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Ren & Stimpy,spike t.v.!

Oji ryu

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Did they finally rename it Spike TV? Last I heard they still had to stick with TNN thanks to Spike Lee.

I've not gotten a chance to see it. From what I understand they have the original show in reruns, and the new version with the rest of their cartoon lineup.

I really don't understand why they made them homosexual though.
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Yeah, they made a settlement and TNN officially changed its name to SpikeTV. Took them long enough.

I don't really like this show. The original voice actor who both Ren and Stimpy's voices was fired. Something about the voice actor saying he essentially created the characters, and the actual creator getting made at him. So Ren and Stimpy don't have as much dialogue, or really good dialogue anymore.

The sad part is, the restrictions that Nickelodeon forced them to put on the show is what made the original Ren & Stimpy good. SpikeTV's lack of maturity limits lets the writers of the show go so far, it's just not funny anymore.
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