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Speech on why you shouldn't have to do homework

SSJ5 Vegeta

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I have proven why no one needs to do homework: Pretty ingenious if I don't say so myself :D :devil: :

Teachers, and students. It is in my greatest interest that I wish to inform you on the basic facts surrounding homework and why it should no longer be mandatory in any school processes. Homework, at times can be very difficult, sometimes forcing students to do things, that haven?t even been discussed in class, and without the aid of teachers, self-reliance usually fails. Homework causes students to become very stressed out, and frustrated especially in cases involving especially difficult homework.

Stress has been proven to be very bad for the mental health and self-esteem of an individual as well as raising physical health concerns. Stress raises blood pressure, which is linked to hypertension and other heart ailments, and can possibly lead to life threatening heart disease, which is a major cause of death in Americans, later in an individual?s life. Homework has therefore been proven to be a health threat to individuals thereby involved and should not be mandatory in any school, for any reason, as lack of homework would produce a healthier population, and reduce risks of heart disease, and hypertension to the population as a whole.
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Well here

a) if you paid attention in school, most of the time (key word most) the homework will go by with ease
b) Take notes in clas, and again, homeowrok will go by ease
c) Yes, it should be wrong for teachers to make you do stuff you didn't learn in class
d) if you did learn it, it should be easy.... maybe time consuming but easy. And when something is easy it contains minimal stress

Bottom Line, homework should be given, just not in such large amounts at one time and not if you haven't learned it already. Homework should also be given to people who sleep or skip class alot. We don't want stupid people running around in this world do we?....

The school board won't do anything... you think they care about you? Hahaha... they won't even read it and if they do, they'll crumble it up and throw it in the trash can with the thousands of other papers...

You wanna know how you can get the school board to do what you want? First off you have to get alot of people, second off you have to get your parents to agree... thrid you have to have your parents go down and say "If you don't change this or that, I won't vote for you in the upcoming election".... THAT will work.... all they are are politicians and all they care about is being elected... tell them you won't give them your vote, you are d@mn right they are gonna try to get it and by doing that they are going to have to do what you want :) ... Politics is fun ne?

Anyway yeah.... i think thats all....
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