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  1. [url]http://www.dbzonps2.com/index.php?dbzg=ps2-02-screens01[/url] Screens from the trailer from e3 on the 15th.
  2. Yes Jounouchi and Mai show feelings for one another in the Semi-Finals of Battle City, but while Jounouchi allows himself to be open with her, she reverts back to saying she doesn't even need freinds, let alone a close one.
  3. Its not .Pet . Its .EXE . Anyway, the dub did good for the first episode. Rokkuman.EXE started good, but then got really boring, until Blue.EXE showed up. Its okay, and hopefully the dub will continue to be good.
  4. They just showed the Yuugi vs. Jounouchi death duel, and they kept it like the original. No Shadow Realm. You'll be dragged to your death and the crate will kill Tea if there is interference. They hat to cut out the fire hitting Yuugi though.
  5. Hopefully they wont be butchered. The sad thing is this, will make all fan subs illegal in North America for these animes.
  6. FUNimation has gotten One Peice, as well as Gundam Seed, where as 4Kids has gotten Shaman King, and Sonic X.
  7. If so, what do you think about them? 1. Flame of Recca 2. Shaman King 3. Great Teacher Onizuka 4. Hunter X Hunter. 5. Samurai Deeper Kyo 6. Senkaiden Houshin Engi
  8. I beleive the person doesn't know what they're talking about. I've seen all of Kenshin, including the OAVs, and the best Arc ever, The Jinchuu Arc, and the Cartoon Network dub of Kenshin is as good as they can get without showing too much blood. I'm kind of doubting if you've seen the original Kenshin.
  9. Let me break it down for y'all. Bra in Japanese is written Bu-Tsu-Ra. Which would make it Burra, since a tsu characteristic before a constanent doubles that constanent. So you get Bu-R-Ra. Then taking in account the rules of translation it would become Bu-L-La. Good translation. And Nickelodeon was made in 85', not the 70s. Also Nickelodeon doesn't show cutesy whootsy shows. [B]A lot[/B] of their shows have made me throw up they did such nasty stuff.
  10. Did they really cut out Jounouchi getting his *** kicked, and just show him mysteriously end up on the ground? I had Saturday Detention, but I wanted to see this dub so bad.
  11. I don't know, could be because she doesn't have the incentive to go Suupaa Saiya-jin.
  12. There is only 1 dub of Akira that I know off. And it is down by [B]Pioneer[/B]. Anyway Akira Manga >>>>>>>>> Akira OAV. Plus it explain it more. Anyway I like Akira because of it being the first manga. The OAV is okay, but if you where confused, the manga is a must.
  13. Cowboy Bebop is only good for one thing and one thing only. To see how a dub should be done. Other than that it isn't that great...
  14. Oh... than sorry for seeming like a jack ***.
  15. You're talking about what a lot of us who saw GT in its first airing call EPisodes 65 and 66 or the Dragon Ball GT Special, because of what Pan-Chan calls it at the end of episode 64. I remember when it first aired. pretty good. Not a Dragon Ball movie though, just a special. The 14th movie would be the 10th anniersary special.
  16. Umm... I don't know where you got your "facts" J17, but the battle city season 1 American version of Yugiou will go all the way to the second episode of Jounouchi and Rishiid's duel, then show reruns for a while, than a new season will come. This is strait from the horses mouth. And the board will be none other than the spirit message obviously, in which you spell "FINAL".
  17. Um the only person with green hair who looks like Kaiba is Kaiba. That is what Kaiba looked like in the orignal Yugiou, when it wasn't so much about the cards. Missinformed people call this "season 1", though its a completely different series. If you say a kid that looked somewhat like Kaiba, who had blue-ish hair than you're looking at a pic of Noa. Noa is from the Noa Arc. [spoiler] As we all konw Mokuba and Seto are adopted. Well TV Tokyo needed to feel some time so that Kazuki Takahashi(the creator) could get further in the manga. This is what we would call "filler". But Noa is hel
  18. Anyone else seen this series? If so what do you think about it? How far are you into it? Who is your favorite character? Know any good sites to find info on it? I'm close to finishing it, but haven't finished it. I have one more DVD to go, and a few volumes of the manga. My favorite characters are Nataku(the first bad *** I ever liked), and Raizenshu(sp?). Also 1 question for other SDH fans. Is Taikouba a Bishounen?
  19. Osiris, Obelisk, and Raa are effected by a trap card [B]once[/B] according to Konami. But after that, trap cards no longer work on them.
  20. Yes. FUNimation only bypassed the first 16 episodes of DBGT because they lacked action, and the only good ones, IMO, where 7 and 9. Anyway after they release episodes 17 through 65, they will go back and release episodes 1 through 16. Also all 64 [b]original[/b](Original, not as in Japanese, but as in dubbed, and no extra FUNi episodes) episodes will be aired on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2004.
  21. Legacy of Gokuu 2 isn't out yet. I think you got Legend of the Suupaa Saiya-jin and Legacy of Gokuu mied up.
  22. Why the Dragon Ball Movies are bad. 1. They're filler. Toriyama-San had 0 to do with them, and therefore when they're not "official". 2. Movies cause huge plotholes, because they're filler. 3. 0 of the movies fit into the timeline. 4. Movie characters just wont die!!!!!
  23. Dakki from Senkai Den Houshin Engi.
  24. Umm... no. You guys are getting GT First, because your dub is way ahead of ours in terms of GT, because FUNi works on Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball GT now, where you guys work on GT(which I might add is better than FUNis). We get a different dub. Blue Water dubs yours GT. Blue Water is a subdivision of Ocean. Thats why you're getting those episodes of GT long before we get FUNis.
  25. The Kenshin dub is perfect. I've seen one of the uncut dubbed episodes from the Official Dub Box Sets coming out in August, and it was the perfect counterpart for the sub. Now only if the last Arc in the Manga would be put in the anime somehow.
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