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Ice Dragon v2

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this is to see if you really know gundam (wing)
1. how many engines does wing zero have???
2. how many engines does epyon have??
Hint: its half the number of zero's engines (numbers are between 5-13)
3. other than twin dragon mode, what is the other name to epyon's mobile armor mode??
4. are the questions hard for you guys???
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ShadowGohan [/i]
[B]well done, my quiz.

1:What weapons does Treize Kushrenada prefer?
2:Which is faster Wing Gundam, or Tallgeese?
3:Who says "these people are weak, they do not deserve to fight?"

there pretty easy.......... [/B][/QUOTE]
1. melee expert
2. same speed
3. wufei (duh!)
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