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Saroria {recruitment}


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OK even though I'm drowning in Rpgs I've decided to start a new one of my own. This one will be pretty laid back and you don't have to write whole paragraphs. The story is set around Jake who get transported from the real world to Saroria. Some one else can play Jake.

I'll use my signup as a example

Name: Jeni'va
Side: Bad, become's good later.
Age: 17
Appearance: like others of the assasinations clan she wears a cloak and has the markings of her clan. Uses a sword as her weapon. {I'll try to get you a pic.}
Bio: Was abanodoned by her parants at the age of four. She was raised by the leader of the assasination Clan and was trained to be an extreemly skilled assasin. Her and Hawks job is to Kill Jake but they end up not wanting to. They become freinds with Jake and his crew and end up helping him.

So the storylines kinda easy to fallow. Jake gets transported from the real world to save Saroria. He has to find five stones {special elemenal ones} and bring them...oh, well decide as the story unfolds and a dark evily person won't be able to destroy Saroria. Yeah I'll need a main bad guy that the leader of the assasin clan reports to. Oh and I mentioned HAwk in my bio. I'll need some one to play Hawk. If you don't understand something PM me or post it with your signup.
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Guest dayday

Name: Sadia
Side: Good
Age: 16
Appearance: Long black hair, crystal blue eyes, 5'5, hair usually in a ponytail.
Bio: Sadia is a tomboy who would fight until the death if someone just called her a name. She met Jake one day after getting ready to fall off a cliff. Someone she was fighting had pushed her off and she grabbed onto a branch and was left there. Jake found her while walking along that area and heard her yelling. She was greatful to him and wanted to help him in anything needed be.
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ok first time...

Name: RyuuJin
Side: neutral
Age: 22
Appearance: has hair like hiei from yuyu hakusho, wearing gloves made of metal and has fore arm knifes that stick out on command. About 5'9'' in height and also has black eyes with loose black jeans.
Bio: After his death of his father at the age of seven his heart became dark and soul only seeking vengeance, ever since then he has been training ninjutsu and other forms of martial arts trying to find and kill the assasins in sarthat killed his father and his innocence...

maybe RyuuJin can help jake from time to time if it has to do with the assasins.
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Name: Pritz
Side: Good
Age: 20
Appearance: 6 foot even. Has a thin black beard and black hair as well. He is well muscled, and has a look of a military man about him. He has a scar on his eyebrow.
Bio: Meh, he doesn't have much of a life. Parents are dead, and he does what he wants. But he is still good hearted and hates bad people.
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