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[I]In a facility just outside of Racoon City a scientist was creating a new kind of medcine that heals any kinds of wounds instantly for an unknown boss. Dr.Grimes was a brilliant man. He worked day and night....for 10 years to finish his work. Untill, it was finally finished. Not knowing the horror he creates he tests it on a person, a volunteer in need of the money. He injects the "medicine" after cutting his arm. The medicine seems to work, his wound healed, the scientist payed the volunteer and sent him home, back to Racoon City. The volunteer caught a bus and headed back. But, on his way he started feeling nauseous and collapsed on the floor. Then he started feeling the pain, horrible pain, like a thousand spears going through his body until he died. Or, did he? He rised from the floor, smarter, faster, more powerful than anyone or anything. His body mutated into a horrible bloody creature. A hungry creature. Hungry for blood. Hungry for flesh. People started jumping out of the bus, running for their lives. But there was no escape for any of them. The creature bit into their flesh feeling even more hunger, decapitating them. Turning them into mindless zombies. Searching for their nearest target, they went back to the facility. The zombies pounded the door of the facility open searching for food. The doctor heard the noise and went to see what it was. When he saw the undead horror he ran back to the lab and contacted the Police:[/I]

Police: Racoon City Police Department.
Doctor: Please...they are breaking in HELP!!
Police: Who is breaking in? Where are you?!
Doctor: Facility on Oakridge Road....HELP!!!!AHHH!!!!NOOO!!!---------------------
Police: Hello! Are you there!Hello! We are sending someone over to help you! Stay where you are!

[I]They killed the doctor and made him one of their own. The Police sent a officer over by the name of Ryowa Davis. The zombies attacked him while he was driving on the road. He barely escaped and went back to warn the people of Racoon City...[/I]

State the following:






Name: Ryowa Davis

Age: 20

Occupation: Racoon City Police Officer

Bio: As a boy Ryowa always wanted to be a police officer. After he finished High School Ryowa immediatly entered a police academy and passed it with ease. His mother died of an unknown disease and his father worked for an private boss just outside of Racoon City.
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