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Writing Does anyone here even know that Spider-Girl exists?


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So, I think I might be the only person around here who likes the much-underappreciated comic book Spider-Girl.

Does anyone else like it? In the future, Peter Parker and Mary Jane have a daughter named May. She inherits Peter's powers and carries on the good fight.

Other characters include Normie Osborn, (Harry Osborn's son), DarkDevil, (A man powered by the original DareDevil's soul), Raptor, (A reformed super criminal), and the LadyHawks, (A pair of twin crimefighters).

Recently, at the conclusion of "Season of the Serpent" stroyline, Peter and MJ gave birth to a new son, Ben.

This book is the longest-running series at Marvel to feature a female lead. Also, it has been saved by fans from cancellation three times. It has the most dedicated fans in comicdom.

Any comic readers interested? Go here: [url]http://www.2099comics.com/SpiderGirl_Welcome_wagon.htm[/url]

Anyone wanna' talk about it? I'm interested in [spoiler] whoever shot Normie. Poor Normie! [/spoiler]
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[COLOR=royalblue]*raises hand and jumps around wildly* OO OO!!! I KNEW THAT! She's on my desktop right now! Yay. She's so awesome, ......but my personal favorite is Spiderwoman. Why? She wears black and white, and she's irresistably sexy. My role model... *sigh*[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=000066][b]*jumps around with Raiha*

I knew that too! I had saw her in a (bad) coloring book my cousin had, then researched her, and found this: (thanks to [url]www.marveldirectory.com[/url])

In a not-too-distant possible future, Peter Parker retired his Spider-Man career to live a normal life with his wife and daughter. His daughter, May grows up to become a very athletic and agile varsity basketball player. While watching young May during a game, Peter and Mary Jane noticed that their daughter exhibits what they considered to be superhuman agility and skill. Dismissing the whole things as a fluke, Peter and Mary Jane decided to keep the whole situation under wraps - until - the mysterious Green Goblin seemingly returned from the grave and cornered May. Terrified, May went home and told her parents of the incident. Vowing to meet the Green Goblin at the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight - Peter took off for a final showdown with the Green Goblin. Scared for her husband's life, Mary Jane revealed to May that her father was Spider-Man ... and that she too inherited some of his abilities. Donning a spare Spider-Man costume, May entered the fracas as Spider-Girl ... saving her father's life ... and thus began the costumed career of the stunning Spider-Girl.

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And we know this is the real Peter, not a stray survivor of the clones or robots the Spidey-verse is fraught with?

At any rate, it is a pretty good comic, the few issues I've read. I have one with Kaine. He and Spidey got into it when Kaine did something to his artificial leg. That's all I remember. Oh, and Felicity's tagging along with Mayday. Did she ever take her on as a sidekick, or is she still trying, or did she wind up dead like waaaay too many good Marvel side-characters? I've not kept up with it.

And is it Kaine or Caine?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Devidramon [/i]
[B]And we know this is the real Peter, not a stray survivor of the clones or robots the Spidey-verse is fraught with?[/B][/QUOTE]
[size=1]That's a good point, actually.

Anyway, I haven't had the chance to read any of this series, but I am very interested in it. The concept seems like a fun, and it doesn't seem like it is overloaded with continuity (a major plus, in my opinion.) Do you know if there are any trade paperbacks of the comic?

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As it stands currently, Felicity has stopped being the Scarlet Spider, and Kaine has dropped out of sight. (Kaine with a "K".)

And yes, it is the real Peter Parker....sheesh, one bad storyline for three years and suddenly the spideyverse is "Fraught with clones"...

There's not a lot of continunity IMO. However, remember that I've been reading Spider-Man for a while, so I might take some of it for granted. Also, there was a decade-long period between the "Current" unvierse and SG universe, so all sorts of things might have changed since.

There is one Trade paperback, appropriatly named "Spider-Girl." It has her origin and the first eight issues of the comic.

If anyone really wants a detailed assessment of how thew status quo stands, I can give it.
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