kamori's power was just too much. Without the Z warriors, there was no hope left for the earth. There was no hope left for the universe! But, the ugley Old kai created a plan. He used the Namik dragonballs to wish back Kabito Kai and increase his power. Kabito kai became extremely strong(And cheeky to old kai.), But it wasn't enough to defeat the master Kamori. They used there last wish to send Kabito Back in time. Kabito's mission was to train with the Z warriors and gather recruits. The evil couldn't be stopped. Goku and the gang had to use The evil dragonballs and summon Kamori, or there would be a rip in the space time thing. So, Kabito stayed with them, until the time would come and they would face Kamori, the dragon lord again. Kabito was the last stand. He, and you were the only ones that could defeat Kamori![/SIZE]

Okay, you can sign up as a Z warrior, any thing. You can make up your own guy.

Here's mine:

Name: Kabito Kai

Age: unknown

Appearance: This time he wears a red band around his head and has a sword.See bottom for his normal look. Just add a band and a sword! :)

Bio: Was sent back in time to warn the Z warriors about Kamori.

Personality: Was sweet talking and calm but now; Very fighsty and strong. He's pretty quiet and still pretty Calm.

Weapons:(If any) Sword.

Okay, please sign up! And be apart of the final Kame-Hame-Ha!
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Okie dokie here we g o

Name: Sulphy Kai
Age: unknown

Appearance: Has light purple skin, long white hair and has blue eyes. She wears red clothes and a clue sash going across her chest.
Bio: Sent to earth to warn the guys about a enemy called Majin papa buu. She has been travelling with Kabito Kai ever since her assistant went to protect his wife and family.

Personality: Sweet and helpful

WeaponsIf any) Kendo stick

Is it ok Vicky?
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[COLOR=Red]Name: Clesia

Age: 13

Appearance: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18832&stc=1[/IMG]

Bio: Trunks younger sister who follows him everywhere.Vegeta trained her since she was very young.She can transform into a super sayian and can go up to level 3.Though it tires her out greatly.

Personality: Calm and caring but when it comes to fighting she's ferice and deadly.

Weapon(s) : Gloves with retrakable whips,fist and feet,two swords,and almost anything she can get her hands on.
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Guest gaidin1
sound cool



Appearance: black pants and tall t shert with the kie simbole on it

Bio: young child of goten has been training for a wile with his brothers and uncles. wating for a chance to show his true powers.

Weapons: fatumaga sword (only gaidin can wild the sword) :devil:

hope this is enough if i make any mistakes please tell me so i can make the corrections thanks
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