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Anime Gundam wing side questions


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OZ earth colonies, ect. I have no Idea. I need someone to explain them and their objectives, and for someone to put these char's into their spots:

Heero Yuy
Trowa Barton
Quartre Winners
Duo Maxwell
Wulfie Yieng (or whatever it is)
Zechs Marquize
Relena Peacecraft

Can you help me out here?:( :nervous:
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I just love gundam wing so i'll help in any way I can. I'll do this in my opinion.

[b]Hero yuy:[/b] He was named after a politicain from the colonys and was trained to be the perfect warrior.
[b]Quatre winner:[/b] The 13 child and only son of a colony devolopers. even though he is against violence he fights to stop the war.
[b]Duo maxwell:[/b] a member of the sweeper group who where sent to figt oz. He jokes around some times but can be serouse in battle.
[b]Chang wufei:[/b] He lives with a strict honor code. He works alone because he thinks other warriors are lower than he is.
[b]Zechs merquise:[/b] The top mobile suit pilote for oz. Orignaly he used to be known as meliardo peacecraft untill he joinded oz.
[b]Relena peacecraft:[/b] relena used to be known as relena darlian untill she found out the truth that her real name is relena peacecraft. When she meets the gundam pilotes she sees that she has more strength than she thought.
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ummm. . . yeah so i am a gundam freak. . . and a bit of a know it all so i will say this. . . you wanna know. . . i will fill ya in.
aight so first we got
Heero Yuy: Heero is from space colont L1 (Lagrange point number 1-that means that it is in a spot that can resist earth's gravity, there are only 5 of them. . . thus 5 colonies.) he was trained by Doctor J to be a "perfect soldier". he is the pilot of Gundam Wing (01) and [spoiler]Wing Zero[/spoiler]. we know nothing other than those three facts about him. he is wayyyy too serious, but hey, its his life to fight.
going in order, next comes Duo Maxwell:
Duo is from a sweeper group on colony 2. he is the pilot of Deathscythe (02) [spoiler]and later Deathscythe Hell.[/spoiler] he is the exact opposite of Heero. he is perky, happy, and really crazy. he calls him self Shingami which means "God of Death" in Japanese.
Then there is Trowa Barton:
Trowa comes from L3 as the pilot of Gundam Heavy Arms (03).he is like heero, quiet, reserved, yet deadly. he posses as a circus guy for cover.
then there is Quatre Raberba Winner.
Quatre comes from the Winner family that rules colony L4. he has 29 older sisters, who are all test-tube babies. Quatre is the only one that is not from a test-tube, but his father told him he was so that quatre wouldnot feel different from his sisters. also so that quatre wouldnt feel responsible for the death of his mother, who died in childbirth. he pilots Gundam Snadrock (04).
Next comes Chang Wufei, pilot of the Shenlong Gundam (05), which he lovingly calls Natuaku[spoiler], and Altron Gundam (that happens later on).[/spoiler] Wufei is a decendant of a Chinese warrior clan, so he had high standards and a strict sense of honor.
Zechs Merquise- Zechs is the star pilot of OZ. He uses the Tallgeese suit to destroy everyone, except the gundams of course ^__^. He earned the highest marks in the history of the Lake Victoria military academy, received the first two-rank promotion in the history of the Specials, and acquired the nickname "Lightning Baron" for his exploits. He wears a mask. . . and that is later explained in the show. If you really really wanna know. . . pm me.
Next comes Relena Darlian Peacecraft. She is the last surviving member of the pacifist Sanc Kingdom. It was destroyed several years ago by OZ. She is strong willed and determined. . . shown through her pursuit of Heero. I personally do not like her but that is because of her pacifist beliefs. But o well. If you wanna know the ?secret? about her. . . once again pm me.
Ummm. . . how bout we do Treize Kushrenada next?
Treize is the charming, charismatic leader of Oz - and of the Specials. He is devilishly smart and has every set to a plan he develops through guessing what his opponent will do. He builds Epyon. He is also the father of Mariemaia.
Mariemaia Kushrenada- she is from Endless Waltz. Obviously she is the very very very young daughter of the late Trieze Kushrenada. She is basically being controlled by Dekim Barton, who origninally thought up the destructive version of Operation Meteor.

So yeah. . . there you have it. Hope it helps.

Merry Christmas. . . yeah so thats a little early but still. this can be your present.
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I believe that OZ stands for "Organization of Zodiac". Hence the reason all OZ suits are named for the Zoidiac (except the Tragos which means "Goat") They are actually part of the Romafeller Foundation, IIRC.

Earth is pretty much the same as it is now. Just a jumble of factions.

The colonies wish to live seperate from the Earth. That is part of the reason behing Operation Meteor.

That is all I can think of for now.
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As a corporate subsidiary of the Romefeller Foundation, OZ developed the first military mobile suits. Around AC 175, OZ was refashioned into a secret society, dedicated to carrying out the Romefeller Foundation's plans. Most of the Specials are in fact OZ members, and through this elite fighting force, OZ has infiltrated the Alliance military and influenced its policies.

Romefeller Foundation
An industrial combine controlled by European aristocrats, which develops and produces the Alliance's mobile suits. The Romefeller Foundation is also a major financial backer of the Alliance, and through the secret society OZ - disguised as the elite "Specials" force - it secretly manipulates the Alliance for its own purposes.

Special Mobile Suit Corps ("Specials")
An elite branch of the Alliance military, made up of Romefeller Foundation employees. The Specials were established in AC 176 as the Alliance's first mobile suit force. Though other military branches have adopted mobile suits over the last twenty years, the Specials still have the most advanced equipment, training, and tactics.

United Earth Sphere Alliance
The world government that rules Earth and its space colonies. Established in AC 133, after decades of warfare between Earth's nations, the Alliance was created to unify the human race in peace and prosperity. From the beginning, however, the Alliance used military force to accomplish its noble goals. Now, after decades of crushing rogue nations and bullying the space colonies, it's widely despised as a repressive dictatorship.

all of the above was gotten off of the official gundam website. none of it is mine. everything below,however, is direectly from my own thoughts and screwed up mind. i don't know how i know, i just do.
The Colonies
the colonies were created several centuries into the future to ease Earth's population pressures. there are only 5, but i believe there can be more. you see, the colonies exist in places called Ley lines. Ley lines are gravitationally exempt spots that surround Earth's atmosphere. it is believed (yes Ley lines are actually a real thing)that ley lines esert a great amount of force that is equal to that of earth's gravitational pull, therefore negating that pull. but to call them lines isn't necessarily correct. they are really just spots that form "lines," no really rays that connect to Earth's core (not phsically connecting- imaginary lines.) since the lines do not (i think) rotate along with earth, the only problem the colonists have is to stay in that 1 spot. that is why they spinlike they do. by rotating they go againt the "Pull"that the ley line exerts to pull them away from that spot. its kinda like going up a down escalator; you never go anywhere. does that make any sense at all?
the people of the colony are really simple minded folk that hope deperatley for peace. they fight so they can stay safe from the Alliance and OZ. Each colony brought forth 1 gundam and a pilot; i don't think that the people of the colony knew that that was to be the course of action to be taken. they have there own fighters, like virgo and the like. . . i think. they just really want to be separate from earth.

Whew! *wipes sweat from brow* that was a lot. sorry it was really wordey but i thought you might want to know how the colonies work.
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[color=crimson]The colonies are actually in clusters alongs the Lag Range points(I saw a map with them on it how the colonies were positioned). The clusters are:
Colony Cluster L-1(Heero is from there)
Colony Cluster L-2(Duo originates from there)
Colony Cluster L-3(Trowa)
Colony Cluster L-4(Quatre)
Colony Cluster L-5(Wufei)
Each cluster has numerous colonies in it, some of which are owned and governed differently by different groups. Most of L-4 is owned by Winner Corporations(Quatre's father company) and is governed pacifistly. Though it is not known how many colonies are in each cluster, each colony has it's own number.
>runs off to find Episode Zero manga< In here, it says the exact colony some of the pilots came from.
Duo is not a native of Colony V08744(an L-2 colony), but that is where he was when the "Maxwell Church Tragedy" occured and he got his last name. The numbers are kinda pointless...no code or anything in terms of location as far as I know.
X18999 Colony is an L-1 colony that the Wing Gundam was built. It is also where Heero took off from for Operation Meteor.
and the last one mentioned: Colony A0206, Wufei's from there. Part of the L-5 cluster. No clue what the numbers mean.

If Haze thought he was a Gundam freak...I must have absolutely no life...
~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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>>X18999 Colony is an L-1 colony that the Wing Gundam was built. It is also where Heero took off from for Operation Meteor.>>

Are you sure that is right? I wonder because in GW:EW X18999 is part of the L3 cluster and is where [spoiler]Marimea (bad spelling) started her plans to take over Earth. Not to mention the colony that was set to crash on Earth if needed.[/spoiler]
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[color=crimson]I know, that is true. I was thinking that as I posted. >looks at Episode Zero< Are you lying to me!?!?!? Maybe the author forgot? I don't know. >attempts to find Lag Range map again< Found it!
A ha! I see why there is a mix up. X18999 is the same distance from both Lag Range Points 1 and 3. Maybe it was first an L-1 colony, but later becomes and L-3 colony. Kinda confusing. O_o;;;;

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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