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Okay, this is a sequel to Trigun: Return of Death, but there will not be any returning chracters, since most of them died. I'm pretty much starting fresh and those who live in this one will be added in the sequel. I plan on making a line of Trigun RPG. So here it goes.

[U][B]The Story[/B][/U]
The Titans are an outlaw army created of about 500 members. They are run by five leaders who have taken home in the cities center. THe Titans have recently taken over New July City. Now, they plan to turn the town into there own little base of operations. Who can save [U]New July City and all its people? [/U]

Okay, i need 10 members and there are a few requirments for VAsh's team.

Okay, there will be five members on each side. What i need on Vash's side is two female bounty hunters and one male gunmen. I'll be another chracter and whom ever wants get to be Vash. I don't care about the Titans, just be creative.

[U][B]Sign Ups:[/B][/U]

Weapon: (only two, and make it original.)
Side: (Good Guys or the Titans.)

ALright, i want this to be a truly epic RPG, so i want those who play the Titans to post how they took over July and what not. And the female bounty hunters, you are after either me or Vash. So, its like you encounter me a few times and don't beleive i'm an outlaw until we go to July, where i prove it.
I want a good 10 posts before we enter July all together. Sorry if this is to picky, but i want to make a sequel and this is the basis.

[B][U]Heres my sign up. [/U][/B]

Name: Kaiyden the Kid

Age: looks 21

Height/Weight: 6'7"/198 ibs

Description: Wears an under suit that is made of old leather belts. Oveer that he wears a brown desert camo cloak. He wears desert camo pants and a pair of black combat boots and knee pads. He also wears a desert camo skipper hat. Has blonde, messy hair, blue eyes, and a clear complexion.

Attitude: is modest and nice with a heart of gold, and is goofy in any situation.

Side: Good

Weapon: Dual Magnum Colt .45 Berettas and a combat knife.

Bio: Son to a Meryle Strife, Kaiyden never knew his father. He always asked his mother, but always got the answer, "a great man." He searched and pondered for clues until one day he came across an old scrap book. He looked inside and saw that there were articles and photos talking about a VAsh the Stampede. He also saw a picture of his mother and a man who looked alot like him in a red coat posing for a picture. Kaiyden finally had a league. He knew it sounded rediculous, but his father was Vash the Stampede. Kaiyden now roams GunSmoke, in search for his father, When he is starting to be chased like bounty hunters. This is becasue the Sheriff of a town he was visiting was corrupt and evil. He was roaming down the streets, bullying by standers when Kaiyden finally took action, and disamred the sheriff and shot him in the thigh. Kaiyden the left the town with a warning to the Sheriff, but he put a 500,000 Double Dollar bounty on his head and is now simply know as Kaiyden the Kid...
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Sweet a Sequal well i want to live this time round so.....

Name: Vash The Stampede

Age: 135 Years Old

Height/Weight: 6"7, 135*

Description: Tall, Spikey blond hair, Red Trech Coat, Black battle armor under said coat, yellow/orange glass,

Attitude: Fun loveing and kind does like pain or to see people get hurt, But is willing to fight if he needs to

Weapon: Sliver .45 AGL Long Colt, Machine gun inside left arm

Side: Good guys

*no clue really just made it up
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Name: Siaga McAmoray


Height/Weight: 5'7/ 99lb

Description: Long white hair, pale gray eyes, black pants, long, white sleeve button shirt, black ankle boots, tech gloves, and black choker band

Attitude: Siaga is depressive, but tries to not let other people be sad/or angry on a count of herself. She's also very Valiant at times, she usually tries to see things from other points of views. So that she may see how it will effect those around her.


[b]Tech Gloves[/b]- A spinal glove that is a pair of gloves made up of currit that line up directly over all the bones going from the wrist down to all the finger tips. On the inside of the palm there are to flat red circals which is what generates the energy. When the user is attacked they hold out their two hands doing a double palm heel strike. Which causes a large sphere to cover the person and who ever is standing close to them is protected from the attacks for a short time.

[b]Basic shot gun[/b]- I don't think a description of a basic shot gun is needed

Side: Good Guys

Bio: Siaga is a bounty hunter. She has been wandering around all of Smokegun for all the biggest bonties. All of the bounties she had collected in the past has aloud her to make the Tech-Gloves her self. She cares for making weapons considering almost every one she knows had been killed by unatural causes. As a child her family and every one she cared about was killed by a large unknown explosin. She roams the world taking down outlaws, and making sure they never may hurt any one ever again. One day she was called out. She heard that a Sheriff was offering 500,000 Double Dollar bounty. Considering this, she couldn't pass up the offer.
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[b]Name:[/b] evean kiro
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]Height/Weight:[/b] 5'20 150
[b]Description:[/b] brown hair, green eyes, blue head band, black pants, brown boots, purple shirt, orange vest, gloves, goggles, brown cloak
[b]Attitude:[/b] nice, brave, useally keeps his cool
[b]Weapon:[/b] the hand gun and phinox soul from the trigun return of death
[b]Side:[/b] vash's team
[b]Bio:[/b] Evean has been searching for any one left in his family. He herd of irvine but found out he died in a fight. He found the grave where irvine was barried and now cary's the guns he used. Like irvine he has the same scar even though only one persion in each family was to have one. He seeks out those who killed his brother. He is willing to do what is neaded to help others and hates to see people treated unfairly. He has the same will as irvine not to be killed.
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Name: Sparkie
Height/Weight: 4'7"/95
Description: Black hair tied back into a small tail, wears a cape like Jr.'s from Xenosaga, but his is all black, under the cape he wears a red shirt and his pants are light green
Attitude: Care free, until things get nasty then you better look out!
Monve .45k- looks like Knives' gun but a little smaller.
(More of an attack) Angel Blast- His gun turns blue and this gaint blue ball of his spirt energy comes out. (Explians how he kills so many people, huh?)
Side: Evil (sadly)
Bio: Used to be one of Vash's closest friends, then he decided not to be. His mother and father were killed when he was about 7 and he was taken in by an orphanage but ended up killing everyone there. He has this thing called The Hide Illness, and at 12:00 o'clock (Midnight and lunch time) he goes on a one hour killing spree where he kills up to 3,000 people. He knows what he's doing but because of his age can not control it. And his bullets never mis there mark!

I'll fill in the rest later, I gatta go now!
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name: Shai
Age: 12
height: 4' 8''
weight: 73lbs.
description: blue shirt, white jean-shorts, wooden sandals, long thick black hair.
attitude: quiet... usually seen reading, until battle starts and his eyes turn red and he becomes a perfect marksman.
weapon: colt revolver .30, kodachi
side: evil
bio: He is Obiwaban's nephew. Though Obiwaban was a good guy in the end... he had only taught Shai evil intentions. Now Shai thinks he can do what Obiwaban ouldnt and kill Vash. He is very good with the kodachi and has a power where his eyes turn red and he becomes a perfect marksman.
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Name: AkaSuki Bluesummers((the last name isnt revealed until the middle of the rpg ))
Age: 20
Height/Weight: 6'5/185 lbs
Description: Looks suspiciously like Legato. She has steel grey blue eyes
Attitude: Same as Knives but doesnt kill to prove it
Weapon: Two Twin Silver and Black 9mm's
Side: Titans
Bio: She Grew up with her Father. One day when she was 15 he left an' never came back. She went looking for him and eventually found him dead. She knew who had killed him by evidence left behind. She has vowed either to bring Vash into the authorities or kill him herself. She helped take over New July by force of course. She didnt kill a living soul in the process but did injure a few.
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Name: Zi Zhou
Age: 17
Height/Weight: 5'7" 130lbs.
Description: Zi, like her father, is leanly muscular, though she isn't as tall. She has long, violet hair and eyes like her father. She wears dark, fairly tight-fitting clothes, mostly purples, blacks, and blues. She wears her father's cloak.
Attitude: Zi is cold to most. She used to be cheerful and outgoing, but since her fathers death, she has become spiteful and cruel.
Weapon: Her father's Ninja-to, which she recovered from his body.
Side: Technically good.
Bio: Zi is Tao's adopted daughter. He has trained her to know nearly all he knows. She disapproved of her father's alliance with Knives, but never made her opinion known. Since she heard of her father's death, and the circumstances upon which he died, she has vowed two things. To kill Vash, and to kill Knives. She blames Vash for Tao's death, as well as Knives, for putting him into that situation. She doesn't want the $$60 billion, but she'll collect it as a side prize for knowing her father has been avenged.
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[COLOR=blue] Name: Nicholas Wolfwood(last name isn't revialed untill he meets face to face with Vash)(Read the bio it has a little more about name)

Age: 22

Height / Weight: 6'3 / 185

Description: Has black choppy hair, and most qualities are similair to Wolfwood. He wears a dark black suit, it is slightly worn out and faded.

Attitude: He is good hearted in most cases but when he is in battle some would rather have no one else by their side, For he can be more cold blooded or forgiving than anyone. And he belives he doesn't have to kill for fun or to prove himself, and he thinks little of those who do.

Weapon: A Cross much like Wolfwoods but it is only a machine gun. and a Silver .45 Long Colt Revolver.

Side: Titans.

Bio: Nicholas' mother was killed by some of the older Gung Ho Guns and he was almost killed also but they decided to keep him alive and train him into a model fighting machine. They brought him up saying he was the son of Nicholas D. Wolfwood and that Vash "The Stampede" was the one who killed Wolfwood. They made him grow pure hatred for Vash. They made his anger a weapon, and he became an expert gunman. He is known for his marksmenship. He only kills when he thinks he needs to or that there is no other way. He helps takes over July City, because he knows it will draw Vash right to him so that he can finally get revenge on Vash.[/COLOR]
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Name: Ticris
age: 16
height: 5'2"
weight: 110lbs.
description:Short black hair, samurai hat, green shirt, yellow pants, sandals
attitude: keeps his cool but gets angry easilly
weapon: bow/arrows, gun
side: Titans
Bio: A pure evil dude. He likes killing people because he thinks all their good for is taking his oxygen. He is a close friend of Shai.
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