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Well, I don't know how this would help you... I don't have an amazing setup, because I just have a small room. There's not really enough space for a great sound system to take advantage of everything else I have.


My television is a 36" Sony Wega. An HDTV model, not standard. I'm very happy with it, although I've had to have the tech support guys come in once for it. That was just a simple degaussing problem though.

Excellent picture, and surprisingly good sound. The bass the thing gives out on its own is really effective. I never expected that. The best part is getting to watch DVDs and play certain games in progressive scan.

I originally wanted a Tau, but I got the Wega instead. The only problem with it is that Sony uses solid glass picture tubes on their sets still. This basically means their TVs weigh about 100 pounds more than comparable units from other companies. It was a pain in the *** to get it up my steep stairs. The thing is about 260 pounds total, and the weight is not distributed well.

DVD player... I got a Panasonic model. I don't think you should spend less than $100 on a DVD player, ever. I spent about $160 on mine when I first got it, mainly because it outputs progressive scan. It also easily reads any type of copied disc. I'm very happy with it.

I don't currently have a receiver. My parents do though (it has DTS and Dolby 5.1, and an entire micro speaker set with a subwoofer). I used to have a speaker set with all that as well, which I got VERY cheap because the store was going out of business. I wound up selling it though, because I had no real use for it in my tiny room.

If I had to buy a receiver... I'd just make sure it made use of the latest sound technologies from Dolby and others. It would also have to include Dolby II, since many GameCube games take advantage of it.

So yeah, that's what I have and want currently. My parents have some Toshiba TV. I bought all my stuff on my own.

If you have the money for a really nice TV... save it. Motorola (I believe, maybe it was Mitsubishi... but I doubt it) has made some sort of new technology that basically makes plasma TVs very cheap to manufacture. Prices for 33" to 55" models would be around $1,000 to $2,000, which is far cheaper than the current prices.
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we have a 32" jvc tv. great picture even though its not hdtv. we could hook up surround sound, but we dont have the stereo in the den, its in the living room. we have a magnavox dvd player, vcr, and a directv satellite system. better than cable, except during storms. the computers in the same room and we have everything but a webcam for it. very nice setup.
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