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Anyone played this game made by Enix for SNES? I came across this game in my room and decided to play it again. It is quite different from most RPGs. You're a young boy who's the son of an inventor. Your first invention is a robot, your main weapon in battle. Each time you level up, you receive points to plug into your robot's stats. In other words, you customize your robot's stats. When you get enough money, you can create two more robots and you have yourself a full team of battle robots.

Has anyone else played this game? Any comments?
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[color=indigo]Well, I've never played this game myself, but I do remember my brother renting it long ago, before the N64 was released. I don't remember anything of the story, but the battle system looked pretty fun. I suppose this is another old SNES game that I should get around to playing some time, heh.[/color]
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It's a very good game marred by a few rather noticable problems. The biggest problem is the outright horrible translation. Most of the time it's ridiculous, but at least understandable. There are times where it seriously makes absolutely no sense no matter how you try to read it.

The battle system is very deep for a few reasons. You have different types of weapons first of all... short range and long range. These make a difference on their own, but it's also combined with the fact that you can only move so far per turn (at least from what I remember).

The second problem is its difficulty. It's just overly hard at times. The game expects you to spend insane amounts of time leveling up later in the game, because I honestly don't see how you'd ever defeat some of those bosses otherwise.

I loved all the customization in the game. There is an insane amount of it... from weapons and items you make, to your robot's entire status. The game is awesome in this aspect.

It's also just so goofy. It's got a really Japanese style to it. Hackers, a human crab that likes to sit in a steam room and so on. It's really bizarre.

Plus I really liked the music. Especially in Roccoco. The violin playing is still one of the best samples on any SNES game.

I own the original cartridge. I bought it for SNES randomly years and years ago when the game was still actually new. I've not played it in years though.
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