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Well, the RPG is finally getting underway. I'd like to thank Avalon and GhostofSalvtore for sticking on as GMs and for helping me out. It is much appreciated. And I'd also like to thank the people who signed up for the RPG and stuck around without bombarding me with endless requests to start it up. Your patience is also appreciated. Now, before I start it up, I have a few more things to add.

1. Please do not post in another person's match unless given permission to. I'll post the match order along with the people who are participating in the match, so that everyone knows when to post and which match they're posting in.

2. After you finish your post, I ask that you include a note on the bottom pertaining to who will post next. For example, after I'm done with my part of the Stone Cold/Eric Bischoff promo, I will include a note that says it's GhostofSalvtore's turn to post. I want everyone to do this, so that there's no confusion as to who's turn it is to post. Also, when you end your match, make it very clear. For example, if the match ends, make it clear in your post that nothing further will be happening. After all, a match could end, but there still might be some action after the match.

3. If people don't post their parts of the matches/promos, please do not get impatient and put out your frustrations in the RPG. Just PM your thoughts to me and I will remedy the situation. If someone is unable to do their part, then I will ask someone else to fill in or I will fill in myself. Simple as that.

4. Just remember, that you will get better storylines and more title shots based on post quality. If you consistently make good matches and promos, then you will be rewarded by getting better storylines and more title shots. And if you don't make good matches or promos, then the opposite will happen to you.

Now, I'll post the matches/promos that will be taking place in this episode of RAW and the people who will be writing them:

Eric Bischoff/Stone Cold Promo (GhostofSalvtore and mirai_torankusu)
Goldust and Val Venis vs. Steven Richards and Rico (Whomever PMs me)
The Hurricane/Rosey promo (nightwingfan)
Goldberg vs. Ric Flair (G/S/B Master and Shippo)
Goldberg/Evolution Promo (G/S/B Master and Shippo
Highlight Reel - Chris Jericho w/ guest, Kevin Nash (mirai_torankusu)
Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash (mirai_torankusu and Galvatron (at the end))
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus (#1 Contender Match) (Whomever PMs me)
Hardcore Title Match - Maven vs. Lance Storm vs. The Hurricane vs. Rob Van Dam (Shinobi1827 and nightwingfan)
Randy Orton vs. Christian (#1 Contender Match) (Shippo)
Kane/Stone Cold/Shane McMahon Promo (The Vampire: Ed and GhostofSalvtore)

Only those people listed next to the matches can post for those matches. There are two open matches, the match between Trish Stratus and Victoria and the tag match with Goldust/Val Venis and Rico/Steven Richards.. If you have nothing to do, or little to do, in this episode of RAW, then PM me if you're interested in doing one of these matches.

And now, for the premiere of RAW!


[i]RAW starts off with a montage showing the ending of the previous RAW. Vince McMahon talks to Kane and calls him a monster, then wonders what it would be like with Kane in the palm of his hand. Stone Cold comes out to a huge ovation and grabs the mike forcefully out of McMahon's hand. He first announces that he will be staying on as RAW GM. Then, he tells Kane that he's looking to be provoked. Kane refuses to fight Austin and then Shane McMahon's music fills the arena. He walks about halfway down the ramp and then runs full tilt into the ring and clotheslines Kane over the top rope. He pounds on his head and then Vince pulls him off. Shane punches Vince and then grabs a chair. He hits Kane at the top of the ramp and he reels slightly. Shane hits him again and Kane reels again. He hits Kane one last time and Kane falls off the ramp and through a table. Then, Kane sits up and laughs. End of montage.

The RAW theme music starts. After the song ends, the camera pans around the audience and the traditonal RAW fireworks show begins.[/i]

Coach: Welcome to RAW everybody! I'm The Coach with Jerry "The King" Lawler. We have a spectacular show for you tonight, don't we, King?

The King: You're right about that, Coach. I can't wait for Goldberg to fight Ric Flair!

[i]A screen pops up showing Ric Flair and Goldberg.[/i]

Coach: And that's not all, King, we also have a match to decide the number 1 contender for Molly Holly's newly won Women's Championship!

[i]A screen pops up showing Victoria and Trish Stratus.[/i]

The King: Oh, that's going to be such a great match...

[i]Before Coach can respond, Eric Bischoff's music starts up. He comes out to massive boos. He's carrying a briefcase and does not look to be in a good mood. He strides down the ramp and climbs up the stairs into the ring.[/i]

Coach: Well, it looks like the co-GM of RAW has something to say.

The King: How'd you figure that one out, Coach?

[i]Bischoff takes the microphone and sets down his briefcase.[/i]

Bischoff: Let me just start out by adding two new matches to the card tonight!

Coach: Two new matches?

Bischoff: The main event for tonight will be a match to determine the number 1 contender for Booker T.'s Intercontinental Title; Randy Orton vs. Christian!

The King: Whoa, what a match!

Coach: Yes, it's certainly a [i]huge[/i] opportunity for the young Randy Orton.

Bischoff: And second of all, I caught rumors about a new title being unvailed on Smackdown!, so I decided to one-up them and reinstate a title of my own!

[i]Bischoff bends over and opens the briefcase. He takes the item out and reveals it to be the Hardcore Title.[/i]

Bischoff: I have made the decision to bring back the Hardcore Title to RAW!

[i]The crowd explodes into massive cheers as Bischoff looks extremely pleased with himself.[/i]

Coach: Wow, what an announcement!

The King: Yeah, Bischoff's really done something this time.

Bischoff: Now, I don't do things the inferior way that my counterpart on Smackdown!, Stephanie McMahon, does things. There will be no tournament to declare the winner of the Hardcore Title. There will only be one match, in which the participants are Maven (some cheers), The Hurricane (louder cheers), Lance Storm (boos and "boring" chants (stupid crowds)), and Rob Van Dam (massive cheers)!

[i]Again, Bischoff looks extremely pleased with himself.[/i]

Bischoff: Now that that's out of the way, it's time for some more serious business: Kane. Kane is running rampant on the WWE and I refuse to stand for it! Since Linda McMahon sees fit for Kane to come to work, fine, he'll come to work! But I refuse to put him into any matches!

The King: I don't blame him; Kane's a menace to society.

[i]Massive boos are sent Bischoff's way.[/i]

Bischoff: It doesn't matter what you people say! It only matters what I say! And what I say, goes!

[i]The crowd boos again.[/i]

Bischoff: Kane will be allowed to come to work, but he will stay in his paddy wagon every show until he recieves his psychiatric evaluation!

The King: Finally, someone is taking care of the situation!

Coach: I don't know...I thought Stone Cold was doing a good job.

The King: Stop kissing Stone Cold's ***, Coach.

[i]The crowd boos once more.[/i]

Bischoff: And now, I have one last issue on my mind: Stone Cold Steve Austin.

[i]The crowd cheers.[/i]

Bischoff: Even after his talk with Linda McMahon, Stone Cold still refuses to conduct himself like a professional should! Even after Linda McMahon talked to him, Stone Cold came out looking for a fight! A real GM would be able to handle the situation without having to resort to violence! That's why I'm pleading with Linda McMahon to fire Stone Cold on the spot once she is better!

[i]More boos are sent Bischoff's way.[/i]

Coach: How can Bischoff even justify Stone Cold being fired?

The King: Hey, I'm a Stone Cold fan, but even I don't think that he's been doing a good job.

Bischoff: And furthermore...

[i]Before Bischoff can get another word out, the sound of breaking glass echoes throughout the arena, and Stone Cold steps onto the ramp.[/i]

Coach: It's Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The King: Great, what else could happen?

[i]Stone Cold heads down the ramp and walks into the ring. He stares at Bischoff, climbs up the turnbuckle on the lower right side of the ring, and gives the middle-finger salute to the audience. He steps down and does the same on the upper left turnbuckle. He steps down and proceeds over to the lower left turnbuckle. Then, he goes over to the upper right turnbuckle and does the same thing. He climbs down and grabs a microphone. Stone Cold walks over to Bischoff and stares him down.[/i]


And there you have it, the first part of the debut episode of RAW! Next to write will be GhostofSalvtore. I hope I gave you a good enough lead-in, GoS.

EDIT: If you're wondering why GoS hasn't posted yet, it's because he's busy right now. He will post soon enough.
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Good stuff M_T, just hope I'm not too late, and that I can do a good Stone Cold character, me kinda rushing a bit, just walkin in the door....hehe.
Austin: Ya come out here flappin your gums, makin decisions without Stone Cold...Eh eh, no, Austin is here as Co-GM, 50% on the direction of RAW.

[I]The crowd cheers[/I]

Austin: with your lil' briefcase, and your big announcement about the Hardcore title makings its return.

[I]The crowd cheers again[/I]

Coach: Wow, Austin agreeing with Bischoff, who'da thunk.

Austin: Hardcore title coming back, and Stone Cold doesn't have a decision on it, well, since you think you can just take things in your own hands, I think I will add something to the Hardcore title. The 24/7 rule!

[I]The crowd cheers once more[/I]

Coach: The 24/7 rule, how will this go with Bischoff?

King: I knew Stone Cold had to upstage Bischoff. But another great idea from our GMs. I think Bischoff was about to say this, but wanted to wait for it, and Austin just stole the idea.

Coach: Can't ya just say that Austin has been a good GM so far?

Austin: Now that the Hardcore title is out of the way,(What!) onto that big Red S.O.B, Kane.(WHAT!) Since Kane was too scared touch me and take a big can of whoop a**.

[I]The crowd cheers again[/I]

Austin: Kane is on the WWE payroll, and we are not going to pay him to sit on his a**. I will offer a challenge to anyone in the back, any WWE superstar, that wants to go up against Kane. I will give you till tonight to decide. Stone Cold already has some ideas as to who would want to take on that big red (censor)b****(/censor).

[I]RVD chants permeate from the arena[/I]

[I]Austin's music hits and he catches a few beers and gulps them down. He then exits the ring and walks up the ramp.[/I]

Coach: Who would want to take on Kane?

King: Well after what happened with Linda, our CEO, I would take him on......but I have to stay here and watch after you, so you don't screw up.

Coach: Right....Well you can now vote at WWE.com for who would step up and take on Kane. There are 5 choices, but it could be anyone who will take him on.

[I]Screen shows the WWE poll , with Shane McMahon, RVD, Tommy Dreamer,Rico, and other. [/I]

Well the next match is Goldust and Val Venis vs Steven Richards and Rico.....so I guess whoever PMed M_T.
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Some good stuff there, GoS. I like how you integrated the RAW live poll in there, as well. I totally forgot about the poll. And since nobody PMed me, I'll be doing the next match.


Coach: And we're back! That was quite an announcement from our co-GMs, wasn't it, King?

King: Yeah, it's been a long time since the Hardcore Title's been on RAW. I wonder if Bischoff had to steal it back from Mick Foley...

Coach: Well, whatever the case is, we have a tag team match to get to right now.

[i]Right on cue, Steven Richards' music with a loud "I'll show them! You'll see!" starts up, as he and Victoria walk down to the ring with Rico and Jackie Gayda. Rico and Jackie do their usual routine at the top of the ramp and walk down with Richards and Victoria. Steven Richards gets into the ring and hops around, while Victoria looks nervous and twitchy as usual.[/i]

Coach: This should be a good match, King. All four of these men have gone through some great matches on Sunday Night Heat.

King: Yeah, nice job of plugging your show, Coach.

[i]As Steven Richards and Rico get ready in the ring, Val Venis' music starts up. He comes down the ramp, but he looks to be all business. He throws off his towel and puts it on a ring post. However, he stays outside of the ring. Then, Goldust's music starts. He comes down the ramp dressed in his usual attire, but he looks to be all business as well. He throws off his wig and quickly takes off his robe. Val Venis and Goldust get in the ring and Steven Richards and Rico hurry to the opposite side.[/i]

Coach: It's hard to tell which side has the quirkier team.

King: Are you kidding? Steven Richards and Rico also have Victoria! It's them, no contest.

Coach: Well, let's just get to the match, shall we?

[i]The bell rings and the match starts with Val Venis and Steven Richards in the ring. They lock up and Venis takes down Richards with an armdrag and transitions to an armbar. Richards stands up and reverses the armbar. Venis pounds Richards with a shoulder to the gut and throws him into the ropes. As Richards comes off the ropes, Venis gives him a back body drop. Richards hits the mat with an audible thump. Venis approaches Richards and gets a thumb to the eye for his efforts. Richards punches Venis in the face twice and pushes him over to his corner. He tags in Rico before stomping him in the gut twice.[/i]

Coach: It looks like Rico and Steven Richards now have the advantage, King.

King: I think the people at home could tell that just by watching.

Coach: I'm just trying to do my job, King.

[i]Rico stomps Venis a couple of times and prances around the ring. Val then explodes out of the corner and clotheslines Rico. Rico gets up and gets clotheslined again. Val throws him into the ropes and drops him with a shoulder. Venis runs against the ropes, but is tripped up by Miss Jackie.[/i]

Coach: Look at that! Blatant cheating by Rico and Miss Jackie!

King: Who cares about Rico, I'm only interested in Jackie! Just look at her...

Coach: You're scaring me, King.

[i]Val gets up to confront Jackie. He turns around and is met with a judo kick to the head by Rico. Val falls to the ground, hard, and Steven Richards is tagged in. Richards stomps Val and throws him into the ropes. He tries a back body drop, but Val uses Steven's shoulders to keep himself upright. Richards turns around and Val gives him a DDT. Both Steven Richards and Val Venis are down on the ground. Goldust is pounding on the turnbuckle and the crowd is cheering for Val Venis. Val is crawling slowly to his corner, while Steven Richards is groggily standing up. Val makes a leap and tags in Goldust.[/i]

Coach: And now Goldust is in to fight his rival, Steven Richards!

King: Come on, Jackie!

[i]Goldust clotheslines Richards and gives a back body drop to Rico, who had just run into the ring. Steven Richards charges at Goldust and gets a butt bump for his efforts. Then, Goldust clotheslines Rico to the outside. He looks over at Richards and hauls him over to the turnbuckle. He gets up on the second rope and starts punching Steven Richards. The crowd chants along as Goldust gets nine punches on Richards. Then, he does his little mini-seizure before punching him a tenth time. Then, Goldust throws his arm into the air and lifts Richards' legs up onto the ropes, setting him up for the Shattered Dreams. Before Goldust starts running, Victoria jumps onto the side of the ring and starts yelling at Goldust. Goldust smirks to the crowd, but then gets rolled up by Rico. The ref gets in a two count before Goldust kicks out. Rico throws himself against the ropes, but then Val Venis gets him and gives him a spinebuster.[/i]

Coach: What a move by Val Venis!

King: Rico's really in for it now...

[i]Val throws his arms in the air and the crowd cheers. He steps outside the ropes and starts walking toward the turnbuckle. Steven Richards is about to attack him, but Goldust suplexes him back into the ring. Richards sells the hit to the back and then Goldust does his baseball slide/uppercut combo. Then, he kicks him in the back and gets him in a reverse headlock. Val climbs up to the top rope and sets up for the Money Shot. Goldust lifts Richards into the air for the Curtain Call as Val leaps into the air. Both wrestlers finish off their moves at the exact same time. Val hooks Rico's leg and gets the three count. The crowd cheers as Val Venis' music plays in the background. Rico and Steven Richards roll out of the ring and are consoled by Victoria and Miss Jackie.[/i]

Coach: That was a great finish to a great match!

King: Yeah, well, here comes the best part!

[i]Val grabs his towel and climbs out of the ring. He gives the towel to a blonde in the front row and walks up the ramp with Goldust.[/i]

Coach: That was just the first match in what is sure to be an amazing show!

King: Yeah, we'll be back right after this commerical!


I'd like to think of this match as some good exposure for some of my favorite underused midcarders. I still need to work on my Coach/King commentary, though. Next is nightwingfan with his Hurricane/Rosey promo.
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Guest nightwingfan
Hurricane/Rosey segment:

Setting: Backstage locker room, Bathroom:

Rosey is shown trying to find Hurricane. Rosey is carrying a sports bag with him. You suddenly hear a ?Whoosh!?, and Hurricane enters the picture.

Hurricane: Fellow Super-Hero in training, Rosey, have you gotten what I asked you to bring?

Rosey: Not only have I gotten it, but...

Rosey runs into a stall and comes out in a costume that has a big rose embedded in the middle.

Hurricane: That?s your costume?!?!

Hurricane circles the rose with his finger and says,
Hurricane: Wassupwitdat? I know, we must fly to the bat cave to meet Alfred for your costume.

Rosey: But Hurricane, I can?t fly.

Hurricane: Holy Super Man! You Cant Fly? It?s easy.

Hurricane does a simulation. Rosey tries, but crashes into the wall. Hurricane ponders for a moment, then summons the Hurricylce(a motorcycle with a passenger seat). Hurricane jumps into the drivers seat. But Rosey stays put.

Hurricane: Come on, Jump in.

Rosey: In that thing, I won?t fit.

Hurricane ponders once again, but Rosey cuts him,

Rosey: Hurricane, what about your hardcore title match?

Hurricane: My Hardcore Match! We must get ready. Hurricane fly?s away while Rosey runs fater him.

Promo/segment Done. G/S/B Master and Shippo's turn to post.
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After a breif commercial break, Raw returns.
Evolutions theme music fills the arena, as Ric Flair makes his way out to the ring with his traditional robe. Followed by the other 2 members of evolution shortly behind him. Triple H immedietly went to the announce table. He put on the speakers and was ready to announce.
[b]Jerry the King[/b] Oh! We have a guest announcer, triple H! The world champion!
The king was delighted.
Randy Orton, the other member of evolution accumpanied Ric Flair at ring side.
[b]HHH[/b] Were gonna show Bill Goldberg what evolution is all about...
Ric Flair entered the Ring. He did his famous taunt, and took of his robe. HE smiled as he loosened up for his big match, against Bill Goldberg....
The titantran went backstage and zoomed into a door. The doors had a name clearly written across it. The name was..."Goldberg".
The door busted open as Goldberg made his way to the stage. The crowd filled the arena with their usual "Goldberg" chant.
Goldberg finnally made his way to stage, as fireworks blasted off. The fireworks covered all of Goldbergs body. Goldberg finnaly came out with his famous taunt. He glanced over at triple H, then looked back into the ring. Goldberg made his way down the ramp, and began to circle the ring.
EDIT: Im gonna start up the match, and [i]someone[/i] is gonna continue it...either GoS, or mirai_torinsku
GOldberg continued to circle the ring as he slipped into the ring.
The two of them stared at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move.
Goldberg suddenly struck at Ric Flair with a jab to the gut. Ric Flair backed away a few steps and locked it up with Bill Goldberg.
GOldberg then pushes Ric FLair to the corner. Ric Flair gets back to his feet and locks it up again. But to no avail Goldberg throws him to the turnbuckle once again. Ric Flair gets up a second time and locks up [i]again[/i] but this time Goldberg knees him to the gut.
YEa, slow start x.x but thats wat always happens in Ric Flairs match's XD, ill let mirai, or GoS, or whoever said they would continue the match...
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I was gonna let GoS continue the match but I couldn't get a hold of him. Maybe he can continue the match if you don't end it next post, Shippo. Who knows? Let's just continue this, shall we?


[i]Flair walks up to Goldberg and pokes him in the eye. Then, he gets him with a drop toe-hold. Flair gets up and does his patented strut and "Woo!" around the ring, while Goldberg stares at him angrily.[/i]

Coach: It looks like The Dirtiest Player in the Game is pulling out all the stops and trying to get into Goldberg's head.

Triple H: Of course he is. That's what you do to idiots like Goldberg.

King: You said it, Champ.

[i]Flair chops Goldberg but it has no effect. Instead, Goldberg shoves Flair into the corner and rams his shoulder into him. Flair distracts the ref and pokes Goldberg in the eye and pushes him into the corner. After this, Flair chops Goldberg several times, prompting a chorus of "Woo!" from the audience. However, the chops still have no effect and Goldberg punches Flair to the mat. Flair starts crawling away and begging Goldberg to leave him alone.[/i]

Coach: It looks like Ric Flair's strategy has backfired on him!

Triple H: Maybe to the untrained eye like yours, Coach. Naitch has Goldberg right where he wants him.

King: Yeah, listen to the World Champion, Coach!

Triple H: Smartest thing you've said all night, King.

[i]Goldberg ignores Flair's plea and throws him into the ropes. Then, as Flair runs toward him, Goldberg gives him a back body drop in which Flair lands at an odd angle. Goldberg walks over to Flair and Flair uses a chop block on Goldberg's knee.[/i]

Coach: What a chop block by Ric Flair!

Triple H: What did I tell you, Coach?

King: That'll teach you to doubt The Game, Coach.

[i]Ric Flair stomps Goldberg's knee as it looks like he is in complete and total control. He sets up Goldberg for the Figure Four Leglock, but while Flair's back is turned, Goldberg kicks him into the turnbuckle. Flair walks around dazed for a bit, then falls face first into the mat.[/i]

Coach: And now the tide has turned back into Goldberg's favor!

Triple H: No, it hasn't...Naitch is just playing possum...

King: Yeah, haven't you learned to not doubt the World Champ yet, Coach?


Okay, that's all for me right now. I'm a bit tired. Couldn't sleep much last night. Your turn to continue the match, Shippo.
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Goldberg backed up a few steps and got into his spear stance. he was charged up and ready to go. He waited as Ric Flair got up.
[b]Coach[/b] Goldbergs gonna strike any second now!
Ric Flair got up and looked up at goldberg.
Goldberg began to charge at Ric Flair.
Flair ran out of the way just in time, causing Goldberg to miss his spear and hit the turnbuckle.
[b]The King[/b] ohh, backfire!
Ric Flair walked up to Goldberg and grabbed his leg.
He smiled at the crowd and was gonna do the Figure 4 leglock.
Ric tied together Goldbergs legs and nailed his finisher
~The figure four leg-lock~
Goldberg struggled in pain.
He wasnt going to give up...no matter what.
He desperately reached towards the ropes, and finnaly got them. The ref told Flair to let go of Goldberg. Flair smiled and backed away.
Goldberg got up wearily and looked up at Flair.
He looked around and ran toward Flair.
Flair looked up, and before he knew it...
Goldberg landed [i]his[/i] Setup finisher. As Flair fell to the floor. Goldberg did his usual taunt and looked over the ropes and over toward triple H.
Triple H stared back, and took of his mic. He walked toward the ramp and looked up at goldberg.
[b]Coach[/b] I think Were gonna have a preview of Unforgiven, right here tonight on Raw!
The Crowd began to cheer wildly.
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[i]Triple H walks down the ramp and stops in front of the ring. He starts yelling at Goldberg and Goldberg yells back at him. Goldberg steps through the ropes halfway and is brought back in by Ric Flair. Flair hammers him over the back but the blows don't faze Goldberg. Goldberg them elbows Flair in the gut and puts him in a front facelock. He turns so that he is facing Triple H and growls at him.[/i]

Coach: It looks like Goldberg is getting ready for The Jackhammer!

King: Oh man, this is not good...

[i]Goldberg lifts Flair into the air and holds him for what seems like to be an eternity. Then he slams him into the mat and covers him for the three count.[/i]

Coach: Goldberg is the winner!

King: Poor Naitch...

[i]Goldberg throws Ric Flair out of the ring and starts to celebrate. He climbs up onto the turnbuckle and throws his arms into the air. What he doesn't notice is that Randy Orton is sneaking into the ring from the audience with a chair in his hand.[/i]

Coach: Wait a minute, it's Randy Orton!

King: Yes!

[i]Orton runs up to Goldberg and slams him in the back with the chair. Goldberg falls and hits his head on the turnbuckle. Goldberg crawls around and Orton hits him in the back again. Orton throws the chair aside and picks Goldberg up. He decides to celebrate and the audience boos him. He sets Goldberg up for the RKO but when he finally does it, Goldberg picks him up and tosses him across the ring. Randy Orton quickly runs out of the ring and joins Triple H and Ric Flair, who has just gotten up. Triple H grabs a microphone and prepares to start talking with Goldberg, who also has a microphone.[/i]


Okay, Shippo, now it's time for you to start the Goldberg/Evolution promo.
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[b]Goldberg[/b] Cut my music!

He yelled as he leaned over the ropes.

[b]Goldberg[/b] Triple H....You saw what i did to Ric Flair...

Ric Flair, who was on the ramp looked in disgust at Bill goldberg.

[b]Goldberg[/b] Yea, you heard me Ric!

Ric Flair was in-furiated. He tried to go into the ring, but HHH and Orton stopped him.

Goldberg began to chuckle to himself, and suddenly made a firm face.

[b]Goldberg[/b] your NEXT!

He said as he pointed to Triple H.

The audience went wild. Triple H brushed his hair back as his face turned red.

[b]Triple H[/b] Bill...Youll get me...Youll feel, the WRATH of evolution.

Orton and TRiple H laughed to themselves.

[b]Triple H[/b] At Summerslam!

Goldberg frowned and looked toward Triple H.

b]Goldberg[/b] Why the wait till SummerSlam hunter? I got [i]all day[/i].

He said as he pounded his chest with his fist. He waited in the ring and awaited HHH's decision
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Couple mistakes that I'd like you to edit out, Shippo. First of all, and this is my fault for not letting this be known, we're not going to be doing the Elimination Chamber when we do SummerSlam because I think it's a bad idea. Plus, it'll just be a pain in the *** to do becaus there are so many people involved. Second, you mentioned Unforgiven instead of SummerSlam. But just edit your post and everything will be fine.


Triple H: Maybe [i]you[/i] have all day, Goldberg, but [i]I[/i] don't.

[i]Triple H starts backing off as the crowd boos furiously.[/i]

Triple H: Be quiet, you idiots! I already told you, Bill, I'm not going to kick your *** until SummerSlam; it's not good business. I figured even an idiot like you could figure that out, but I guess I was wrong.

King: Whoa!

Coach: I don't think that was the smartest move by Triple H.

[i]Goldberg paced around the ring angrily.[/i]

Goldberg: So, what you're saying is, is that you're too damn scared to get in the ring with me!

[i]The crowd cheers wildly.[/i]

Triple H: See, now you're just putting words in my mouth, Goldberg.

Ric Flair: The champ is scared of nothing and nobody! You'll get what's coming to you come SummerSlam, Goldberg! Woo!

[i]Ric Flair struts around behind Triple H.[/i]

Randy Orton: Face it, Goldberg, you just can't hang with Evolution.

[i]Goldberg smiles down at them.[/i]

Goldberg: Then, why don't you prove it?!

[i]The crowd cheers wildly once again.[/i]


I would finish this off, Shippo, but I have the Highlight Reel after this and I want as much room as I can to do this. Finish it off however you want, though.
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[b]Triple H[/b] **** it Goldberg....WE WILL!
He said as he dropped the microphone.
TRiple H stormed to the ring, Randy Orton and Flair trailing behind. Triple H smiled as he circled the ring.
Orton and Flair went ahead and slipped into the ring.
Goldberg speared Flair as soon as he entered. He then looked over to Orton and picked him up for his finsisher, the [b]Jackhammer[/b]!
While Orton was in the air, Triple H rolled into the ring. He had his infamous sledgehammer in his hand. HHH nailed Goldberg in the back with the hammer. Goldberg fell to the floor in pain.
TRiple H laughed and picked Goldberg up.
Triple H grabbed the microphone
[b]HHH[/b] Never...mess with evolution!
Triple H kicked Goldberg in the mid-section and set him up for the pedigree.
Goldberg tried breaking free, but it didnt work.
TRiple H landed his pedigree and began to laugh he got the microphone once again.
[b]Triple H[/b] THAT was Evolution....
HE said as Evolutions music hit. Randy, Flair, and HHH smiled as they left the ring, and made there way out of the arena...
TIme fer Your Highlight reel Shinmaru^^
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Nice work, Shippo. Now it's time for The Highlight Reel!


Coach: Okay, we're back on RAW. Let's take another look at that attack on Goldberg by Evolution.

[i]The replay shows Triple H nailing Goldberg in the back with the sledgehammer.[/i]

Coach: Look at that heinous attack on Goldberg!

King: Yeah, I'm sure that Goldberg isn't too happy right now.

[i]Right then, the Y2J Countdown began. 5...4...3...2...1...0! There was an explosion and Chris Jericho's theme music started up. Jericho walked out of the entrance and turned around, arms held out to his sides. He held that position for a moment and walked down the ramp, slowly and smugly. A few fans tried to give him high fives but Jericho waved his hand at them and smiled sardonically. They were just more people trying to get a piece of him. He climbed slowly up the steps and leaned back against the ropes for a few seconds before stepping into the ring. He grabbed a microphone and walked into the middle of the ring.[/i]

Coach: Well, it's time for the start of The Highlight Reel.

King: Quiet, Coach, Y2J is gonna speak!

Jericho: As many of you know, Kevin Nash has participated in many a dastardly attack against me in the past few weeks...

[i]The crowd starts cheering.[/i]

Jericho: Shut up, you Assclowns, that's nothing to cheer about!

[i]The crowd cheers louder.[/i]

King: Why won't these people shut up and show Jericho some respect?!

Jericho: Anyway...the old me wouldn't have given a damn about that Nash-hole and his petty antics. However, we're approaching a new age in the WWE. A new Jericholennium, if you will. And, as such, I feel that I should come into the forefront of the WWE, because let's be honest, I should already be at the forefront. And because of that, I feel I need to set an example to all my faithful Jerichoholics out there...

[i]The crowd boos.[/i]

Jericho: Quiet, you Assclowns, you know you love me. Anyway, I am now seeking retribution for the heinous attacks that have been committed against me. I'm calling out my guest on The Highlight Reel, Kevin Nash!

[i]The crowd cheers as Kevin Nash's music starts up. He walks down the ramp slowly and cautiously, keeping his eyes on Jericho. He walks up the steps and steps over the top rope, keeping his eyes focused squarely on Jericho the entire time. Jericho backs off slightly and Kevin Nash turns to the audience and raises his arm in the air in a shower of fireworks. His music stops and he sits down on a stool. Jericho sits in the stool across from him. Nash then takes out a microphone.[/i]

Nash: This had better be good, Jericho. I have better things to do then to talk to you.

Jericho: First of all, there is never...ever anything better to do than being on The Highlight Reel unless it's getting your *** kicked by yours truly. Second, you never ever disrespect The Highlight Reel, especially when you're doing it to my face.

[i]Kevin Nash stands up and the crowd cheers.[/i]

Coach: That was not a smart move by Chris Jericho.

King: I hope he knows what he's doing...

[i]Jericho holds his arms out and backs away.[/i]

Jericho: We're not doing this right now, junior. Just settle down.

[i]Nash sits back down.[/i]

Jericho: Now, to see how you've been heinously attacking me, let's go have a look at the obscenely, yet fairly, priced Jeritron 5000...

[i]The Jeritron 5000 starts up. It shows a couple weeks ago after Jericho gave a low blow to Kevin Nash. It skips to when Nash was beating up Jericho and bloodied him up.[/i]

Jericho: Do you see that Nash?! Do you see that?! That was a vicious attack on me when I had done nothing to you at all except beat your *** in a fair match!

[i]Kevin Nash stands up again.[/i]

Nash: Do you want to make something of it, Jericho?

[i]Jericho puts his hands up again.[/i]

Jericho: Whoa, slow down there, Nash-hole.

[i]Nash stops and smiles at Jericho.[/i]

Nash: I think that you're just scared to fight me.

[i]The crowd cheers. Jericho looks at Nash with a look of pure disgust on his face.[/i]

Jericho: You have the audacity to say that I'm scared...on my own show? On my own segment on RAW is JERICHO?

[i]The crowd cheers slightly for the RAW is JERICHO reference.[/i]

Nash: And what if I am?

[i]Jericho turns his back on Nash and walks toward the ropes.[/i]

Jericho: That's too bad, Nash.

[i]Nash walks over to Jericho and spins him around. As soon as he does, Jericho hits him in the face with brass knuckles on his fist.[/i]

Coach: Jericho had the brass knuckles!

King: I knew Jericho would have something smart planned!

Jericho: That's what you get when you mess with me, Nash!

[i]Jericho picks up one of the stools and bashes it over Kevin Nash's back.[/i]

Jericho: Do you want some more, Nash?!

[i]Jericho bashes the other stool over Nash's back and clotheslines him over the top rope.[/i]

Jericho: Get a ref out here, this match is starting now!

Coach: A ref?

King: This is a match?


Ah, I was waiting so long to get a chance to do The Highlight Reel. Okay, it's Galvatron's turn to do the little segment I PMed him about.
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Well, that was short, but it got the job done.


Coach: We're back and I guess we have a match going on right now!

King: Yeah, Jericho attacked Kevin Nash while he was a guest on The Highlight Reel and now we have a match!

[i]Jericho runs to one side of the ring and leaps over the ropes and lands a plancha on Kevin Nash. They both fall to the floor in a heap.[/i]

Coach: What a move by Y2J!

[i]Jericho gets up and starts stomping Kevin Nash in the back and ribs. He gets him to his feet and tries to throw him into the steel stairs. Nash reverses and instead throws Jericho into the stairs. Jericho screams in pain and Nash uses the extra time to shake off the cobwebs. He picks up Jericho and rolls him back into the ring. Nash steps into the ring and Jericho crawls away from Nash with his hands into the air. Nash throws Jericho into a turnbuckle and rams his shoulder into him a few times. He flings Jericho into the opposite turnbuckle and runs after him. Jericho moves out of the way and Nash runs into the turnbuckle.[/i]

Coach: That was a crafty move by Chris Jericho.

[i]While Nash is trying to collect himself, Chris Jericho does a chop block to Nash's left leg. Nash's legs wobble and he falls to the ground, clutching his knee.[/i]

King: Ha ha! Got him!

[i]Jericho grabs Nash left leg and stomps on the knee. Then, he starts dropping elbows on it. He stomps on the leg a couple more times and drags Nash over to the ropes. Jericho sets Nash's leg on the bottom rope and climbs on top of it. He bounces a couple of times, then jumps into the air and lands on Nash's leg. Nash screams in pain and Jericho does it again. Nash uses his right leg to kick Jericho and send him out of the ring. Jericho quickly gets up and grabs Nash's legs and drags him over to the ringpost.[/i]

Coach: Oh no...

King: This won't be pretty...

[i]Jericho grabs Nash's left knee and slams it into the ringpost. Nash holds the knee in pain and Jericho slams the knee into the post again. Nash crawls away from the post and Jericho rolls back inside of the ring. He runs towards Nash and Nash scoops him up and slams him with a Sidewalk Slam. Both Jericho and Nash are laying in the middle of the ring. The ref starts up the 10 count.[/i]

Coach: I wonder who will be the first to get up?!

King: Y2J, you idiot!

[i]Both Jericho and Nash stagger to their feet. Nash gets a running clothesline on Jericho, who falls to the mat. However, Nash limps over to the ropes and grabs them for support.[/i]

Coach: It looks like Y2J really did a number on Kevin Nash's left leg.

King: It's only obvious, Coach.

[i]Jericho walks up to Nash and stomps his leg again. Nash screams in pain and Jericho stands him up and gives him a neckbreaker. He stands him up again and clotheslines him to the outside. Jericho runs to the opposite ropes and dives to the outside. Nash moves out of the way and Jericho hits the barricade. Jericho slowly gets up and rolls back into the ring, along with Kevin Nash. Jericho lifts up Nash's legs and goes for The Walls of Jericho. He gets him around halfway, but Nash swings him around with his legs. Jericho flips over and hits the mat hard.[/i]

Coach: And the tide has turned once again!

King: Oh no!

[i]Nash shoves Jericho into the corner again and shoves his shoulder into him several times. He slings Jericho into the ropes and lifts his boot into the air. However, his left leg can't support him and he falls to the ground. Jericho smiles demonically and starts stomping his back. He grabs Nash's sides and lifts himself into the air, his knee slamming down on Nash's back. He does this several times in a row before finally stopping. He steps behind Nash and goes for a Camel Clutch.[/i]

Coach: And a painful submission by Chris Jericho!

[i]Nash slowly crawls over to the ropes and finally grasps them in his hands. The ref starts counting to 5 and Jericho lets go at 4. Jericho rolls Nash to the middle of the ring and does the Lionsault, landing on Nash's back. He then goes for another Camel Clutch.[/i]

Coach: This is very unusual...Chris Jericho doesn't use the Camel Clutch very often.

King: Just goes to show you how smart Jericho is.

[i]Kevin Nash forces himself to stand up despite the pain. He then falls backwards on top of Chris Jericho.[/i]

Coach: Now, the match is in Nash's favor!

King: Oh no...

[i]Both Nash and Jericho struggle to their feet. Nash walks toward Jericho, but Jericho dropkicks Nash's knee, causing him to fall to the ground. Then, Jericho walks over to Nash and gets him in The Walls of Jericho.[/i]

King: Yes! The Walls of Jericho! Ha ha!

[i]Nash grits his teeth and crawls slowly to the rope. He struggles inch by inch to get there. When he almost gets there, Jericho moves him back into the center of the ring. Nash tries moving again, but he has used up all his energy. He has no choice but to tap out and does so.[/i]

Announcer: Here is your winner, by Submission, Chris Jericho!

[i]Jericho raises his arms into the air and rolls out of the ring. He walks over to the bell ringer and throws him out of his seat and grabs the chair.[/i]

Coach: What the hell is Jericho doing?!

[i]While Nash is trying to walk out of the ring, Jericho hits him in the back with the chair. Nash crumples to the ground and Jericho strikes him again and again with the chair.[/i]

Jericho: Do you like that, Nash?! Do you?!

[i]Jericho starts jamming the chair into Kevin Nash's knee.[/i]

Coach: Isn't somebody going to help Kevin Nash?!


Okay, it's time for Galvatron to post again.
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The crowd erupts as HBK runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Coach: It's Shawn Michales he's her to help Kevin Nash.

Jericho looks up at HBK, Jericho tries a to swing the chair at Shawn Michales. HBK ducks under the chair shot from Y2J, Jericho turns around to get some sweet chin music right to the jaw !

King: Oh no look what Shawn Michales did to Jericho.

Coach: Thats what he deserves.

Jericho rolls out of the ring holding his jaw while walking to the back stage area. HBK helps Nash up to his feet, and the two are left in the ring shaking hands.
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Guest nightwingfan
I Pmed Shinmaru so i can do the Victoria vs Trish Stratus match for the #1 Contender's title, here it goes:


[i]Victoria comes down to the ring with a confident and determined face. Trish would make her way out, giving some fans hi fives, walk up the ring steps, and quickly starts the match by charging Victoria.[/i]

Coach: Trish is not waiting for the match to start up, she's taking it to Victoria early on.

Lawler: Aww, Pooor Victoria.

[i] Trish would whip Victoria into the ropes and give her a back body drop, then a clothesline. Victoria would stagger to the corner, Trish would go after, the referee gets in between Trish and Victoria to try to break it up, Victoria kneels down, exposes the turnbuckle then gives a low blow to Trish(:(,someone correct me if this is physically not possible for women). [/i]

Coach: (Acts Dumbfounded, as usual)
Lawler: Poor Trish, lemmes ask her if she needs help!
Coach: You stay right here.

[i] Victoria would lock on a head lock/choke. The referee would ask Trish if she gives up, no. Again, No!, Trish gets weary. Refereee puts her hand up, it falls down.[/i]

Coach: This may be all.

[i] Referre again picks up the arm, down twice.[/i]

Lawler: If Trish doesn't recover soon, this match will be over!

[I] Referre picks up the arm for the third time. It goes down, but quickly comes back up before it hits the ground. Trish gets up, Victoria's headlock has now become a side headlock. Trish fights back with a couple of elbows. Victoria lets go, Trish bounces off the ropes, Victoria goe sfor the headlock, Trish ducks, bounces off the opposite ropes, and hits a nice flying forearm. Trish Yells at Victoria to get up, Victoria gets up, Trish runs after her, Victoria puuls teh referee in front of her, Trish accidently takes out the referree. Trish goes to check on the referre. Victoria grabs Trish by the hair. Trish counters by locking Victoria on the Stratusfaction, Victoria blocks it, throws Trish into the exposed turnbuckle, Trish falls back, Victoria cathces her,and hits her finisher, the widow's peak. Refferee comes to, 1...2...3.[/i]

Match over.

Now it's time for nightwingfan to post, oh wait, that's me,hehe(Homes Simpson Style) ;)

Ok, this si how this match will go. I will type the intro for the match, Shinobi1827(I think) will post the middle and then I will repost with the ending. here iT Goes:


Entrance order: Hurricane, Storm, Maven, RVD

[i]Hurricane comes out in the Hurricycle. hands his mask to a fan in the front row. Lance Storm?s music hits, but, Storm comes from behind, attacks hurricane with a steel chair. Maven comes out.. Storm swings, Maven ducks, runs, bounces off the ropes, dropkicks the steel chair onto Storm. Maven goes for the quick cover 1..2. broken up by Hurricane. Hurricane goes for the eye of the hurricane, Storm interrupts with a super kick. Rvd?s music hits and all hell breaks loose. Maven clotheslines RVD out of the ring, and hits a suicide dive to the outside.[/i]

On the Outside:

[i]Rvd is wobbly after being nailed by the suicide dive. Maven runs at Van Dam, RVD does a monkey flips maven into the steel steps causing Maven a leg injury. RVD whips Maven into the barricades, Maven falls over. Rvd runs at Maven, and hits a suicide dive over the barricades and onto Maven.[/i]


In the Ring:

[i]In the ring Storm whips Hurricane into the ropes, Storm goes for a clothesline, Hurricane ducks, bounces off the ropes, and nails a flying forearm.[/i]


Shinobi1827 will have the middle part of the match.


Ok, so this is what happened. I chatted with Shinobi1827, and he told me to take over the match. He told me he would pm Shinmaru on why he didn't post. I will break this match up into three sections as planned. I did the first section already with the beginning, and now, here's the middle:


[i]The middle:

In the Ring:
Hurricane goes for the cover. 1..2..kickout. Hurricane rolls out of the ring, gets a chair, from under the ring and brings it into the ring. Storm has gotten up by now, , he goes for a clothesline, Hurricane ducks, throws the chair at Storm, Storm catches, and, Shining enziguiri(sp?) On Storm sending Storm face first into the chair that he was holding. Hurricane quickly goes for the cover, 1..2..kickout. Hurricane looks surprised.[/i]


On the Outside,
[i]RVD just nailed a suicide dive on Maven over the barricade. The fans are going CRAZY! RVD drags Maven further into the crowd stopping near the lower deck fans. RVD gives the fans hi-fives, Maven fights back, RVD catches one of Maven?s kicks, steps over, and hits his patented spin wheel kick. Maven is sprawled on the floor, RVD runs to one side, runs forward at Maven, Rolling Thunder! Goes for the cover. The fans, in unison, chant, 1..2..3. But the referee is back in the ring. RVD drags Maven back to ringside. Van Dam kicks Maven over the barricade. Van Dam hops over the barricade, and hangs Maven out to dry on the barricade. Van Dam jumps on the apron.[/i]

the rest of the match is it plays out:

[p]Hurricane sees RVD. Hurricane attempts to attack Van Dam. Hurricane tries to hit Van Dam with a ducked shoulder block, Rvd moves out of the way, and instead, hits a leg drop guillotining Hurricane?s neck on the ropes. Then, Van Dam hits his 180 Spin Kick. on to Maven.[/p]

[i]Storm goes for the cover. 1..2..kickout. Storm drags Hurricane by the turnbuckle, rolls to the outside, grabs Hurricane?s legs and locks on Bret Hart?s figure four leg lock on the turnbuckle. Hurricane screams in agony, he?s about to tap out, but, RVD intervenes by nailing Storm with the Rolling Thunder leg drop causing Storm to let go of the hold. Hurricane rolls to the outside after Storm lets go. Maven gives RVD a BIG clothesline. Maven throws Van Dam into the ring. RVD kicks Maven a couple of times, Maven fights back, Maven bounces off one side of the ropes, Van Dam goes for a round house, Maven ducks, bounces off the other ropes, Van Dam, catches Maven, throws him in the air, and simultaneously, picks up the chair(chair was left over from the beginning of the match), throws it at maven and dropkicks the chair onto Maven while Maven is in the air. Unfortunately, the ref was behind maven and got nailed by Maven?s body as it came down at him. Van Dam body slams Maven, then drags him by the corner,[/i]


That was the middle, here is the end:


[i]RVD runs to the opposite corner, hits the rolling thunder then follows up with the Split-legged- Moonsault(SP?). Cover, but the ref is down. Hurricane attacks RVD while he is still covering Maven, while waiting for the ref. Hurricane takes RVD to the outside. Rosey is coming out attempting to fly like a bird, he?s doing ballerina dances. RVD throws Hurricane into the post. Rosey goes for a kick, but, RVD blocks, steps over, and hits a spin kick. Rosey stumbles and falls into the Hurricylce?s passenger seat, in essence, he?s stucks. Rvd goes after Hurricane, RVD whips Hurricane into the post, Hurricane reverses, and whips RVD into the post. Hurricane pulls a table out of the ring. Chokeslams RVD onto the table, but the table doesn?t BREAK! Hurricane goes up to the top rope, attempts an elbow drop, Storm at the last minute pulls Rvd off of the table sending Hurrciane crashing into the table.[/i]

[p][i]Storm lays some punches in on RVD. RVD asks the ring announcer for a chair. The Ring announcer obliges, RVD throws the steel chair, Van Daminator. RVD goes for the cover, then remembers the ref is down and out in the ring. Rvd goes to the ring where maven is holding his knee. Rvd helps Maven up, sets up the chair on Maven?s knee. Rvd kicks the chair onto Maven?s knee, grabs the chair then flips, and dropkicks the chair onto Maven?s knees. Maven falls to the mat in pain. Rvd grabs the chair, places the chair on Maven?s knees, leaps to the top rope, 5-Star Frog Splash on the knees. Rvd attempts to revive the ref, but to no avail. Hurricane gets up on the apron. Rvd runs after Hurricane, Storm comes from behind and knocks both RVD and Hurricane to the Outside. Storm goes for the Maple Leaf, Maven is holding onto the ropes, Storm goes to the outside, grabs the steel steps, and repeatedly nails Maven?s knees with the steps. Storm then locks on the Maple Leaf, maven immediately taps. Storm doesn?t let go, Maven screams in agony until Storm lets go.[/i][/p]

End of Match!

Yeah, Editing Rules!! Forgot to mention it's Shippo's turn to post the orton vs Christain Match for the #1 Contender.

[font=gothic][color=indigo]My stringent advice is not to double post again....[/font][/color]
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[b]Coach[/b] Were back, after Lance Storms amazing upset over Maven, hurrican AND RVD.
[b]Jerry[/b] Yep, you said it, lets see that one more time,
A window pops up showing a replay of the stairs to the knee, and the Maple Leaf.
[b]Coach[/b] But thats not it, coming up, Randy Orton, vs. Christian, for a number one contender spot for the Intercontinentel Championship against Booker T!....
The tiatantron goes back stage, and is in Evolutions lockeroom. Triple H is talking to Randy Orton..
[b]HHH[/b] You can handle this on your own, right Randy?
Randy smirked like he usually did and knodded.
[b]HHH[/b] You go tell them what Evolution is ALL ABOUT.
Randy smiled and left the lockerroom. His match was coming up in a little bit...
Christians Theme Music hits the arena as he made his way down the ramp.
He made his way into the ring and grabbbed the microphone.
[b]Christian[/b] All of my peeps, have been waiting for [i]MY[/i] match all night long. Well they finally get to see Christian [i]the soon to be intercontinentel(sp?) champion[/i] beat the hell outta Randy Or--
Evolutions music suddenly filled the arena.
Randy Orton made his way to the ring. He smirked and looked over to Christian.
He slowly made his way to the ring, and up the stairs. Christian dropped his microphone. Randy looked over at Christian and went to the top turnbuckle and began to taunt.
Christian decided to take advantage, as he nailed Randy in the back with his elbow.
Randy fell to the floor, as the bell rang.
Christian began to do numerous stomps to Randy's back. He did 5, and then the referee pulled him back. Randy Orton wearily got up. Christian smiled and yelled.
[b]Christian[/b] Your not exactly the "Legend Kiler" anymore are yea?
Christian whipped himself against the ropes and tried nailing Orton with a close-line. Orton ducked out of the way, and Christain hit the ropes. Before Christian could look in back of him, Randy nailed a missle dropkick to Christians chin. Christian fell back a few steps, and before he knew it, Orton closelined him OVER the ropes. Christian fell to the outside of the ring. Randy then slid his way out of the ring, and grabbed Cristians head. He then began to bash Christians head into the barracade that seperated the crowd and the ring. Orton then threw Christian back into the ring. Randy went up the stairs, and went to the top turnbuckle. He waited for Christian to get back up, so he could nail his Missle Dropkick from the top-turnbuckle. Finnaly, christian wearily got up. The referee was right next to him seeing if he was alright. When Christian fully turned around, Randy jumped off the turnbuckle and was about to land his Missle Dropcick. In a sudden quick movement, Christian grabbed the referee, and threw him in front of him. Randy couldnt stop himself, and instead of hitting Christian, he hit the referee...
The ref was now knocked out. Christian laughed and went outside. He grabbed a chair and went into the ring.
[b]Coach[/b] Oh no, what is Christian thinking...
Christian slid the chair into the ring. He picked it up and smirked. He waited for Randy to get up. Randy got up wearily, and turned around. He was about to meet a chair to the face, but Randy ducked out of the way. He landed in back of Christian. Christian turned around and met the RKO! Randy's speciel move. Randy nailed the RKO, ON to the chair Christian was carrrying. The crowd cheered loudly, as Orton threw the chair out of the ring. Orton then decided to pin Christian, it was the perfect oppurtunity. He tried pinning him, but it was no use. He remebered the ref was knocked out.
Phew, im finnally gonna finish the match, sorry it took so long :Sweat:
Randy looked furiously at the knocked out ref. He tried picking the Ref up, But during that time, Christian was getting up. Christian got up all the way, and while Randy had his back turned Christian nailed his signature move- The Imerireor(sp?)! Randy went down, and Christian pinned Randy. At this time the ref began to re-gain consciousness. The referee began to pin.
1.........2....... but the ref suddenly stopped.
Christian looked at the ref furiously. The ref pointed his finger to the ropes, which was where Randy's leg was.
[b]Ref[/b] Rope Break!
Chrisitain looked in disgust. Christain then began threatining to hurt the ref. the ref backed up a bit.
[b]Coach[/b] Oh no, Chirstians not gonna hit Earl Hebner is he?
[b]Jerry[/b] Well, if he does, he'll get disqualified!
Christian continued to argue with the ref. But at that time RANDY was getting up in back of Christian. He looked over at Christian, (who didnt know he was up) and smiled. He knelt down, and did the most un-expected move you would think of...a roll up pin!
[b]Jerry[/b] What the?!
Christian struggled trying to get out, but it was no use. The ref pinned, 1, 2, 3. The bell rang and Randy slipped out of the ring. Evolutions theme music hit. ANd Randy laughed at the dazzled Christian who stood in the ring.
[b]Coach[/b] Well, it looks like Randy's gonna be the number one contender for the Intercontinentel Championship! Randy continued to celebrate, as Christain continued to stand there in the ring...astonished.
Finished! Next is GoS, and The Vampire: Ed to conclude the show ^_^
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Just wanted to drop in and say that if RAW is finished soon, to not expect Smackdown to start until at least next Thursday or Friday. The reason is that I will be vacationing in Las Vegas from Sunday until Wednesday and I'll need some time for Avalon and I to get together and pound out the match order for Smackdown. Thanks for your time.

EDIT: I also want to say that I probably won't be available as often as I'd like to be because I'll be taking many classes this school year that will require a lot of attention. I have a free sixth period which I could use for homework purposes, but that most likely won't be enough. With that said, expect there to be days where I will not be available.
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