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RPG The great anime tournament


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For all of you full of anger who love annime or just want to whop someones ***** go to recruitment and sign up this is an up and coming adventure mixed with lots of battles and action i call it the dark tournament of anime so find a team of 5 (you can be all 5 or just 1 and find oher people to do it with you)
yuraka: looks around finnaly seeing the arena up ahead
"inuyasha i see it"
inu:" cool!"
akuji: " personally i dont know why i joined you fools"
(i need 2 more members)
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A knew member for you is HERE!!! so I would change it to 1, hehe.

Kakashi walked with the legendary demon Inuyasha to go to a tournament. The reason being is so that Inuyasha wouldnt attack Konoha village, Kakashi heard he had a mean streak, so, he decided to volonteer to fight with Inuyasha, and winning.
"Yo, Inuyasha." Kakashi said with his low mono-toned voice
"What is it?" asked Inuyasha
"Who are we going up against?"
"Some guy named Urameshi."
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Guest cloud-strife
some of you people just make no sense. by the way if you haven't seen me before you haven't heard this HOW DO YOU GET THOSE BANNERS!!!!!!
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sorry cloud strife but I think you have the wrong forum
"Come on the arena's up ahead" yusuke said leading his team up to the arena. "This is going to be fun" koeyae said smilling. "Why did she have to come along" hiei asked. "I realy see nothing wrong with her comeing along with us" kurama said. "Ya she could be alot of help" kuwabara said running up ahead. They came upon the arena where they were to fight. Yusuke looked around and saw three other people. "Are they the ones we're to fight" hiei asked. "I guess so" Yusuke said as he walked over to the persion who looked like the team leader.
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" Hi there u must be the people were going to beat" said Yusuke in his Cocky tone of voice

" U got it wrong we r the ones who r going to wi... HEY WHAT RU DOING" Inu yasha yelled as Kuwabara grabed Inu Yasha ears

" Man r these real i have seen some wried demons in my time but none with Rat ears"

Inu Yahsa smack Kuwabara hands away " Listen bub there not rat ears they r dog have u never seen a dog demon before? and besides we the one who r going to win"

" Sry Dog boy but me and my team here will wipe the floor with u guys right team?" Yusuke looked around " Ah Team?"

he saw that Hiei was over in front of Kakashi, when Kuwabara was still looking at Inu Yashas ears and Kurama was over with Koeyae in front of Akuji with Kurama study the enmey

" Hm nice team real organized" Inu Yasha Mockingly " Grrrr stop staring at my ears " Inu Yasha said as he slamed Kuwabara into the ground
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ooc: come on original imp we need a story line!

Koeyae just stood sweetly beside Kurama and looked around. "Hey! What about me?!?"

Hiei turned to her. "What [i] about [/i] you?"

Koeyae stuck her tounge out at Hiei.

"I wouldn't want that nasty thing in my mouth eigther." he retorted.

Koeyae rolled her eyes. "Anyways what I was saying was i don't have anyone to fight."
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yuraka:" it looks like we are facing your team first urameshi:
he walked to the ring followed shortly by inuyasha then akuji then kashi(sp?) and then team urameshi entered
yusuke: "your one member short"
kuwabara:"we win by default!"
hiei: " yes and thats the way you win"
yuraka: he splits into 2 yurakas " i say a five on five battle royal"
the battle was on the 2 teams were eqyally matched in strength then the clouds got black and the wind roared and a torndao hit the tornado relased a herd hundred of thousands of demons
yuraka:" we can resume our fight after these demon scum are dead and we find the sorce"
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Kuwabara created a spirit sword within his hands a took a ready stance too attack Yuraka who was obviously a demon. "Okay you guys, lets take this punk down." Kuwabara said too his team.

"Now were talking!" Yusuke said a he charged his spirit gun.

Team Urameshi stood still, waiting for the first attack...
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Uh, ominus cloud. *points*


Koeyae looked over at the new arivals. "Ugh, I hate interupptions."

Koeyae Focused her energy into her wrist swords. then she charged at one of the newer demons stabing him in the chest and blasting him. She charged at another kicking him in the Jaw and breaking his kneck in the process.

koeyae charged at her third opponent and attempted to hit him with her sword. the demon smirked as it grabbed her sword with two fingers lifted her from the ground and tossed her with it.
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"That's not a nice thing to do" yusuke said as he shot the demon who tossed koeyae. Kuwabara and hiei and there swords ready and where attacking so was kurama was strikeing the demons down with his rose wip thorn wheel attack. Koeyae got up and started stabeing demons. Yusuke saw the other team killing demons too and was a bit impressed by there skills as he puched a demon who tried to stab him with a swod. "Well to make this shorter so we can get on with the tounament. Shot gun" yusuke said as he shot down a group of demons.
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OOC: I thought this is five on five not Yusuke's team versus demons

Kakashi was watching Yusuke's team knock down countless demons, "Ugh..." He thought. Kakashi then looked over to see a short looking man with black hair and a white bandana. "This will be the first one." Kakashi did the seals for Phenox fire a move copied by his student, The short man looked over to see Kakashi in the air, Hiei jumped toward him. Kakashi then made a hole with his hand and put it over his mouth and he said "PHENOX FIRE!" Balls of fire went towards Hiei, smirking Hiei dodged the attack and stabbed Kakashi through the stomache. Then suddenly smoke came off from Kakashi and it was just a log that Hiei stabbed, "This man..."
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OOC: Hm bout time we fgiht

" This man is no mere mortal could he be the one i have looking for?"

Hiei then pulled his sword from the log and came crashing down at Kakashi and as Hiei Swung his sword aimed for Kakashi's neck he duck at the last second and Hiei only cut air Kakashi then swung his leg around and knocking Hiei down. He then pulled out a Kuni Knife and aimd for Hiei head but he roled away at the last second and the only thing cut was hi headband. As Hiei turnd towrd Kakahsi the Jigon Eye Opened

" Hm what a shame i really like the way u figh but now that my Jigon eye has opend u will die an only one has survied its wrath" Hiei said comly

"Really then" kakashi said in his montoed voice " bring it on shrimp"

" What!?" Yelled Hiei

With rage Hiei chrged at Kakashi sword drawn and aimed for his heart but when the target hit Hiei only found his sword in a bigger log. Hiei quickly looked up to c Kakashi in the air with his hand over his mouth and he said

"PHENOX FIRE!" Balls of fire went towards Hiei.

" I want fall for the same trick twice!"

Hiei went to dodge the flams only to his surprise that he was held back by Three other Kakashi's. For During the spilt seconed Kakshi had jump in the air he had also use another Copyed technic from his students the art of the dubbleganger.

" It is him" Hiei said as the flames hit him and he was soon caught up in a huge flame. Kakashi landed a few feet away and took out his " Come Come Paradise" book

" What a waste he was good could have been a good ninja oh well" just then darts of fire flew past kakashi. He saw that the fire was know black and from it came Hiei know with only his black pants a blue burned Tank top (i guess thats what u would call it)

" Hey! One Eye whats makes u think that i am dead any way!?" Yelled Hiei

" I am actully kinda glad ur not dead lets go!" Kakashi took to the air again with Kunis in both hands

" Not this time One eye!" Hiei leap up with a blue fire ball in his right hand he flew higher than Kakashi and cam slaming down at Him

" What!!!"

Hiei Grab Kakashi face and yelled


And he slamed kakashi into the Ring with a large cloud of dust. When its setlled Hiei stood waiting to c if his oponet was dead. To his shock he heard and mental clang as Kakashi's burned head band hit the floor and Kakashi Stood and opened his left eye.

" Its u its really u"

" Thats right its me ......."
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OOC: For any one who doesn't know where fighting demons right now and not the other team

"Hiei will you stop fooling around. We got problems here" kuwabara yelled to hiei who was fighting kakashi. Kuwabara slashed another demon down.
"There aren't to many left so we can just let them fight" koeyae said defending against a attack.
"Hey yusuke don't you think we should leave some around and pound them for information" inuyasha said as he cut another demon down. "I was just thinking that. Just choose one you like and we'll let him live for awhile" yusuke said as he punched anothe demon.
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"Hmph, it seems I have no quarrel with you." said Kakashi as he pushed Hiei away

"Whatever, but you may be the man I am looking for." Hiei said as he looked back from the carnage of the fights against the demons

"I dont care."

Hiei gritted his teeth and started to growl, "When we meet in the next match we will se who will be the victor."

Kakashi then threw a kunai at a demon while he was reading "Make Out Paradise." ((Thats the real name)) "Weak demons..."
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As the fighting came to a stop Inu Yasha saw a demon that was trying to get away he quickly caught the demon.

" Hey guys i got one of them" yelled Inu Yasha to the others

" Alright then" Yusuke said as he came over cracking his nuckels (sp?)

He then went to eye level with the demon

" So ugly y dont u tell me u sent us here with yah friends and u might live"

" Ha i will never tell u!" The Demon said as he then slamed his elbow into Inu Yasha stomch amd made a made dash to get away but he then found Kurama in front of him and he quickly tied the demon up with his Rose Whip.

" Now just sit there and anwser r questions" said Kurama

But the demon try to free himself but as he tried the Rose Whip got tighter and the thorns pushed closer into him. So then Inu Yasha pick up the Demon by the top of the Rose Whip

" Now tells u who sent u!?" asked Inu Yasha
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