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Gaming FFX Magic Urn Game Study


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OK, this will sound odd, but hear me out for just a sec. ^^;

Anyone who has played in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth has run into the fiend "Magic Urn". He is a purplish imp that hides inside an urn with seven eyes all over it. Depending on what eye you hit, he either rewards you with an item--or blows up. Because he has infinite health and is not affected by status effects, hitting every eye at least once and in the proper order is the only way to defeat him.

Most people believe that each Urn just has a random eye pattern. I'm attempting to prove otherwise, because I've seen a few patterns pop up the times I went against it. I just started yesterday, with a few results below. If you want to help research, that would be nifty. *grin* And hopefully, I can come back in about a week and tell you if Magic Urn is indeed random, or can be beaten.
Battle-Magic Urn
Procedure: Hit middle eye.
Result #1: Wrong eye. Explode. End battle.
Result #2: Right eye. Item (see Item results).

Item #1--Stamina Tonic. If selection arrow goes to right eye when you push right on the controller, go Top Left (urn wiggled when this eye was selected). Get Phoenix Down. Arrow goes right again, select Bottom Left (wiggled). Arrow right, Top Right (wiggle), Frag Grenade. (Research incomplete--chose wrong eye, ended battle.)

Item #2--Stamina Tonic. Arrow goes right. (Research incomplete, chose Top Right eye, ended battle.)

Item #3--Stamina Tonic. Arrow goes left, chose Top Right (wiggle). Get Silver Hourglass. (Research incomplete, chose Bot. Right, ended battle.)

Item #4--Phoenix Down. Arrow goes left. (Research incomplete, chose Bot. Right, ended battle.)

Item #5--Phoenix Down. Arrow goes left. (Research incomplete, chose Bot. Right again!, ended battle.)
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Lol. This sounds interesting. If I still had FFX over the holiday I probably would've just gone that little further in the game, gotten whatever ship you get, and ran back to that temple to help out, lol.

[/b]I recently beat Sephiroth for the second time using all initial equipment; Level 1 limit breaks; and no summons. It's makes everything surprisingly long and annoying, lol. (I didn't realise so much of the offensive stats were from the weapons themselves o.-)

FF RPGers have no life >.>[/size]
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Findings for 8/3/03
1o battles, in which I hit the center eye first, then hit the next eye based on when the urn "wiggled".

#1. Center-Got P. Down. When I pushed right on the Control Pad, the selection arrow went left. UpLeft eye (wiggle)-Soul Spring. Bottom Right-wrong eye, end battle.

#2. Center-wrong eye, end battle.

#3. Center-Got P. Down. Arrow went Left. UpLeft (no wiggle, wrong eye, end battle.)

#4. Center-Got P. Down. Arrow went Left. Bottom Right-got P. Down. Up Left, wrong eye, end battle.

#5. Center-Stamina Tablet. Arrow went Left. UpLeft-got Soul Spring. DownLeft-got P. Down. Up Right (no wiggle)-wrong eye, end battle.

#6. Center-wrong eye, end battle.

#7. Center-wrong eye, end battle.

#8. Center-got P. Down. Arrow went right. BottomLeft-got Soul Spring. UpLeft-got P. Down. UpRight-wrong eye, end battle.

#9. Center-got Elixir. Arrow went left. BottomRight-Frag Grenade. BottomLeft-Lunar Curtain. UpRight-P.Down. BottomRight-wrong eye, end battle. (I forgot that I had not hit the UpLeft eye yet, and the urn had even wiggled on UpLeft! Darnit!)

#10. Center-wrong eye, end battle.
Despite the Urn having seven eyes, only 5 are selectable. I almost beat the Magic Urn in my 9th test, but due to my lack of brains and memory >.< I didn't. Has anyone actually beaten the Urn?
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[color=crimson][size=1] In the second time I played the game, I had a pattern from a friend, and I beat the urn. Seeing as that was a long time ago, I don't remember what happened because I haven't done it since. [i]That's[/i] due to the fact that I moved and am in no contact with this person anymore...

*walks off grumbling*[/color][/size]
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[color=green]Well, since I was playing FFX today, and capturing monsters down in the cavern, I thought I'd give it a try.^^() I forgot to write down the items, but these are the patterns I got.
[b]1st Attempt[/b]
Middle-Correct-usually Stamina Spring/Phoenix down.
Top R-Correct
Top L-Correct
Bottom R-Wrong-End.

[b]2nd Attempt[/b]
Top R-Correct
Top L-Correct
Bottom L-Wrong-End

[b]3rd Attempt[/b]
Top R-Wrong-End

[b]4th Attempt[/b]
Top R-Correct
Top L-Wrong-End
It's not much, but I thought I might as well post it. Good luck in trying to decifer this mystery.^^()[/color]
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Um...here is a piece from a secrets walkthrough on [url]www.gamefaqs.com[/url].

Says Hikensasameyuki:

"There is absolutely no evidence to indicate that there is a 1/5 chance of correctly choosing an eye. The most popular current theory supports a progressive probability of success based on the number of eyes already correctly chosen, thus increasing the difficulty of winning the 'seven prizes in all, while supplies last.' This would be something like 4/5 for the first two choices, 3/5 for the third and fourth, 2/5 for the fifth and sixth, and finally 1/5 for the final choice."

Yeah, so, it gets harder for each correct choice, therefore indicating that there is probably no difference if the urn just wiggles or not. Apparently, you can also kill a magic urn by using Aeon Yojimbo's Zanmato, his final attack. If you want to learn how to do that, check out the site I mentioned.
Good luck.
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