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Writing And You Fall


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Out and about on a newly constucted stairwy? Nothingness on either side. Testing it out and giving it a whirl? What could go wrong?
A cracked stair. Obviously it wasn't as sturdy as you thought. Nothing big yet.
Another crack, this one larger.
A chunk of concrete gone.
A split fissure.
A hairline completely through.
You step. It crumbles. You fall.
You pick yourself up, continueing up with blind faith that everything will be fine.
Another crumble. Another fall. Another injury. Always more pain.
And yet you continue, sure that it will turn out fine.
Another stair, another risk. So many you take. And always they increase in danger.
A faulty step, The chain is broken. You must leap.
And leap you do.
The stair of landing crumbles before you. You fall and skin your hands. Blood comes to the surface leaving the first real mark.
And yet you continue.
How predictable human emotion is. How optimistic you view the world. 'As long as I keep chugging along, like the little engine that could, nothing can go wrong! Whooo WHOOO!!!'
A large gap. Doubt flickers across your mind.
And yet you contiue.
Another leap.
Another fall. A broken bone this time.
You pick yourself up only to see the stairs behind you start to fall.
You clutch your damaged arm and run upward.
Forever upward.
Up, up and away.
To the wild blue yonder.
To the heavens.
To your doom.
You fall again.
The falling stairs overcome you.
You fall.
And fall.
And fall.
Fall through nothingness.
Fall to the bottom.
Fall from your mind.
And into anothers.
For your mind is not your own. Your mind is what you make. And if all you ever do is look up
to the goal,
to the finish,
to the end,
you will fall.
And if you fall,
it's so very hard to start over again.
Especially when you have to climb over the wreckage of your first climb.
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]neee... *actually feels like falling* x.x;

That was really kewl. During the whole thing, I kept imagining this pidgeon fluttering down these spiral stairs, with this white, red, and black scheme.

Great. ^^

8.5/10.[/color] [/size]
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You may consider this a poem if you wish.
I do not.
This is a rant.
I lost my one day of happiness before I go in for a major oral surgery.
I'm scared out of my mind and will have nothing to think about the day before but the extreme worry that sharp objects in my mouth instill in me.

You'd be surprised what you can write at times like that.
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