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Kings of Leon...

Jesus Chicken

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[color=blue]My brother recommended their self-titled album to me, so we went halves in it, and bought it the other day.
I was pretty happy with the result.
Kings of Leon are a Californian four-piece, I'm pretty sure, and they're damn cool. They sound like a cross between the Strokes and Cake, in a sort of abstract sense.
But yeah, some of it is damn funky, so if anyone else has heard of them, tell me what you think?[/color]
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Actually, Kings of Leon have no specific origin, they pretty much moved around the sout of the US for most of their shildhood. They settled down in Nashville in 98 and formed in 2000--Leon was their Dad's name.. Sort of a gritty punk rocky garage sound emerged, and they got a deal with RCA, I think... They're pretty good, as far as I can tell..
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