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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Underound Arena Fighting Tournament. This is the Underground Fighting Circuit. 2 fighters enter the ring, only one comes out walking. This is [B]Underground[/B]!

Underground is my original manga. Its about a Underground Fighting league. The winners of each bout earn money. This is like a mix between Battle Arena and Adventure Arena. You are challenged to a match and you fight it. If you lose, oh well, there will be other fights, if you win, You come that closer to going to The Underground Champion Battle Royal Match. Underground takes place in an old building. It is in Kyoto, Japan. The ring is a UFC cage type.

Heres the Sign up sheet.

Name: ( have an alias.) You may use american or whatever names, the comp attracks fighters from across the world.

Age: (make it reasonable, no 13 year olds or nothin')


Description: What you wear, what's your Ring Attire. What you wear going too the ring. What you wear outside of the ring.

Martial Art: the martial arts that you practise. max of two. But this is a hand to hand fighting league, so i don't suggest Kendo. But in cases of a weapons match, you may use the one slected weapon.(Boxing is a martial art)

[U]Bio: Make this good. Let it tell how you got into the fighting league if your an exceisting member of the league, or what your life was like before entering the league if your not.[/U]

heres mine.

[B]Name[/B]: Kenji "the Young Blood" Miyamoto


[B]Height/Weight[/B]: 5'9"/ 154 ibs

[B]Description[/B]: Athletically built, yet still a little skinny. Half Japanese/ Korean, Has aurburn hair, clear, brown eyes, medium tan. Wears a navy blue school uniform out side the ring. In ring wears a pair of red boxing trunks with white trim and the letters YB in white written on each side. When coming too the ring, wears a red robe wit the hood on and Young Blood written on the back.

[B]Martial Art[/B]: Jeet Kune Do. (Blends TaeKwon Do, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Hap Ki Do, and Muay Thai Seemlessly.)

[B]Bio[/B]: Kenji lives with this single mom and little sister near poverty. His Mom was having trouble balancing a job. Kenji knew that he had too get a job too support his family, but no one could hire him. Kenji had learned Jeet Kune Do from his next door neighbour who treated him like a little brother. While practising alone in the gym one day, a fighter from Undreground came too Kenji, telling him he is the right stuff. The man gave Kenji a card. Kenji staired at it for the rest of the day, and finally decided that this was his only option...
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Well, this sounds pretty interesting, so I might as well...
[COLOR=crimson]Name:[/COLOR] Jiiro Kintsuyama

[COLOR=crimson]Age:[/COLOR] 28 yrs. old

[COLOR=crimson]Height/Weight:[/COLOR] 6ft 4in. ; 200 lbs.

[COLOR=crimson]Description:[/COLOR] Jiiro Kintsuyama is a tall, very muscular man with long, shiny black hair which falls halfway down his back. He sports a small scar on the left side of his neck. He wears a black Kimono with red trim.

[COLOR=crimson]Martial Arts Styles:[/COLOR] Primarily trained in Karate, also familiar with Kenjutsu.

[COLOR=crimson]Biography:[/COLOR] The sensei of his own Karate/Kenjutsu combination dojo, Jiiro has lived a relatively easy life. However, his dojo has fallen on bad times and is in need of money. Determined to fund his dojo and carry on his dream, Jiiro has joined the tournament in the hopes of victory. As a Mahayana Buddhist, Jiiro has only the purest motive: to help others through his dojo. [/I]

I know you recommended against Kenjutsu, but when you hinted at a weapons match, I got suspicious... :smirk:
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Name: Siaga Teckamora aka "Zoma"

Age: 17

Height/Weight: 5'3"/98 lb.

Description: Short black hair, shaggy bangs, pale white skin, brown eyes that shine red. Inside the ring: Black pants, black shoes, short sleeve black shirt, white vest, black fingure gloces. Outside of the ring: A slik blood red shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes, and black fingure gloves.

Martial Art: Te (Tay), and Teakyon

Bio: She's had been fighting under ground for some time. There is only one reason why she fights. Not for the money but for some thing else. Long ago, the one she looked up to brought her to the under ground, to fight and become stronger. The only one she had ever known to care for died in the ring under ground. She belived him to be one of the greatest fighters. Seeing the only one she had ever looked up to die, and loose his place as the number one fighter. Siaga will not stop till she becomes the number one fighter. So far in all her fights she refuses to let any one of her foe's live. Siaga has gotten the name of Zoma from the way she fights.

Side note: I hope you people know what Zoma means. And, I can use the matial art teakyon if I want, don't know what I'm talking about...go look it up under Society of Hwarang-do and Black Tiggers.
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Name: Yuraka"the twin blade" motimora
Age: 24
Height/Weight:6'3 200lbs(mostly muscles)

Description:in the ring he wears a flexible fighting suit that looks some what like inuyasha clothing and outside thr ring he wears the same thing

Martial Art:karte, judo
weapons: a gunblade
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Why not.

Name: Tao-Zhou
Age: 24
Height/Weight: 6'2"/184lbs.
Description: He is a tall, lean man. He is fairly tanned, considering his outfit. He has long, spikey brown hair, with long bangs. His eyes are a smokey blue. Both in and out of the ring, he wears baggy black clothing, a weighted black Duster (think Spike from Buffy), and no shoes (easier movement).
Martial Art: He trains in both Ninjitsu (or Ninjutsu, if you prefer) as well as Tae Kwon Do and Karate (he tries to be balanced in punching, kicking, and weapons combat.)
Bio: Tao is an expert assassin. He is often willing to do anything to win, but he has an extreme code of honor. His past is shrouded in mystery.
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NAME: Suzuki Malimara Tisuka
AGE: 20
DESCRIPTION: She is a lean looking girl that has long white hair in long ponytails,beautiful blue eyes,lushes lips,and a well tand skin tone.INSIDE RING: A ripped blue tanktop,ripped white shorts,long brown highheel boots,bandana,and black gloves.OUTSIDE RING: A light red blouse,short black skert,short black highheel boots,and a headband.
MARTIAL ARTS: Kick boxing,Kung fu,regular boxing,and Karate
BIO.: She has always loved to fight. But she does not fight for the money. She fights because she wants to show her older brother that she's not a worthless little brat. He would tell her that she would never make it out in the world,or she would never be as great as him. So she trained every day. And one day she had to fight against him. She of course won because she would train. All he did was show off.
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This does have a story line. A big one. The fighters have lives outside of the ring, you know. Especially my character. He's only 15 so he has too hide all the black eyes and bruises from his family and freinds so they don't find out. Everyone else follow my example. And Originalimp, you need to fix up your sign up form. this is a reality RPG about REAL PEOPLE fighting in an underground fighting circuit. So make it more realstic!

Alright, i guess this is enough too start it up. :D Sign ups are over.
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Double B siad i could join late so yeah here it is.

NAME: Amelia Sunside
AGE: 16
DESCRIPTION: Petite girl with Dirty blonde hair down her back that she keep sup in two half ponytails
INSIDE RING: Black tanktop and shorts and black low-top converse and her hair is up in a bun
OUTSIDE RING: she weats a white dress shirt open over a white tanktop and a heather grey skirt and another pair of black converse (because her other ones get dirty with blood ;))
MARTIAL ARTS: Kick boxing and Karate
BIO: When she was small she moved from America to Japan. She took all sorts of classes when she was litle, painting piano and everything else. Her favorites were Karate, Kick boxing, Violin and Ballet. She has to fight to survive, when she was 13 her parents died died in a car crash so she had to fight to survive (playing the violin on street corners dosent pay much ;)) She has been doing this since she was 14.
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