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Digi-Venture rpg (from "yet another attempt...)


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okie dokie, if you registered at "yet another attempt for a digimon rpg" then your at the right place. people registered:

1. Gochan Son, Hikarumon
2. Kimono, Shueishamon
3. Leona Mikono, Renamon
4. Ryu Hoyashi, Guilmon
5. Gomen, Kinomon
6. Liam, Anemon

anyways, ill start the story out


*Gochan sits down at his comp to check his mail*

Gochan: hey, i got a new peice of mail.

*Gochan opens the mail*

Gochan: *reads* you have been chosen to be a digidestined? what the shibby is that???

*all of a sudden a green digivice comes out of a computer screen and into his and*

Gochan: what the hell is this!?!

*all of a sudden the floor opens up and gochan falls through the flor*


id like you guys to start out sorta like that... anyways, ill post later, so please post your begining.

ps, i got a pic of hikarumon!

copy paste the link
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k.... i guess i will start....

The bell rings and school is out....

Gomen: YAY! It's a weekend with no homework to do!!!!!

Gomen gets home takes off his shoes and runs upstairs...

Gomen:Hi mom< while runnng up>

Gomen's mom: Hi Gomen, ho was school??

Gomen:Great can't talk now got to go check my email!

Shuts door to room...Gets on computer and checks e-mail...

Suddenly a d-arc digivice pops out.......

Gomen:What the dilly? Woah!!!!!
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c'mon people!

Gochan: where, where am i???

Figure: hi gochan!

Gochan: AHHH!!! get it away from me!!!

Figure: dont worry, my name is Kittykramon! im your friend!

Gochan: kittykramon?

Kittykramon: yep! im your friend!

Gochan: okie dokie... um... i wonder if there is anyone else here...
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sorry. being alittle held up in comp business. I'll start me now:
The school bell has rung and there was a new kid at school. At first, I thought it was going to be one of those punks that get kicked out of their old schools and come here but it wasn't. Besides, we had enough of those kind. The new kid turned out to be a girl. She seemed just to pass all. My theory was she was not to thrilled to be here.

"Okay everyone. Sit down, sit down. It's time for class. I shall now take attendence." The teacher started to do attendence when I noticed the new girl outside the classroom.

"Alright! She comes to this class." I said out loud, not knowing that I did til I finished.

The teacher looked up. "What is it Mr. Hoyashi. Excited about the new girl?"

"Yeah." A fat bully kid said, "He's probably in love with her." I sank down into my seat as the teacher scolded the fat kid. He continued the attendence til he got to the new girl's name.

"And here's our newest student, brace yourself Mr. Hoyashi." A wave of giggling filled the room, "Mrs. Leona Mikono." Hellos were exchanged and the teacher directed her to her seat, which just [I]had[/I] to be next to me. She didn't speak for the rest of the day til I started off, walking home. She ran to my side.

She didn't speak. I was starting to get nervous. So I spoke, "What is it, Leona?" She looked at me curiously and ran off, I'm supposing home.

I didn't go home right away. Instead, I went to my friend Luigi's shop and looked around to see waht was in stock. Luigi owned the best dang pawn shop in the city and I can tell ya, it was shibby. "Hey Luigi, have any new computer parts."

"In the back room, Ryu. You know that."

"hehe. I know. Just teasin' ya." :D

I wondered to the back room. I looked all around. I heard Luigi's voice echo from the other room, "Careful. They are all new and never been used. I should sell them for more than 20 bucks a peice!" I shook my head, bent down, and found a strange little machine. It was shaped like some kind of small, handheld game system.

I looked closer. It started to glow. Then, I was gone.
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Gomen:What....where... WHERE AM I!!!

Shadow: You are in the digital world......

Gomen: The digi... wait who are you?

Shadow:I am DemiKinomon, your FRIEND!!!

Gomen: Wierd...

DemiKinomon: You are one of the digidestined!

Gomen: A digidestined....ME? wow....

DemiKinomon: come on lets walk i will tell you everything i know...
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*as kittykramon and demikinomon rambble away, gochan and gomen just walk amazed, until...*


Gochan: ow!

Gomen: what the?!?

*gochan slowly gets up and peers at his peer... peers peer? how stupid am i? anyways...*

Gochan: gomen? is that you?

Gomen: gochan? what are you doing here???

Gochan: i dont know, i like, fell into my computer or summin...

Gomen: hey, you got a little monster too!

Demikinomon/Kittykramon: no, digimon, digital...

Gochan/Gomen: monsters.

Gochan: anyways... where do we go?
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Gomen: um... yeah

Kimono: shut up

Gochan: ok, sorry...

Gomen: then i will do it... IM LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST.

Gochan: um...yeah

Kimono: shut up... why do i put up with this...
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sorry im seriously late:o
*walks into study, turns on computer*
liamc2: wonder whats on the net
*a large tornado suddenly sucks him through the sceen*
liamc2: owies, where am i? hang on wots this:eek:
*holds up the digivice to the sky*
strangers: hey you arrived, finally.
*a creature jumps into liam's arms*
creature: hi i'm anemon, your partner digimon:D
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[I]*Xyluis is working on his computer and suddenly gets sucked in*[/I]

Xyluis: Whoa, where am I?
Alphamon: Your in the Digtal world.
Xyluis: Ahhh, Who or what are you?
Alphamon: My name is Alphamon and I'm a Digimon.
Xyluis: A What?
Alphamon: And your one of the Digi Destained, theres one of your kind over there with my friend Shueishamon.
Xyluis: Mabe, but Im going to be cautions just in case, I hope he dosn't spot me just yet.
Alphamon: Just sit down and I'll tell you all you need to know. Know this is a Digivice...

[I]*They talk For an hour or so until they see Kimono running towards them...*[/I]
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K, guys. I'll start my intro now...

PS- yo, D-Warrior. How did I know you'd include Leona in your intro! :D lol!

PPS- [I]"Mrs. Leona Mikono"[/I] ????? Umm... Leona isn't married, so how could she be a [I] Mrs. [/I]?

On her way home from school, Leona Mikono started to think to herself. [I] "Well, school wasn't SO bad. The teacher's kinda nice. Just kinda. And I made a few friends. I just wonder what the heck's with that kid who exclaimed out loud about me... Hmm... Probably just a psycho. Then again, almost all boys are weird. Oh well... He was kinda cute..." [/I]

When she reached her house, she unlocked the door, ran inside, and yelled. "Hi, mom! Bye, mom!" As she flung down her bakpack and ran upstairs to use the computer.

When she sat down at her desk, and logged on. A blinding flash came from the screen. Leona was thrown from her chair, "WOAH! WTF!!" and landed with a thud. "Holy... what on earth was that? Maybe it's got a b---" But she stopped herself in mid sentance when she saw a small electronic device emerging from the computer screen. She sat up, and picked it up. It was small, and blue. On the sides, the words "D-Arc" were written in Japanese. She turned it over in her hands, and carefully examined the small device. Suddenly, the computer flashed again, and Leona was gone...
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*out of story*

Hey, guys. I've a feeling this could be a really shibby story, if we just work on it some more. I don't want to see this turn into one of the perfectly good stories that no one took interest in, and let it drift to the second/third/and so on page!!!!!
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geez, i havent been on in along time... im so sorry liamc!

Gochan: so... um, how and why did we get here?

Kittykramon: i dont know, i just know you were supposed to come, and you did!!!

Gochan: riiiight... *CRASH!*

*a giant beetle thingy-bop comes out of the trees*

Gochan: shi-****!

Kittykramon: humph... bubble blast! *POP*

Gomen: its not working! demikinomon, you try!

Demikinomon: ok... bubble blast! *POP*

Gochan: its not working!

Kittykramon/Demikinomon: dont worry!



Gochan/Gomen: crazy...

Hikarumon: Tiger Flip-Kick! *Smack* (the beetle wobbles)

Kinomon: Gambling Roulette! *Smack* (beetle falls down)

Hikarumon: lets finish this over-grown bug off!

Kinomon: right!

*both do attack at the same time... and the beetle disinigrates*

Gochan/Gomen: *_* uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh.....

Hikarumon: well, whatr you waiting for, lets go!
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okay. so i made a mistake :D Miss Leona. that better?
Oddly, he landed in a city. Not just a big city, but a deserted one at that. He took about 20 minutes to look around til suddenly, out of no where, a cat wearing a vest with weapons all over it came walking in his way. He turned and glared at Ryu. That's when Ryu's small device that he wore of his vest started to glow.

He picked it up and took a look at all the neat shapes and deigns glowing on the screen. He turned it to it's side where he read the words D-Arc on it in japanese. "Odd."

The strange cat creature was impatient and shouted at him. "Yo, Blackmon's not gonna stick around for ever. Boomabang!" Suddenly, the cat creature known as Blackmon, threw a sharp, bladed boomarang at Ryu, barely missing his head.

Ryu started to run with the small black cat following. "Leave me alone! Please!" Blackmon laughed as he chased Ryu but stoppedm short when they came near these eerie train tracks. He sweatdropped and then ran for the hills.

Ryu looked behind and when he saw Blackmon gone, he stopped. Though, he stopped right on the train tracks when a train was right there, coming at him!
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Gomen: Hey uh Kinomon?

Kinomon: Yes Gomen?

Gomen: You digivolved right?

Kinomon: yep

Gochan: What was that big beetle thingy bob?

Hikarumon: It was a Betallimon, his beetle blaster attack is very very strong!

Gomen: I never saw one of those on TV before!

Hikarumon: They only cover a little of all the digimon out there in the digital world!!

Gochan: Really? wow and thats alot of digimon already!!
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thats ok

*looks at anemon*

liam: er, did my little bro slip pills into my lunch?
anemon: no, i'm real as that digimon over there
liamc2: a who over where?
anemon: look out!
*large annoying flymon attacks*
liam: *hit by stinger* owies:bawl:
anemon: anemon digivolve toooo. . . .

liam: kewl:D
*fight goes on and flymon is toasted by Gryphomons white fire*
Gryphomon: now do you believe me?:D
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geez, when was the last time i posted? last apocolipse? IT WAS A JOKE GUYS, YOU KNOW, HAHA! sorry...

Gochan: so... what are we gonna do now?

Gomen: no clue...

Hikarumon: i sense others! lets find the others!

Gochan: ok.... CONFUSED!!!:nervous:
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