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Yeah, episode 40 is already out... Anyway, if you are asking how many episodes there will be in total for the Naruto anime, then that's a [I]BIG[/I] number. The manga is still going, and for the anime to catch up to the manga's current position, there would have to be... well, episode 40 is about volume 8 in manga, and the manga is at volume 20... That's roughly over 100 guaranteed episodes. If you are wondering, it's still airing on Japan Television.

Naruto is my kind of anime. I don't know how else to describe it. It's about ninjas, and it's very cool. Put simply, it's about a boy with a wild ambition: to obtain the highest rank possible in his village and make all the people acknowledge his existence. It's a very dramatic story, IMO. Actions speak louder than words in this anime. You just have to see it to understand. Naruto is just that good. :p
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Well, yeah, Naruto's manga is still ongoing.. So yeah, tons of episodes and it's not cancelled yet. But let's remember, Rurouni Kenshin had a longer manga, but it was cancelled before the manga series' end. I'm not saying I want Naruto cancelled, it's popular enough to continue (plus it's my favorite manga) so we're not exactly guaranteed the ENTIRE manga series...

It's mostly action, but there's some romance, and the characters (apart from Sasuke, he's so bland) are all funny in one way or another. It's just a really good shonen story..
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Guest Tical
Ive only read it in Shonen Jump and I think its awesome. Its currently tied for my second favorite manga. I might be getting the anime soon but from what I heard/read its one of the best in japan
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