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Metal gear Liquid (The People's RPG)


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Ok, this RPG will consist of 20 people. It can follow the lines of MGS if you want, but you can change it anyway you want. some parts may be long, others just mere lines until others reply. My last few rpg's have been good sucsesses and i hope for this one to be also. Here are the availiable chars.

Otacon-----------------well...Otacon, who else?
Liquid Snake----------Nanaki_XIII
Solid Snake-----------safer Cloud
Revolver Ocelot------
Decoy Octopus-------
Sniper Wolf-----------Forte
Psycho Mantis--------
Vulcan Raven---------dragonballzman
Roy Cambell----------
Mcdonell Miller--------
Meryl Silversberg----
Donald Anderson----
Armstech President-
Grey Fox--------------SS Trunks
Naomi Hunter--------

If theres any more cool char's you can think of, dont hesitate to ask. If you want a part, just post thier name. first come, first serve is my motto.
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