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My Final Heaven( Final Fantasy story)


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Hey guys.
I'm gonna start up a new story,called 'My Final Heaven'.
It's got a Final Fantasy theme.And for those who haven' played the game, I'm gonna give you 3 options to choose who you want to be ok.

Option 1: A character from the Final Fantasy saga.(Any Final Fantasy)

Option 2: Yes, Dragon Ball Z fighters.But before we all go 'wahoo!'. I hope you know it is 'Final Fantasy style' and Final Fantasy only. Nothin to do with like Spirit bombs,and Cell and that.
Coz u gotta admit,the Cell saga is gettin' pretty annoying.
And Finally ...........

Option 3: A completely made up character.But if you wanna do that.You have to state, their name,age, background and that.
Ok so here's the background story...

The moon surrounded Gaia with light. I stared and stared,trying to see if it would even move.But all it did would stare at me right back into the eye.In the end I gave up,and for some reason a tear trickled down my eye.
Until that flash,a glimpse of light had caught my eye.I turned arround admmediately to see a ,what seemed to be a fire ball being hurled straight at me.I dived away,only to land in a crater.
With my arms wrapped around my arms,I heard another magical spell being launched at me.I clutched my gunblade,ready to deflect the beam. As the beam gradually go nearer I swung with all my might.
A huge silence came between me and that beam.Only to find out that I..........................................................................................................MISSED!!!!!!!!
I thought to myself i was about to die,but I never did tremble.Bu8t that shadow over the cliff,that shadow that turned to face me.....that.....

''Hey big guy,ya gotta get ready to go to my wedding with Selphie''. It was Zell, I must've,I must've had a dream.....
* To be continued*To be continued*

Ok,there's the beginning. By the way before anyone asks.I AM SQUALL!!! in this story.So now I've told you the story ,JOIN UP NOW!!!.
C'mon you guys'n'gals join up for the story.Only limited time.After time passes,I'll mention the current members for this story.
Oh yeah,and joijin up is easy,just tell me who you wanna be.But Squall is taken,that's me.Cya guys later.:D

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hey chris, im gonna make someone up:

Name: Monsarn
Age: 18
Weapon: Water Arm
Attacks: Tidal Wave, Rain whip.
Limit Break: Drown Rush
Bio: Used to live near the sea and was a born swimmer, keen too much for the ocean he swam out too far and got lost. after dayd of drifting he reached a strange island, he wandered inland. He was attacked by ferocious beasts and his right arm was severed. Seeking help he found a small hut with an old man who claimed to be magic inside. He healed his arm, not with flesh, but with water which can morph into anything. He wears a metal plate over the "water arm" until battle when unleashes deadly Water Element attacks on the enemy.

hows that chris?
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**marson looked up at the sky, it had gone a vivid purple colour, he went back to Sensur's hut by the beach.**

Marson: I think you better come and look at the sky Sensur.
Sensur: What's up with it this time?
Marson: See for yourself....

**They walk outside and Sensur emits a groan**

Sensur: Oh my!
Marson:....Told you.
Sensur: Marson, go get my grandaughter, Gennie, she's off picking berries in the forest.
Marson: Ok

**Marson ran inland in search of Gennie, suddenly, a flash of energy bolted through his body. "No, no!" in his mind, a voice was screaming. "Get away!!!" again. "Someone, help me please!!!" the voice screamed again. Marson took off the metal plate covering his Element Arm and threw it on the floor. A picture flashed through his head; a beautiful girl, surrounded by three brown beasts...the beasts that took Marson's arm...The scream sounded again, but this time he heard it in the air, it was real. he ran where the sound got louder and skidded into a clearing. Gennie surrounded by the beasts that took his arm, the beasts were closing in on her but she was blocked by a tree.**

Marson: Rain Whip!!!!!

**Gennie looked his way and saw a spiky blue water "rope" hurtelling toward her, it wrapped around her and bought her back to Marson.**

Gennie: Thanky-
Marson: Gennie, Sensur wants you, run back to the hut, i'll take care of these.
Gennie: Bu-
Marson: GO!
Marson: Tidal Wave!!!

**As Gennie ran back to the hut, a huge wave came up behind Marson, she looked back, stopped but kept running. It washed past Marson smashed into the Hording Beasts. One smashed into a tree, the other two slammed into each other.**

Marson: Eat that you arm taking flea rats!!!
Hording Beast: GRRRR...

**One of the beasts jumped on Marson and scratched his chest**

Marson: OWWW!!!
Marson: Shard Hail!!!!

**The purple sky turned black for a second and then light blue dots could be seen dropping, travelling faster than lightning and having the force of dropping diamond daggers from the clouds. It tore one Hording Beast apart, dead. The others were nearly dead, small bits of hail embedded in ther thick hide**

Marson: hehehe....

**The two remaining Beasts charged at Marson and knocked him flying into a tree which cracked and he went through. Marson made his arm into a whip, shot it at the remaing beasts, he impaled one on a low branch. the whip picked up the other and Marson spun round in a circle smashing a brown blur through trees around him. then he dropped it, dead.**

Marson: phew...

**he continued on his way back to the hut**

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I'll join.

Name-Kain Strife
Weapon-Buster sword
Attacks-Deathblow,Omega Slash,Braver
Bio-Cloud Strife's only son.Kain has learned most of his father's attacks while making his own.The giant sword he carries is his only weapon.He is a great sword fighter but still gentle and peaceful.His mother Tifa Lockheart taught him many of her hand to hand combat skills.
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Zell: Oh my, Squall! Will you hurry up?!

Squall: I thought the wedding is tomorrow?


Squall: You don't even remember your own wedding?

Zell: Oh, sorry man. I'll be back tomorrow....

Zell heads towards the cafeteria.

Zell: I'm hungry. I bet there's some hot dogs left.

Suddenly he saw Selphie and Irvine talking.

Irvine: Marry me Selphie! Leave the bozo, Zell!

Selphie: I wish I can but we're getting married tomorrow.

Irvine: We'll elope!

Zell can't take this anymore. He dash towards Irvine. Punching him, kicking, and beating the living hell out of Irvine.

Selphie: Stop it Zell!

Zell: But....

Selphie: The wedding's off!!

Zell: But....

Selphie: We're over! Don't you know, Irvine and me are getting married.....

Zell's heart broken. Those words are like torture to him. He ran from the cafeteria and head towards the Training center. This could only mean one thing, suicide at the hands of T-Rex....
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zidane [/i]
[B]Total members so far:-
4:Red XIII(Nanaki)
5.Kain Strife
Carry on.I 'll give about 5 more days to joion. [/B][/QUOTE]

cloud as well now.

1. squall
2. Marson
3. Zell
4. Nanaki
5. Kain Strife
6. Cloud
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Seifer: Hey, Chicken Wuss!

Zell stop running. He turns around and faces Seifer, his arch enemy(both hate each other different with Squall)

Zell: Shut up! Don't stop me!

Seifer: I heard your wedding is off, I bet you're going towards the training center. Suicide, eh? Here, let me help you.....

Seifer comes close and without warning, handcuffing Zell at the lift entrance.

Zell: What the hell?!

Seifer: It's for your own good...:laugh:

Zell's left there, all alone, meeting people going up and down the lift....
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Marson walks further out into the forest, sooon he comes out to see a sprawling city.

Marson: i bet theres something there that caused that purple sky.
Gennie: Wait!!!!!
Marson: What, Gennie?
Gennie: Sensur made this for you...

Gennie handed Marson a medium-sized sword, it was blue and had little water droplets moulded onto it**

Marson: Welll.....errrr...thankyou...
Gennie: Thats ok, can I come with you?
Marson: ...
Gennie: Well?
Marson: ...Fine then, come on.
Gennie: Yay! thankyou.
Marson: come on, we gotta-

MArson is cut short by seeing a man with blonde hair at a lift entrace handcuffed

Marson: What the heck?
Gennie: Oh!
Marson: I'll help, you go into the cafe.
Gennie: ok.

Gennie ran into the cafe and Marson walked over to the handcuffed guy.

Marson: Why are you handcuffed?
Zell: .........errrr.....i don't know, a man called Seifer, did it.
Marson: .....Seifer?
Zell: What?
Marson: nothing, don't worry.
Zell: .....
Marson: ...
Zell:...Well are ya gonna help?
Marson: Oh, yeah sure.

Marson lifted his new sword and cut the handcuffs apart.

Zell: Thanks man, i owe you one.
Marson: Thats ok.
Zell: I'm Zell, nice to meet you

Zell held out a hand and Marson shook it.

Marson: I'm Marson.
Zell: *sigh*
Marson: whats wrong?
Zell: I was getting married tommorow, but.......
MArson: yes?
Zell:.....But she just turned me down.
Marson: I feel sorry for you.
Zell: Thanks, wanna get a bite to eat?
Marson: Sure.

They walked into the cafe and no one was there, not even a waiter.

Marson: Is this usual.
Zell: No, its normally heaving.
Marson: Oh no, I left Gennie in here, where's she gone??
Zell: ?
Marson: Gennie is my.....companion.
Zell: oh...:smirk:
Marson: Not in that way!!!!:blush:
Zell: calm it. now, the cafe about a minute ago was full up, where could they all go.

Suddenly, they both realized everyone had gone, cleared out. and Zell looked up and saw the purple sky.

Zell: Geeze!!!!!!!
Marson: I know, i figured this would be the route of the problem.
Zell: Could be.
Marson: Maybe if we searched the ca-

Marson was cut off again by heavy footsteps, they both spun round and gasped...

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They turned around to see 3 level 100 T-Rexaur.

Zell-*gulp*I think we should go.

Marson-Me too....

Kain-This looks like fun!:D

Zell-Huh?Who are you and how did the T-Rexaur get out?

Kain-My name is Kain.And all the monsters got loose...

Marson-Fun!You think this is fun!!

Kain-:laugh: Yeah.It's kinda funny too!:laugh:

One of the T-Rexaur ram Kain and he goes flying into 50 through.


Marson-That's got to hurt!

Zell-Now that's comedy!! :laugh:
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Marson: Kaine, you ok?
Kaine: ow
Zell: hehehe...
MArson:Zell shutup.
Marson: We gotta fight this, thing.
Zell: yeah!

Marson summons a Shard Hail and Sharp hail rains down on the T-Rexaur, slicing into it's scaly skin.

Marson: Now for a-

The T-Rexaur lifts it's claw and smashes Marson through the cafe window.

Zell: Kaine.....Marson? hello......oh Geeze..

The T-Rexaur opens it's mouth and.......

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Zell: Meteor Rage(I think. It's when Zell punch the ground and it cracked and at the end of the crack it shot molten lava)

The ground split open and engulf the T-Rex. Zell goes straight towards Marson.

Zell: You Ok?
Marson: Fine. Just a little scratch.
Kain: My charming personality sure driven it off.
Zell: What a jerk!
Kain: You've just noticed?
Marson: Help me up.

Zell help Marson up. Before she could steady herself, the ground shook violently. Marson crashed onto Zell.

Kain: I do realized you two should get a room or something...
Zell& Marson: Shut Up!!

They went straight to the lift. Zell was thinking about bringing them to Headmaster Cid office. Before he could reach the lift, Seifer stops him.

Seifer: Hey Chicken Wuss! Where are you going?
Zell: No time. I got to......

A rock landed ontop of Zell. What will happen....
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Kain-Ouch!!!That rock has got to hurt!

Seifer-Look at the trapped chicken wuss!:laugh:

Kain-What a jerk!


Kain-Oh yeah!I forgot...

Kain takes out a giant sword.

Zell-Noooooo!!!Don't hurt me!

Kain-I'm going to break the rock stupid!

Marson-That won't work.

Kain-Just watch.BRAVER!

Kain jumps up and hits the rock as hard as he can.

Marson-Told you!:p

Kain-Watch and learn.

Kain taps the rock with his finger and it crumbles.

Zell-Thanks a million!

Seifer-:eek:I'm gone!


Seifer-I can beat you hands down!

Kain-Lets battle then!

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(marson is a boy)

Marson: ......what the hell just happened and whydid that rock just fall on him................
Kain: Welll. it was very surprisi-

Another rock fell on Kain

Marson: Oh geeeeze!!!!!
Seifer: So who are you?
Marson: My name is Marson.

Marson held out his armoured hand, Seifer jus looked at it.

Seifer: I'm Seifer.
Marson: Do you know anything about the purple sky, the monsters runnin' about and these **** rocks??
Seifer: I may do...
Marson: Do you then?
Seifer: :smirk:

Marson picks up Seifer by his coat and flicks him into the wall of the lift.

Marson: Do YOU KNOW ANYTHING??!?!?!
Seifer: .....

Seifer gets up and charges into Marson, smashing him through the lift door.

Marson: We shouldn't do this, its stupid.
Seifer: you started it.
Marson: *sigh*
Marson: Fine...

Marson throws off the armour on his element arm and seifer is like :eek: and summons a rain whip which craks the two huge rocks into peices

Seifer: your......arm...
Marson: yes?
Seifer: water...
Marson: :rolleyes:

Kain and Zell get up from under the rocks.

Kain: hmmm....that hurt.
Zell: Ooooo, my back....
Zell: So, we gonna see if we can find out where all the people in the city went?
Marson: yeah we sho-

The conversation is ripped in half by an earth splitting scream

Kain + Seifer: Who?????!?
Zell: his..."companion" We gotta find her!!!!!!!

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(I didn't know Marson is a boy)
Zell: Seifer, why are you following me?
Seifer: Oh god, I've fallen as low as this Chicken Wuss?!
Squall: Where have you been.(looks at Marson) Who's the babe.... I mean the boy?
Marson: My name is Marson. Have you seen... Gennie?

The ground shook again.

Squall: Let's get to the Headmaster's Office...
Zell: Lead the way....
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They ran towards the lifts and Squall punched the button

Squall: c'mon....
Zell: Hurry up!

Zell punches the botton really hard and it makes a hole in the lift.

Seifer: Chicken wuss, you idiot!!!
MArson: Gennie......
Kain: Who is Gennie?
Marson: Gennie? Gennie is my protector's granddaughter, i protect her, kinda.
Kain: oh....i see :smirk:
Marson: Shutup.

The guys here footsteps behind them and they all freeze.

Voice: What are you looking for?

They spin Round and see Gennie smiling happily at them.

Seifer, Kain, Squall, Zell: :eek: :love: :eek:
Marson: *sigh* where were you?
Gennie: I was in the cafe, when we just all dissappeared in the forest back there. Then a load of Hording Beasts appeared and I ran straight away, the otheres were all killed, everyone in the city.

Gennie looked :( ly at Marson and the otheres who hung there heads.

Squall: So....the headmaster is....

Gennie nodded her head.

Squall: oh my......
Seifer: Shiiii!!

Suddenly the cafe exploded and 3 shodowy monsters jumped out and.....

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