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Sign Up Fooly Cooly: Atamisk's Wrath


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Okay, hear goes my attempt at a FLCL RPG. I worked with Tical on this one. :D

Haruko supposedly 'loved' Atamisk, a supernatural cosmic being, but it turns out that Haruko wanted to kill Atamisk for his power his great power. The two on and off battled each other for 2 long years, until they met each other outside the orbit of earth. Atamisk knocked Haruko into the earth's gravity and she fell down to Japan, where her VESPA broke under her. She was angry and Ready to get revenge for her VESPA. Atamisk used his great power to create humaniod soilders to find and kill Haruko and anyone associated with her...

Haruko wandered into the exact same town were she where she freed Atamisk from, while still being persued by Atamisks soilders who have taken the form of regular people. She wandered around until she finally remebered what she was looking for, Naota and Kanti. She knew they were the only ones who could help her finally destroy Atamisk and his small army. She had to find Naota and Kanti...

Okay. Hear, there are no sign ups, just post which characer you want to be. But you can't be Kanti, he's a robot and part of Naota.

Okay. I'll be Naota and partially Kanti, since Naota pilots him.


Mamimi (come up with a reason for her to come back if you want her.)
Gaku (Naota's freind with glasses)
Masashi (Naota's freind with long hair)
Commander Amoroa (eye brows guy.)
Agent Kitsurubami (blonde agent girl who is Amoroa's assistant.)

You can make these characters have bigger roles than in the anime.'

Have fun and play in chracter. :D
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You can be Masashi cuz Kanti is a robot/tool and Naota pilots him. So be Masashi. Oh, and Ninamori is that one girl who is Naota's freind, is the class pres, her dads the mayor, and she was the one who sprouted another robot after she touched Naota's cat ears. All happened in episode 3 i beleive.
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I can't let ya do that cuz the Robots don't talk and i rather them not, so just be Masashi. He is the only male part left anyways. If you want, you could have it where Haruko smashs him with the guitar and he srpouts a robot. Is that cool?
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