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  1. GTO is on of my favorite series. It is currently airing on Shownext at 9:00, Monday-Fridays. It airs uncut, with the exception of one scene, where Tomoko is given underwear in an upskirt shot when she first meets Onizuka. Other than that it's unedited. I love this series. I wish I had a teacher like Onizuka.
  2. Whoever said the FuruBa dub is bad has no idea what they're talking about. The FuruBa is probably the best dub there is. FUNimations only great dub other than Dragon Ball(not Z/GT) Best: FuruBa Anything ADV has put out. Dragon Ball Cowboy Bebop Trigun BGCT2040 Inu Yasha(decent, not great) Shaman King(other than the useless changes it is decent) Worst: Yuu Yuu Hakusho Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball GT Yugiou Pocket Monsters
  3. Saint Seiya = Most overrated anime ever, IMO. It was never that good, and it never had me saying, "I cannot miss this weeks episode". I was more like "I'll be over Gunner's. See you at 1:00 a.m. Mom". Never liked it and could care less for the dub. That's my two cents. Saint Seiya came out almost exactly 1 year before Ronin Warriors. Anyway I like Dragon Shiryu.
  4. I like the girl(I thin Haroku) because the VA portrays her as very sexy and naughty. Plus she is weird. Reminds me a lot of Ed-Chan. Both action and VA wise.
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dan Rugh [/i] [B][size=1] [color=blue]By the way, Youko Minamino, you're Japanese name spellings are annoying and aren't impressing anyone.[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE] I could care less. I ain't hear to impress anyone. I will be using the romanized names. Same as I've been using for 12 years. I'm not going to change because of you.
  6. [url]http://www.foxbox.tv/promotions/comic/videopreviews.php[/url] I think you dub things incorrectly on purpose now. I mean its as if you intentionally ****ed up Shaman King's dub. Those voices are nothing like the originals, and even worse, don't fit the characters at all. Yoh's voice is crap. He sounds like a constipated stoner. Not an easy going young boy who sound enfiminate, so at first you don't know what sex he is at first site. Sean Schemmel was a crappy choice as Amidamaru. He is literal crap, and his voice sounds way to nasely. Its as if he is forcing it way to much.
  7. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by EtErNaL DrAgOn [/i] [B]Ok I have to say this. I like that anime. But do you notice the names. Like how they tried to keep them Japanese. They actually took parts of the names and just used that. Hell, if you gonna take part of the name take all of it. Ex: Miu/Miuki Sal/Saloma Maylu/Meiru Dex/Deako Yai/Yaito Oh and is Lan is supposed to sound Japanese or something? His origanal name is Netto. I also have a problem when an anime dubbs the title. Grrrr. Ok rant done. Thanks for reading. [/B][/QUOTE] Miu = Capcom of A
  8. Do you not know what [B]filler[/B] is? Burorii is created by Toei, not Akira Toriyama-San and Toriyama didn't know about Burorii untill about last year. Therefore Gokuu is the real Legendary Suupaa Saiyajin.
  9. Brolly is Filler. So therefore Son Gokuu is the Legendary Suupaa Saiyajin.
  10. No there is blood, but not so much as you will shout out, THERE WAS BLOOD. More like, "Hey a little bit of red stuff"
  11. Thats only the manga that contains that blood. Not in the anime.
  12. Wow. Anyone who says swearing is getting edited isn't a real Shaman King Fan, and just trying to impress others by implying they've seen this series before others.
  13. He sucks. I literally know 1000 times more than him. If I could do HTML Programming and had time, I'd have the best DBZ Site out there.
  14. Naruto only has 39 Episodes out right now with the newest being released on the 4th of July and its a blend between Martial Arts, Drama, and Comedy.
  15. If I could buy anime online I would, but my mother doesn't trust websites. And I'm not going on Ebay.
  16. I just went on an anime shopping Binge in New York. I have to say I love New York after going to one store at the college I will hopefully be attending next year(waiting for an acceptance/rejection notice). But anyway at the Corner of 114 and Broadway near Columbia University there was an entertainment shop that I loved because of its collection of anime, but today I finally bought from it. I bought the YYH Box Set with all 122 eps, the Flame of Recca Box set will all 42 eps, and the Shaman King Volume 3 Box set, with 7 episodes on it. Anyway this topic really isn't about this, but is
  17. There's a huge difference between 4Kids FOxBox, and 4Kids Kids WB. FoxBox is more uncut, and way better. I suggest you guys look at it, and notice the huge difference. Anyway I'll look at my Shaman King DVDs instead of the dub.
  18. Its [B]filler[/B]. Never really happened, because it wasn't in the manga. Filler causes plotholes. Just like Yamucha, Chaosu, and Ten fightin the Ginyu force is filler.
  19. Ai is pronounced AI - EE As for that stuff about last names what was the point? Everyone here on these board knows about surnames(there called surnames, not last names)
  20. The characters read Ou in Japanese. Just like Youko Kurama, Youki, and Shounen Jump, but here in America, I guess they feel the u isn't needed since thats how o sounds alone.
  21. Its nothing like the show because the manga you're reading is Yugiou, not Yugiou: Duel Monsters(which starts around chapter 42)
  22. Sephiroth, let me give you a quick Japanese lessson. Bra in Japanese is written Bu-Tsu-Ra. Which would make it Burra, since a tsu characteristic before a constanent doubles that constanent. So you get Bu-R-Ra. Then taking in account the rules of translation it would become Bu-L-La. Good translation. Not butchered. Don't call somethin butchered unless you completely understand it.
  23. No. I didn't want Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Shaman King, and Dragon Ball/Z/GT to be liscensced, and look at what they've become. Mainstream crap. I can't even talk about Yuu Yuu Hakusho without some dubbie saying its got good dubbing because it has cursing and blood and thats why he watches it. They turned it into a stupid show known only for cursing. So I dont feel I'm selfish and you shouldn't either.
  24. Duh. He already knows that. He said he doesn't get it because of that. Anyway, run away from this horrible crap. Its On Demand. You should get it for free, but it doesn't matter as it is horribly glitchy, and some times the freaking Anime Network On Demand catergory dissapears completely. Its not worth it. Basically at first when you order you'd pay, but after about 2 weeks you wont have to pay, and the prices will go from $2.30 to $0.00
  25. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dan Rugh [/i] [B]The original Kikaider was only 13 episodes. If you are keeping track, they are now past 13. This is because after Kikaider ended, it was decided that 4 new episodes would be added with Kikaider 01. The new girl android looks mysteriously like Mitsuko (she calls herself Bijinder I think). As for the other Hakaiders, the main one has Dr. Gill's brain in it and the others have his top assistant's brains. [color=red]Does anyone know a site where they have pictures of the Kikaider characters? I've searched for stuff under Android Kikaider:
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