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Writing FFX Auron Spoilers! (There, that should scare most of you away)


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Here you go, Domon.
OoC: In case the title didn't tip you off, there are [color=red][b]SPOILERS[/b][/color] in here. Don't want FFX spoiled, then back out now.
This takes place just after Auron returned to the Zanarkand Dome to challenge [spoiler]Yunalesca. She has caused him to fly backwards (remember flashback?) and he and his sword have just hit the floor.[/spoiler]

The Blessed Curse of Yu Yevon
(will need lots of reworking)
(Music: The Sending?chant)

Auron gasped with pain. Incredible, searing pain. He tried to push himself up with his left arm?the pain increased terribly--and cried out softly, the sound echoing in the large, empty room. His left shoulder muscle was torn badly, he could feel it. He lowered himself back down to the cool floor.
The young warrior was dimly aware of metal scraping against stone. He numbly realized that Yunalesca was drawing his sword from the spot it had pierced the floor. How, he didn?t know?and didn?t care.
He just wanted to die now.
Pyreflies sighed mournfully nearby, hovering in iridescent sparkles about her. Yunalesca was stepping toward him. She crouched down, stared at him in what living beings would call a condescending way. But the dead have no feelings.
Her smile was still painted there on her pale face. She tilted her ornamented head to see his face, but he pressed it against the floor, trying to be still, as if dead. His labored breathing betrayed him, the floor tile fogged with his breath.
She trailed a transparent hand against his cheek, and he shuddered, tried to pull away.
?Vile creature,? he spat breathlessly.
Her hand had trailed up to his scalp; it dug in suddenly, sharply, pulled his head back roughly. Auron gasped, his eyes widening in pain. Just as suddenly, she let him drop and he hit the floor hard.
She turned, back to him, walked away; she held her right arm out from her body, and twisted her hand in a full circle; behind her, Auron was bodily flipped over. Once again, he was deposited roughly, and he simply laid there, his world lost in pain.
?Pitiful creature,? she finally returned. She raised her left arm above her head, and behind her, Auron?s massive blade floated, mimicking her motions. ?You?re drowning in sorrow. You have lost your hope.?
?There never was any?? he gasped back.
?But Yu Yevon??
?Damn Yu Yevon,? he cut in vehemently. ?Damn him, and all his teachings to the Farplane.? His voice was getting stronger for the moment, but only because of his pent up rage.
?You blame Yevon for your own sorrow. A sorrow that has come only because you lost your hope. Let me free you from your pain.?
She motioned the sword over his prone figure, laid the blade down against his face. ?You who have spent his lifetime in tearing enemies asunder?may you be released by your own weapon.?
Auron closed his eyes, was ready to give up. And then?
[i]What the hell?! I went to be Braska?s Final Aeon, after you promised?you promised!?to watch my son! Damn it, Auron, move your lazy ***?you don?t want little Yuna to cry, now, do you?
Auron, please. You must get up. We still need you.[/i]
And from deep hidden reserve of energy, Auron was able to roll to one side, moving away from his blade.
Not fast enough, though. What had been aimed at midpoint was now moved, slicing out sharply now, cutting deep?
Auron roared?
It was cutting into him, on the right side?
Yunalesca watched unemotionally from her viewpoint. The blade clanged to the floor, its work finished. The reflection of dim light was obscured by wet redness, quietly dripping, obscuring the floor as well.
Auron was hunched over, his forehead touching the floor, his gloved right hand jammed into his sword wound, his left arm dangling uselessly at his side. He shook in pain, drawing breath in sharply, blood pooling just below his face.
?A fitting judgment, perhaps. You have cursed Yu Yevon, and now you shall walk with one eye, a testament to his symbol. Before your death, you shall proclaim his benevolent justice, and perhaps he will bless you with a summoner to send you.?
?I?will do?no such thing?.? He pressed his palm harder into his face, trying to staunch the blood flow.
?What will you do then??
?I will go?I will go back to Bevelle?and Guadosalam?and Macalania?and Kilika?and Besaid?I?ll go all over Spira and tell them?tell them about you and your lies!?
Yunalesca didn?t look bothered in the least. She laughed shortly. ?And who will believe you??
?Because there never was a survivor before. But there is now! I will break the cycle you have twisted around this world! I will stop the needless deaths you and your Yu Yevon have required all these years!? He could feel the vengeful spirit rise up in him, and he believed his words, let them carry him. He propped himself up by his sword.
Yunalesca continued to smile. ?They will not listen. For now, the cycle is broken for them. Sin is gone. They will live on in hope and will not listen to you, because you would shatter their only reason to live.?
?But?? And in a moment, Auron saw it was true. The people of Spira wouldn?t listen. Even if they did, it would only have a negative effect. The well meaning ones would panic, be lost in sorrow, and that would be just as bad as Sin killing them, completely nullifying the entire purpose of Braska?s pilgrimage. The priests of Yevon would also get wind of him, imprison him, maybe even execute him for his sacriledge. And if that happened, there would be no one left to mourn Braska and Jecht?s sacrifice, no one to keep their children safe. At best, he would be sent by a summoner, a priviledge for being a High Summoner?s Guardian. At worst, his worthless body would be dumped in some alley, his pyreflies mutating into some hideous fiend that some other brave Guardian would slaughter, only to send the pyreflies to revert back into a new fiend. And then Auron would be lost in a death cycle of his own, with no one to mourn him, either.
Auron was not about to let that happen. He forced himself to stand up, still leaning heavily on his sword.
?I swear to everyone and everything I hold dear?I will expose your hopeless lie?your grip on death. I will return to stop this cycle?and you will regret your falsehoods.?
?If you are so intent on stopping me,? she smiled in that maddening way, ?then why do you not confront me again??
?I cannot possibly win. I know that.? As if on cue, his left knee buckled, and he partially collapsed. ?And even if I could, that will not defeat Sin. No, I do not have enough information.? As an afterthought, he struggled to look at her. ?Why do you not kill me now??
?A moment ago, you were lost in sorrow, ready to die. You have hope again?but?? That smile. ?That does not mean that death will not still find you. Pitiful, pitiful creature.?
Suddenly, a demon serpent?s head shot out of the ground and lunged at him, tore into his side. His black armor held only for a moment, then crumpled beneath pressure. The fangs bit deep into his unprotected skin and Auron swore. Yunalesca had been stalling so she could get a hit in.
?Yes,? she hissed sibilantly, ?death will find you indeed.?
Auron cried out and beat at the head. His vision swayed, and he felt dizzy. He had to do something.
Another head broke the stone floor surface, lunged at his right arm and bit into the bracer. It too was pressing heavily, attempting to break the bracer. Auron flung his left arm, the loose one, the torn one, out to grab at his sword. The serpents pressed harder; he reached farther out to grab it. Touched the handle, dragged it back, got his right hand on it.
Screaming, he gripped the handle tightly and sliced downward, severing the first serpent head from its body. Yunalesca screeched very ungoddess like and raised her hands; a multitude of serpent heads shattered the floor in their drive to attack Auron.
With a final reserve of strength, Auron sliced into the head that was latched on to his wrist, then turn and ran out of the room, down the stairs, past all the pyreflies floating around. The sounds of Yunalesca?s shrieking were growing faint.
The realization of what he had just done was not.
[spoiler]No one ever reads my stuff anymore anyway, so I'm not expecting any comments.[/spoiler]
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