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Mankind does not exist only on one plane, on one planet; it is spread throughout the universe in different existences, each creating their own histories and living their own futures. Many of these different worlds of humans have been in danger of complete collapse. Most of these worlds were thankfully saved from that apocalypse, over a host of different times, by a varying cast of characters.

When those rescuers returned to their hometowns, they were heralded by their respective worlds as heroes, and received gifts and thanks from the rich and poor alike. Among the hundreds of gifts, a few of those heroes have received certain weapons enriched with a palpable power, and with it only this tag:

[center][i]A weapon worthy of you, Warrior.[/i][/center]

Though each recipient puzzled over the mysterious tag, they also recognized the inherent strength of the weapons they received. Thus, though they couldn't quite be sure who the weapon was from, each hero decided to keep the amazing weapon ...

In a different time, in a different world, those weapons are now being recalled by their sender. Each hero arrives confused, disoriented from travel far through space and time. A mysterious man gathers them all together, and his speech to them begins, "A new evil has come ... far beyond what you've faced in the past. And it will require the force of all of you combined to stop it."


This is an RPG for the crossover of characters from Final Fantasy and Chrono RPG video games, because I like them, and you know, [sarcasm]there aren't enough FF RPG's on the boards already[/sarcasm].

The "heroes" who have received the weapons are meant to be anyone you can play as during the games. I'd like to encourage the earlier FF games, since they're classics and I miss them (hehe), but the later ones are open as well. So, if you liked the games and ever wished you could be a character from one of them ... here is your chance. Feel free to join if you haven't played these games, though you may want to check out [url=http://www.gamefaqs.com]GameFAQs[/url] or [url=http://www.ffinsider.net/]Final Fantasy Insider[/url] for an idea of what the games are like.

I've listed most of the games and characters for your easier reference: (The FF's are American release numbers, except for V. Yeah, my FF listing got a little confused, sorry ...)

FF II (or 4) : Cecil - Cid - Edge - Edward - FuSoYa - Kain - Palom - Porom - Rosa - Rydia - Tellah - Yang
FF III (or 6) : Terra - Locke - Edgar - Sabin - Celes - Shadow - Cyan - Gau - Setzer - Mog - Strago - Relm - Umaro - Gogo
FF V : I've never played this and would prefer you picked a different game's characters, but you can still choose these characters.
FF VII : Cloud - Tifa - Barret - Aeris - Cid - Red XIII - Cait Sith - Yuffie - Vincent - Sephiroth (?)
FF VIII : Same as FFV.
FF IX : Zidane - Garnet/Dagger - Vivi - Steiner - Freya - Quina - Eiko - Amarant
FF X : Same as FFV and FFVIII. (I know, I'll play them all soon.)
Chrono Trigger: Crono - Marle - Lucca - Frog - Ayla - Robo - Magus
Chrono Cross: Serge - Kid - Glenn - Karsh - Radius - Nikki - Riddel - [spoiler]Lynx - Harle[/spoiler] (Since there are freaking 44 playable characters, I picked my favorites rather than naming them all, but as above, you can really be anyone you want.)

The basic storyline should end up being something like a normal FF/Chrono RPG (go find evil, destroy it to save the world). It'll be in a sort of [b]futuristic medieval setting[/b] ... that may not make total sense, so I want you guys to make it up as we go along :).

I'll direct the storyline a bit if I and others involved feel like it's going nowhere, but I'm not against random adventuring into the wilds, or splitting up, or whatever, like in a normal video game. I'd also like to see how the personalities of the characters would interact, so random love stories could pop up, interesting jealousies or rivalries -- play with it.

[b]On signups:[/b]
I would like to have people with grammar and spelling skills, but the amount of screening I'll do depends on how many people sign up. Post quality (as always on these godforsaken boards ;)) is a must, so I still reserve the right to reject people if I deem it necessary. I'll probably read some of your past RPG posts if you have them, and if you don't I may ask you for a writing sample by PM.

If you're still reading and would like to sign up ...

[i]Age: [/i] Believable within the ending of that character's game, please.
[i]Sex: [/i]
[i]History: [/i] Please write a brief history of who that character is for anyone who hasn't played the game. It doesn't have to be long, but enough so that I don't have to have played the game to know who you are. For example, for Rydia from FFII you might write, ?A summoner rescued from her village when she was a child, who matured in her abilities and helped save the world.? Be sure to let us know the character's strengths (battle, magic, summoning, etc.) If you haven't played the game(s), please go look up your character's background.
[i]Description: [/i] Personality-wise, can again be pretty short.
[i]Weapon: [/i] Normal one according to your character.
[i]Special Weapon: [/i] In the storyline above, you got a special weapon and that's why you're in this RPG. Pick one that fits with the kind of weapon your character uses, and give it a cool name.
[i]Appearance: [/i] You can post a picture.
[i]What you've played:[/i] Out of the games above. No effect on your signup, just to satisfy my own curiostiy :).

My signup and a list of players will come later. If you have any additional questions, please PM me. Meh, let's see how this works out ...
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Hmmm...I'll give this a shot.

Name: Norris (Chrono Cross)
Age: 26
Sex: Male
History: Norris is a high ranking officer from Porre, who is loyal to his cause, even though he isn't certain of wether or not he is on the right side. He is a skilled gunfighter and he was once working under Lynx during the takeover of Termina. He also is the commander of the Black Wind, who disappeared during an undercover assignemt. He is skilled in gunfighting and is also quite fast, his abilities relate greatly to his skills with guns.
Personality: Quiet and calm, will take orders and follows them very well, the paragon of a soldier.
Weapon: Musket-style pistols.
Special Weapon: a large flare-firing rifle. from the butt to the barrel is about 3 feet, the barrel itself is about 2 feet. Very decorated with dragons, "Ryujin" (king/god of dragons) is engraved in gold on the side.
Appearance: Picture attached
Played: I've played all but FF5, and I own FF3(6), 7, 10, and Chrono Cross.
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I dunno if ill get in, but might as well give it a shot!
Name: Vincent Valentine

Age: 27

Sex: Male

History: Vincent, once having a secret past with Shinra, joins Cloud in an effort to resolve the torture in his soul and the horror Shinra inflicted upon him. Although he is quiet and frail, a dark and frightening power hides within. Although it seems Vincent was merely a subject for experimentation, his existance his an even deeper secret

Description: Quite mysterious. Not much of a talker either.

Weapon: Gun(pistol)

Special Weapon: A small pistol. Looks like a normal weapon, but is much more...
When shot, a normal bullet comes out. Once the bullet hits something, [b]it litterally explodes like a bomb.[/b]

Appearance: [img]http://www.icezip.com/games/ff7/vincent.gif[/img]

What you've played: Final fantasy 7, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross.
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Ill join.

Name: Shadow

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

History: A mercenary who would do anything for money. He is a loner. His only friend is his faithful dog, Interceptor, who takes a liking to Relm. Shadow's skill is throwing weapons and various scrolls, he counters with an attack by Interceptor, who also blocks attacks for Shadow. Even though he looks like a man who slit his mama's throat for a nickel he is a man of honor.

Description: He is very mysterious and never talks about his past. Rarely talks.

Weapons: Swords, Knives, Shurikens and Scrolls.

Special Weapon: Black Katana Sword called Shadow Fang that can create magic without the use of scrolls.

Appearance: Go Here: [url]http://ff6.guide.free.fr/graphisme/PSX_pics/shadow1.jpg[/url]

Games Ive played: I played all but FF4 and Chrono Trigger.

NOTE FOR EVERYONE: Just like in FF3(6), I will leave and join the party from time to time so dont trust me. I will also play the role of Interceptor.
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I'm game.

Name: Cloud Strife
Age: 21
Sex: M
History: At the age of 21, Cloud leads the life of a merecenary for hire. After joining Barret Wallace's rebel group AVALANCHE, Cloud has begun to attack Shin-ra Corp. who just happens to be his former employer. Cloud USED to belong to Shin-ra's elite fighting unit SOLDIER, he joined SOLDIER after leaving his hometown of Nibelheim at the age of 16. After leaving the city of Midgar, accompanied by childhood friend Tifa Lockheart, AVALANCHE leader Barret Wallace, Flower girl from the slums Aeris (Aerith) Gainsbourogh(sp?), and escaped reseacrch specimen Red XIII, Cloud sets off to find his past, and to kill the man who took his past, Sephiroth.
Description: Can be overly serious one minute, then somewhat of a dork the next.
Weapon: Swords (GIGANTIC swords)
Special Weapon: Ridiculously huge sword (Bigger than the Ultima Weapon) Called the "Cosmic Spiral", If the attack causes lethal damage, not only is the opponent defeated, but the essence of the enemy itself is absorbed by the blade either increasing the power of the user, or giving the user a new attack (wheter it be elementally based or a status effect)
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.cloud-strife.net/images2/cloud2a.jpg[/IMG]
What you've played: FF7,8,9,10, Chrono Cross
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Name: Squall Leonheart
Age: 17
Sex: M
History: An ellite member of the legendary SeeD. Squall is extremely talented when it comes to fighting with a unique weapon know as the Gunblade. There is only one other character that can weild such a weapon, Seifer Almasy.
Description: Squall is a very emotionless person. He likes to keep to himself, but that all changes when he meets Rinoa.
Weapon: Gunblade
Special Weapon: Lion Heart
Appearance: here: [url]http://www.fflegacy.com/ff8/ff8-squall.shtml[/url]

does this work?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Jim_Hawking [/i]
[B]...seems like this is an unpopular one. [/B][/QUOTE]

Haha, thanks a lot. Yes, it does seem that way.

Onto the non-spam, I'll leave this recruitment thread open for a while longer and see if anybody else would like to join. As for the people who signed up (thank you!), PM me and let me know if you would still like to do this RPG even if there are only a few people. If those who signed up really are interested, I have no problem starting it with only the 5-6 of us :)

EDIT: my signup.

Name: Celes Chere
Age: 23
Sex: F
History: Formerly a soldier of the evil Empire, genetically enhanced to have the ability to use magic. She rebelled against the Empire and eventually helped bring about its downfall. Also, if equipped with a sword, she can use the skill Runic to negate the next spell cast in battle.
Description: A strong woman with a good sense of right and wrong. Loyal and faithful, even in the most difficult of situations.
Weapons: swords or bow and arrows
Special Weapon: Thin, long silver sword that glints gold in the sun, a gold hilt with inlaid crystals. Its name, "Arcadia", is inscribed on the blade itself, just above the hilt. Celes isn?t sure just what its powers are, because she hasn't tried using it yet ?
Appearance: [url]http://www.magitek.nu/celes/gallery/render9a.jpg[/url]
What You?ve Played: FF II, III, VII, IX, Chrono Trigger and Cross
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