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Final Dynasty


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Right finaly a game started off that im in.

Dynete has just entered a new country under the name of Richard. The gonernment tracks him down cause its illeagal to have false identity. Well they cath him and sends off to Sea port prison jail. there people are being trained for the Griffon war that just broke out five years ago. Well when he gets there he rilises whats going on.

Dynete: Right, I'll all ready hate the place. But I geusse I dont have any choice.

Police 1: Well we're here. Hey you awake back there?

Dynete: Yea sure whatever.

Police 1: Why you little...

Police 2: Hey just calm down he'll be a little thwron off when he gets inside.

Dynete: I all ready know whats going on here.

Police 2: Oh, how?

Dynete: None of your business fat boy.

Police 2: All right your calling for it Spike Head.

Police 1: Yea, Spike Head.

Dynete: If I wasn't hand coufed you would be so in pain right now.

Police 1: Yea, right. Well just get out of the car.

Dynete: Fine.

Two minutes later....

Dynete: Finely, a bead.

???: So, how is he doing?

????: Fine sir.

???: Great. Make sure he dosen't figure out whats going on here. Got it?

????: Y, Yes s, sir.
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Aris took out one of her throwing knifes. She threw it up several times and each time caught it by the blade with her pointer finger and thumb. Her other hand was placed on her hip. She wasn't wearing any of her armor today but planned to put it on later. Her shirt was sleeveless and short showing her belly. Her pants sat low on her hips and belled over her boots. Her hair was half up half to give 'some' inocence to her look. A spider made it's way past her feet. She watched it and caught her knife again by the blade and tossed it at the spider hitting it dead on. She smirked.
"Spiders ar discusting creatures." She retrieved her knife and cleaned the spider from the tip.
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Sakura looked around her forest area from the tree she was sitting in.Sakura liked the company of nature more than the busy sounds of the city.She sighed and hopped from tree to tree until she reached a bright area.Sakura flipped out of the tree gracefully and landed softly and quietly in a crouched position.Sakura was bathed in sunlight and sat and listened to the splashing of the waterfall.Sakura saw something move in the corner of her eye and quickly drew her bow and fired a bolt at it.Sakura walked over to it and saw it was a small cockroach that was slaughtered by her arrow.She checked it and saw that the head of the arrow was buried into the tree.Sakura returned to her peaceful setting and looked around.She was a deadly shot with her bow but even better with her blade.Sakura set the bow and quiver down and stood and unsheathed her blade.Sakura got into her fighting stance and slashed at a tree.Nothing moved for a few seconds then the branch she slashed at slid away from the rest of the tree and fell to the ground with a thump.Sakura smirked and sheathed her blade before seting it on the ground.She took a run and jumped into the small lagoon and broke the surface under the waterfall as she took a refreshing shower.
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Aris picked up her bag and pulled out her armor. Her face mask she put on first it covered her nose and mouth but left her eyes open. She slid on her gloves that came up to her elbows and then strapped on her armor over them. She tested her movement then pulled out a throwing knife she held it up by the blade and picked up a pebble. She threw the pebble up and threw her knife at it. It hit dead in the middle and fell to the ground. "Hmmm my armor hinders my throwing skills." she looked down at her real target which had been a moth. instead of hitting it's wing she hit it's head. "poor creature..." she smiled and pulled her sword out of the ground. " I need something to eat." She looked around and found a forest. "Bingo..."
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The next morrning.....

Person 1: R,right. Th,this i,is heavy.

Dynete: Hey, I show you how it's done.

Dynete lifts the dumbell a few times with ease.

Person 1: So, thanks.

Person 2: Yea, thanks dude.

Dynete: Your welcome, and don't call me dude.

Person 2: R,right sir.

Dynete: Please, the names Dynete.

Person 2: OK Dynete.

PA: Monsters sector four, I reapete, monsters sector four.

Dynete runs over to sector four only to see the blood of at least twenty people.

Dynete: What the... I've got to stop this.

A monster pops up behind Dynete and scratchs him.

Dynete: Oww! Die!

Dynete uses fire magic on the monster (he dosn't have any wepons or armor hes in jail) and burns it to a crisp.

Dynete: Darn! There's too many!

Dynete runs off tells the gaurds that the monsters are too strong for any of the people here.

Dynete: Well at least I'm not dead.
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