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yet another attempt for a digimon rpg...


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okie dokie, this is how it works. first, you put your digimons name(rookie form), then, you put your name, then, a description of your digimon(rookie form) and put your crest. then, if you want, you can put all their forms. ie. this is mine:

Digimon Name: Hikarumon
My Name: Gochan


A green striped tiger that stands on two back legs, half the size of a human, has a tail, big black baggy pants with white boxers showing and a chain, belt, an ammo holder(bullet belt as some people call it) around his chest from left shoulder to right hip like rambo, gloves, ear peirced, and a cross necklace.

Crest: strength [url]http://www.geocities.com/ssj6gochan/strengthcrest.gif[/url]
Sex: male
Fur: Green
Chest Fur: white (crest in middle of chest)
Stripes: black
Tail: Green (black striped)
Eyes: obsidian black with green pupils
Pants: black, baggy with a chain
Boxers: white (plain)
Gloves: black
Earing: emerald

other forms:
fresh- Poofamon
In-Training- kittykramon
rookie- hikarumon
Champion- Arokumon
Ultimate- Tigramon
Mega- MagnaTigramon
Armor- Hiromon, the Claws of Strength
Golden Armor- GoldTigramon

anyways, you dont have to be that elaborate.

there'll probably be 7 more ppl, so join fast

1. Gochan Son, Hikarumon
2. Kimono, Shueishamon
3. Leona Mikono, Renamon
4. Ryu Hoyashi, Guilmon
5. Gomen, Kinomon
6. Liam, Anemon

0 spots left, sorry
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Cool! I'll join!

Name: Leona Mikono

Digimon: Renamon

Description, Renamon: Renamon looks like... Well, Renamon! I'll post a pic for those of you who don't know what she looks like! That is, once I find a good pic!

Description, Leona: Just read my siggy. She has the same description in every story, unless I state otherwise.

Crest: Truth
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can we still do the digimon character thing?
well here goes;

Human: Liam
Crest: Honesty
Digivice Colour: see-through

Digimon: Anemon
Level: Champion
Attacks: Purity Flame
Steel Slash
Large Gryphon with steel plated wings and armour covering chest where wings are connected. Large steel talons attached to gold girted legs. Pure white feathers and a steely glint in its eyes. Lion tail has a large flame on the end instead of fur.

(I've gotta get a picture of a gryphon and go from there)
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