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Bad Religion


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Bad Religion is my favorite punk band after the godlike Apocalypse Hoboken (join the club!).

Anyway, I'm not going to bore people with some inane history like I usually do. I figure that if you care or know about this band whatsoever, you wouldn't need me to bother.

If someone wants some history thing, then ask. I'll post one.

So who here is a fan? I don't know that I could pick a favorite disc, although Process of Belief is their best and most solid release in years (thanks to the return of one of their long time song writers).

If you're looking for some songs to try out, you can get pretty much anything off New America or Process of Belief.

New America is not very good as a whole album, as it's not very coherant. I have a hard time believing that its not just a random collection of songs. However, the songs by themselves are ******* awesome... You've Got a Chance, A Streetkid Named Desire, New America in particular. Most of them are good on their own.

So yeah. Anyway, someone post heh.
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Well I am a big fan of punk. So of course Bad Religion is up there for me.

Process of Belief is the most well-put CD they have, or at least outta the ones that I have heard. Hmm best song on the album.........hmm well its a tie between Sorrow and Can't Stop It.

And I've only heard 2 of the songs you've mentioned, You've Got a Chance(good song there) and A Streetkid from New America.

They came around the Dallas area last year, but I couldn't go. But next time they do come, I will hopefully have tickets. Only one of my friends is a Bad Religion fan, but I will try to convert more to liking this awesome punk band.

And um sure.......post your history........for people who don't know some things, like me.
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I'm a bit tired. I'll try and write it up for tomorrow heh.

I mainly name songs from New America because I think they are far more accessible to those who don't know the band. The older stuff might be offputting, but it's no less good, in my opinion.

I've been listening to New America in particular a lot lately. Like I said, as a album it just doesn't flow very well... but if you think of it as a collection of singles, it rocks.

I'm mostly in love with You've Got a Chance right now heh.

[quote][size=1]A rhapsody!
Contestants in diguise
A nation of desire, but who will win the prize?
The people stand united, reluctantly aligned
Copying and lying are the favorite past-time

You've got a chance to confront the world today
Desperate romance is the curse of castaways
What good is skill if you don't make it to the dance?
Despite circumstance, you've got a chance

Common lives depicted on afternoon TV
It's piked to give the miserable a vogue identity
Hate your neighbors, cheat you friends, they don't discriminate
Popularity and fame, don't care if you're a reprobate

You've got a chance to confront the world today
Desperate romance is the curse of castaways
What good is skill if you don't make it to the dance?
Despite circumstance, you've got a chance

I'm tired of all these Shakespearean misinformations
I want to win the game
Oh yeah

You've got the right intentions
But who's got time to think?
You've got a noon appointment
You've got to hit the links
You're talking in the stratosphere
You're curled up on the floor
With such a wealth of information, why are you so poor?

You've got a chance to confront the world today
You've got a chance though it seems so far away
Don't you believe what the wise men have to say
Despite circumstance
You've got a chance[/size][/quote]

I think more think more than any other band, Bad Religion really gets me going. I find a lot of their songs to be very uplifting, and they're one of the few bands that actually cheers me up. This song always brings a smile to my face lol.
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Im not such a keen fan on Bad Religon, although not to long ago I did watch Strike Anywhere here in Melbourne. They were brilliant live.
I must say though, that preaching in music doesnt seem to interest me aswell.. especially about political issues around the world.
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That's been their whole point and style since their creation. There's quite a few punk bands with similiar styles and ideas to this, and they're not really ever going to get off of it heh.

I don't think that Process of Belief is as heavy on it as some of the older discs, but it will always be part of the band.

Oh well though.
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[size=1]I have always been a fan of Bad Religion ever since I first heard them in which it was probably it was one of their shorter, fast songs like [i]Do What You Want[/i], but I am a fan of pretty much any song they put out.

I have [i]Process of Belief[/i], and just a few songs on my computer. I get back into listening to the CD every now and then. I agree that it is a very good album.

Their songs always seem to be as serious as they are witty and a bit humorous, especially with songs like [i]I Love My Computer[/i]. That song is one of my favorites, lol. I really like that about the band.[/size]
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