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I put this at the start of all my signups, and I have yet to regret it. If you know nothing about MGS, than feel free to ask questions.

(I must be nuts to start another one of these up... oh well! :-))

-Army Complex 1 year ago-

"Raiden, as your well aware one and a half years ago Metal Gear Ray was hijacked from the marines."
"Yeah, I don't forget so easily. That wasn't even the whole story, either. It turned out that it was one of many to help protect Metal Gear Arsenal."
A figure in a dark suit lowered onto the complex slowly by rope.
He immediately ran to a side and ducked behind a crate.

"Right, well the army has recovered the remains of Arsenal, Probably in hopes to rebuild it."
"What? That's insane! When will they ever learn!"
"No kidding. Your mission is to acknowledge the creation of a new metal gear and decipher how close it is to completion. Snake has infiltrated down below in the submaine hanger as planned."

Raiden walked to a dorrway and slowly pushed it open. He looked for any guards and crept inside. He continued walking until he spotted an enemy guard on survailence. He quickly snuck up behind the guard and hit him hard with the back of his gun. The guard fell unconcient and Raiden continued on his way. "Take this left and keep going." Otacan instructed. Raiden followed his instructions and veered to the left. A familliar old man with a revolver around his belt watched with hidden delight. He picked up an odd looking microphone and spoke into it. "So far so good, Raiden." The microphone modified his voice to sound like Otacan's "Take these stairs to you right." Raiden went up the stairs and opened the door. He stood on a balcony, high in the air. He slowly creeped in to hear something charging in a hallway behind him. He turned to dee a large electrical gun pointed right at him. "So sorry dear boy." The man's true voice came in over the Codec. "OCELOT!" Raiden yelled. The Rifle fired and hit Raiden over the balcony edge. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Make someone up or use the presets below.

Good Guys
Snake, Otacan

Bad Guys
Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Solidus

Cyborg Ninja (Very important)

Here's what you need for creating a charicter
Weapons-7 max
Orginization (Bravo Team, Ocelot's group, Dead Cell, Foxhound, Mercinary, Unknown, Underground (like Snake) Whitehouse, Secritary of Defense, anything else you can think of.)
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