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The Fast and the Furious: Race Wars, Hawaii


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Charli walked into the chief's office, pulling off her sunglasses. The first person she saw was her boyfriend, Kenny Delson. She smiled and continued to look around the room. The next person she saw was John Cladar. She frowned a little, then turned to the chief. "So, why am I here again? Isn't this FBI territory, like the thing in L.A.?"
"Well, Charli, someone's been stealing cars and we need a few people undercover. You and Kenny are going because you both have experience. I trust you haven't been practicing, have you?" He turned a keen eye towards her.
"No, sir, of course not." She looked over at Kenny, who smirked. She had broken into his car earlier that morning, just to play with his head a little.
"As I was saying," the chief continued, "you three are to go undercover as independent racers. You are not to join a team unless your cover is threatened. Good luck and Godspeed." He handed each of them a set of keys and dismissed them.

OOC: Anyone can fill in here. I've got some stuff to take care of. Signups are still open if you want to join.
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Cheif: Oh, Kenny?

Kenny: Yes?

Cheif: Two things. One, don't blow your cover, i know you. And, two...

Kenny: Yes sir?

Cheif: Pick up your pants.

Kenny: Yes sir....

Kenny pulled his pants up slightly as they walked out of the office. Immediatly they fell back down.

Kenny: *as he closes the door* Why'd u break into my car today?
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John snatched his keys up and left the office without a word. He walked out to the parking lot to his new car. It was a honda s2000. He wasn't really ooh aww about it. It was just a car.
He got into it and looked around.
"Pretty nice.." he said to no one.
He started it up and let it run for a minute. Then drove home.
He drove down the pointless Interstate and got off at the exit he lived at.
Once he got home he changed into his usual civilian clothing of a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. He sat down in his lazy chair and wondered where to start with the street racing. He was going to have to find out where they lurked.
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Charli smiled back at him. "Just practicing. You don't want me to lose my touch, do you? I knew you wouldn't mind." She gave him a light kiss on the cheek and walked to her new car, a fire engine red Honda S2000. One look and she was in love. "Thank you, tax payers of Hawaii." She got in immeadiately and drove aimlessly along the back roads.
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"Heh,let's see that loser can get past this,he'll never catch up.Then I can have my 100 dollars."Just then Rei stepped on her gas and started to go past the driver who was racing her.
"What the heck?!"The guy said as Rei pasted him.By the time he caught up with Rei she had already crossed the finish line.She then walked over to the guy.
"Wheres my 100 dollars?"She asked.He smirked,and got out of his car and stood infront of Rei.
"Well then you'll just have to pay."He said,as he puckered up.Rei stepped back and drew her Nunchakus and hit the guy and then kick him.
"Hey watch it jerk!Don't mess with me!"Rei yelled and then kick him again."Now where's my 100 dollars!"he pointed to his pocket.Rei then took out his wallet and took the 100 dollars,and threw the wallet at his face and walked to her car and started to drive away."Arigato."She said at she walked away and then drove away.
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Kenny followed her to his car. It was a jet black Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2003, exactly what he liked.

Kenny: Dude knows my likes....

Kenny got opened the hood, checknig out it's capabilities, then got in it. He found out that he could hook his lap top to it and run NOS through to the engine. Very good for racing. Kenny folded down a compartment, opening up to a screen, a PS2, and an XBOX. He cut both all of themon, 1 at a time, to make sure they worked. They did.

Kenny: I beleive i'm gettin used to this guy....

Kenny started the engine and sat there, revving it. He then drove off, and a minute later he caught up to Charli. Kenny lowered the windows, and turned the radio up even higher. That got Charli's attention.
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She looked out the window and smiled. "Wanna race?" She revved the engine a little. She stopped as they came to a red light. She knew it was about a straight quarter mile to the next one. She smiled even wider and put on her sunglasses.
Carla ran out of her last summer school class and headed straight for her car. She jumped in and headed for work at a local auto store that happened to supply her with plenty of NOS. She got there in five minutes, a new record. She walked in and got to work.
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Kenny: Sure...see what these things hit!

Kenny turned to the laptop that was hooked up in the passenger seat. He pressed a few buttons, and it showed the nitrus levels. Small tanks, they wouldn't do.He'd have to sweitch them out before he went under cover for the races. He started the preperation for the NOS and turned back to what was ahead of him. The light went green. Immediatly they both stomped on the gas, sendnig smoke from the tires everywhere. Kenny let off of the gas lnog enough for the tires to catch, then gunned it again. The smoke cleared to show him about a car length in front of Charli. His speed was well asbove 40, so he activated the first NOS boost, at about the same time as Charli. He glanced over and saw he right next to him. He swerved over slightly to scare her, which threw her off and gave him time ti inch up into the lead. He activated the next NOS boost, leaving her in the dust. He let off and tapped the emergancy brake just enough to kill all of the ravvs gonig through the motor, so he could coast ot a victory.
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Rei then pulled up into a hotel.
"Do you have any rooms left?"She asked.
"We have room number 105,106,107,108,and 109 open."The hotel keeper said."The price is $20 per person.And staying for a day is $20,ans for a week $75."
"Here alone,staying for a week and room 105."Rei said as she gave him $95,he gave her the key to her room and watched her as she walked away.Rei ran up the stairs instead of using the elevator.She then stood infront of her door and opened it,the room wasn't that big but it was still good.Re fell backwards on her bed and sighed.
"I forgot to dedicate that last race to you Akira,but now I will,I dedicate that race to my dear brother Akira."She said then she sat up and headed for the bathroom,she then took a shower.
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[COLOR=red]Austin shift gears.He slowed down his viper.He told the driver he was racing to role down his window.

Austin:I thought you are going to win?
Driver:Well I'm playing with you!
Austin:Yah right mother.....

Austin looked at his side mirror.The cops were right behind him.

Cop:Pull over!!!

He put on the breaks,and his car came to a stop.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She smiled and adjusted her not really there shirt. Two cops, obviously, walking down the street, looking for anyone "suspicious." They couldn't pin anything on her yet, she wasn't soliciting anyone, she wasn't racing, and she wasn't doing drugs. Yet. They eyed her. Maybe it was just the way she dressed. She purred back and pushed back her thick brown hair.

They moved on. With stern warnings of "be good." "stay outta trouble." Hah, dream on boys.[/i]

Trance: Motherf├╝ckers.

[i]She stood up and walked over to her car, keys in hand, then stopped short. Cute guy in trouble.....only one remedy. She walked over, and winked at him through the rolled down window. He stared. So did the cops.[/i]

Idiot Cop 1: Who the hell are you?

Trance: ...his cousin.

Austin: ...yeah....

Idiot Cop 2: Can I see some ID?

Trance: ...of course.

[i]With a deliberate move, she reached into her bra and pulled out her card. They stared at it. Then her. Then Austin. Then left without another word. He gaped.[/i]

Trance: Something wrong?

Austin: What the hell's on your card?

Trance: Military ID.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=red]Austin:Dam she was fine...

He got back in his car.Stupid cops always on his back.He drived to his hotel.He went to his room,and heard the phone ring.He picked it up.

Autin:Hey,stop yelling in the phone Ein!
Ein:There's a major race,you in?
Austin:How much?
Ein:1,000 each.
Austin:Fine,hey is Lu going to be there?
Ein:Why,you wanna get pay back?
Austin:Ohhhh yeah.
Ein:The street says you got pulled over.
Austin:Some babe save my....when's the race?

Austin ran down the stairs.He got in his viper and went to the race.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Trance: ....you're welcome.

[i]She laughed to herself, then went home, exchanged her car for her bike, and went to the aforementioned race. She could recognize several of her clients, and parked. She had no intention of racing...more along the lines of getting a little buisness. Soon enough, one of them came to greet her. She smiled up into his face, allowing him to put his arms around her waist.

Several people eyed them, and she just purred.[/i]

Torque: You're a demon.

Trance: And your point?

Torque: ...all mine.

Trance: Well...for about ten minutes anyways. One has to eat, and you don't get that from boring long term relationships.

[i]She winked at him and let his hands roam downwards....no big deal to her. Men like him were easy to come by. And even easier to manipulate. Such were the joys of being a nightwalker.[/i] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=red]Austin sat cross legged on his car,and bite into a apple.

Ein:You came fast.

They laughed.That was a stupid answer,he was always fast.He looked around.He saw a man toaching the babe who saved him.

Austin:Hey!It's the babe!

Pices of chewed apple came from his mouth.He looked at Ein.Ein was Japaness and always wear baggy cloths.He looked at the babe.Ein was looking at the guy who was toching the babe.He got up and walked to them.

????:What you say?
Austin:Hey there's the babe.

The guy punch Austin in the jaw.

Austin:Why you do that?

Austin got off his car,and punch the guy.He then kicked him in the stomach five times.And to show his guts,he spat on him.

Austin:Let's see you race tonight![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]....damnit. There went her next meal. She eyed the male she had saved earlier with a look that could've been contempt...or was it intrigue? He couldn't tell. Either way, she looked slightly molested, but still intact. He smiled and she winked.[/i]

Trance: I think you just killed my next meal ticket.

Austin: Don't tell me...you're a prostitute.

Trance: How could you tell?

Austin: ...no reason.

[i]He stared at her denim jacket...covering what appeared to be only bare skin underneath. She smiled once more. The protective type. Cute. Her pimp was going to have a hey day over this one.[/i]

Trance: If I were you, I'd not punch anyone else feeling up on me. It's sort of my job you know.

Austin: ....uh....I'd apologize, but it's not really...

Trance: Don't let me bother you. I'm like this all the time.[/COLOR]
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OCC:I guss I over did it...I tind to do that^_^)'

IC:[COLOR=red]Austin walked away.Ein looked at the man on the ground and then Austin.Austin looked back and smiled.He went and found some kids checking out his car.

Black Kid:This your's?
Black Kid:It's sooo friggen cool!
Austin:Yeah,it's a sweet ride.Whats your name kid?
Austin:Austin,nice to meet you.

Austin looked at others.

Austin:How many?
Ein:Does it look like I know.Hope the cops don't come.
Austin:I got one loaded if they do.

Ein and Austin laughed.Austin pumped up some Linken Park.

????:Well you turn that crap off.

Austin turned it higher.He smiled.[/COLOR]
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After Rei was done taking her shower,she got dressed and started to drive somewhere.She went over speed limit and was pulled over by a cop.
"D*mn."Rei said to herself as she got out of her car and leaned on it.The cop gave her a speeding ticket but then Rei ripped it up.
"I don't need to pay no fine."She said.She then jumped up ontop her roof and and went through her sun roof,and started to drive away.BUt the Cop called for back up and 3 cars where chasing her.SHe looked in her mirrior.
"Well...I'll just have to knock'em out I guess."She said smirking.She then passed a car with really loud Linkin Park music.But then there was a dead end.So she turned off her and stepped outside and waited for the cops to catch up.Rei just stood there waiting for them to run at her,and they did,she smirked.By the time one of the cops touched her she started to fight.She grabbed his hand and elbowed him in his next,then the next one she kick in the gut and elbowed him in the back,then the last one she used her Nanchaku she hit in the jaw,then the both of his arms,and then a hit on the head.It's to bad that someone people were watching her and some might even report her.She then looked at a guy with and 2003 Viper SRT/10 he was one of those people who was watching her.She then went back to her car and drove off.
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[COLOR=red]Austin:Well that was wierd.Lets get this started.

He got in his car,others also came.He looked to his right and saw Lu.

Lu:So you got pulled over?

Austin flicked him off.Ein came.

Ein:O.k we getting this on.So...

The racers started their engines.


They looked at their target.


The racers zoomed off the the street.Austin shifed his gears as they turned.He then saw Lu's car.He got behind it.

Lu:What the....
Austin:Here's for getting me pulled over!

He turned to the left,and moved up a little.He tured his car right and Lu crashed.He started to pass others.[/COLOR]
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Nate pulled up to the race spot. He slid in, in the usual drammatic entrance, stoping inches from Trances' bike.

Nate: Hey Trance...

Trance: I thought you won't speakin to me after me f*cking aorund with your boy?

Nate: Ahh....i figured...why not. Oh..saw you lost your next meal. Here...*passes her a 50 dollar bill*

Trance: Thanks...

Nate: You owe me....

Trance: When?

Nate: Later.......How you do it?

Trance: What?

Nate: F*ck some 4 times a NIGHT..but you don't get pregnant? How da f*ck od u do it? Tubes Tied?

Trance: Condoms...

Nate: Bull *****....half the people you work with i know...and they never even heard of a condom.

Trance: *shrugs*

Nate: Figured...by back.

Nate slid back through the window and shot off, catching up to the racers. He slid around a corner, and shot past one car. He gunned it, and turned on the music. He raised the amp to pure bass, and turned it up. He then enserted Nelly's Country Grammer and turned it to the song of that name. The begining two bass blasts made a pen sitting on the dash-board jump completly off of it, and land in the floor board. It continued vibrating, being right next to a big 10 by 12 subwoofer. This was his shymbol that he was coming through.

Nate: Gonig down down baby..*rapping with the song*
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Carla yawned. She could go in five more minutes. Sheleaned on the counter, staring out at the empty parking lot. No one else was coming tonight. "You can go now. Just don't get arrested again." She turned and saw her boss, Darren.
"Thanks, Darren. You're a doll." She grabbed her keys and ran out the door to her car. She jumped in and drove as fast as she could without NOS to the races that night. She turned on Linkin Park and started blasting 'Nobody's Listening' so that she was sure everybody heard.
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Kenny: I won...

Charli: Luck..you cheated!

Kenny: I do one know one thing yo...races they come dey go,..people do it all the all the, a-a-al the ti-time yo. Now, what is it i win?

Charli: uhm...

Kenny: You don't have to think about it..you know the deal....
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[COLOR=red]Austin soon passed the last racers.He then passed the finsh line.He got out of his car and walked to Ein.

Ein:Here you go man.

He counted the money.Six thousand.New parts.

Austin:Here you go man.

He handed five hundred to Ein.

Austin:I'm hitting the sack.

He got back in his car and drove back to his hotel.[/COLOR]
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Nate shot in right behind austin. He had to slam th brakes on and swerve to miss Austin's car that pared there, tearing up his tires.

Nate: Not bad for a come back....

Nate spins it around and drives it next to the Viper. He rolled the window down, and Austin did, too.

Nate: Not to be mean..though i am...but....next time you win by about 2 seconds, don't stop right in the middle of the track. Or i WILL run into you next time....

Austin: Ok.......O.o


Kenny: Sheesh...*sighs*

Kenny spins it around and drives off, driving around for no appearent reason. A few minutes later, he changes his mind and goes off after Charli.

Kenny: *turns the radio up* man...what's her problem.....

Kenny inserts 'Get Rich or Die Trying' by 50 Cent.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]She chuckled at their antics. So macho. Her eyes rolled automatically, then she felt a hand descend on her shoulder. Several years of the same thing had taught her not to jump and scream. Instead, she slowly turned, showing the calmness that had come with experience. Nate grinned.[/i]

Nate: You should've twitched. It's more exciting that way.

Trance: I don't need to twitch to make it exciting...

Nate: I believe it. But seriously...how do you do it?

Trance: ...it's called "chart the cycle." You can only get pregnant four days out of the month. And when it's that time, I stay home and do laundry.

Nate: Clever.

Trance: There's also the pill I'm on....as a backup.

[i]He chuckled and placed his hands on her hips. She laughed and pushed him away, only to have the same thing done to her further down.[/i]

Trance: In a hurry?

Nate: Not especially....just want to make sure I get my money's worth.

Trance: If I were you, I'd have no fear of that.

[i]She purred and let him guide her back into a corner.[/i][/COLOR]
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