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Writing Well, this is a rarity.

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[font=gothic][color=indigo]God never had a minimilist sense of advertising
Satan never knew realised the power of television
We danced around the fire that night
They looked upon us in confusion and shame

God gave us discipline, to swath us up in wool
Satan gave us chaos, to live life to the full
The mad dance rolled ever on
And they shook their heads and moaned

God inspired plague, humans respond to fear
Satan gave us temptation, fed God's plan
The dancers stumbled in their paths
They laughed, thinking they had gotten somewhere

God repeated his ploy, codified his world
Satan held a counter-protest, to appeal to the reactionaries
The dance broke into facets
They were frustrated by the polarisation

God sighed, and relaxed his iron demands
Satan muttered, and conceded a need for stability
The dancers smiled politely, and sipped their drinks. They left an empty floor.
God and Satan sipped their own drinks, and finally as one, they swore.

The dancers found a new tune.
God and Satan found humility.

The moral of the story?
Whatever you like. It's your tune.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]I love you so much, you are a god, and this proves it... Lauryn, a great lover and critic of poetry simply wept when she read it. Then she wept when she didn't read it, and laughed when I pinched her on the arm. Hard.

So, anyway, praise from both a public and a privately educated person. [/color][/font]
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And so it would seem that both extremes have relented and left us to rot in mediocrity. I found that little snippet of creativity to be most poignant. Though I would have to wonder if beings of such extremes could ever exhist humbly. That is of course working under the assumption they exhist in the first place... which is not really a topic of discussion I think this poem was to create. But then what do I know.

The way I switch viewpoints I should really start wondering if I have multiple personalities, least I won't get lonely.
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