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  1. I rarely check in on this site, but I came back after a year to check my PMs. Apparently I had said hello to someone, and they were just rude back. Boo!
  2. I'm Iron Man guys: [img]http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h21/Blurryhand/photo.jpg[/img]
  3. I want french fries.

    1. captain linda

      captain linda

      Checked my old email, and found this website. I'm alive!

  4. This is my current desktop. I have to sort through all the little things I have on it. I hate having a desktop with a lot of things on it. I usually have the weather up for my town and my boyfriend's town as well. [img]http://i978.photobucket.com/albums/ae268/FormicsLeader/desktop.png[/img]
  5. I just realized I've been on the OB since I was about 10/11 years old.... Sucks that it got reset or whatever happened, because I lost a lot of my childhood loosing those posts.
  6. Lost my Sims 3 game disc, so I have to download the sims 3 from EA's site and it's taking forever -_- I just want to play. Watching horror movies while I wait though.
  7. Woot :P Love this place!

  8. Elk

    omg ROAD TRIP!! I've always wanted to go to California! ^^ Perfect excuse now =P

  9. yes! I am someone's favorite person =P Roy Mustang is the greatest! =D How can people not like him?!

  10. Elk

    omg... yes ^^ Let's do it! We just have to find out what conventions we go to... lol

  11. Elk

    I haven't tried it either, but it looks like great fun. ^^

  12. Elk

    You're never too old to dress up!

    That's why there's cosplaying lol

  13. Elk

    It applies to everyone. =0

    I'm working on a viking costume for this coming holloween.

    Or a wench. Wenchs are Norse in nature, and thus on the same level with vikings lol

  14. Elk

    Don't worry. I type fail all the time >.> Like literally. There are times when I'm suprised people understand what I'm trying to say.

    Yes. Vikings are amazing and awesome and cute. So dress up like one and you will be too ^^

    It's that easy! The world just hasn't figured it out yet.

  15. Elk

    You're very welcome ^^

    Well "that person" has so pretty awesome artwork =D

    Aw well thank you very much ^^ But it is way easier to be cuter than me. Try it and you will find you have no problem =D Just take a picture of yourself dressed as a viking.

    Vikings are cute ^^

  16. [quote name='Shy' date='04 August 2010 - 06:46 PM' timestamp='1280965595' post='698864'] This is great news. I'm gonna get married so hard tonight. Maybe twice. It's my right! -Shy [/quote] Me too! Oh yeah! Never been a better time to go to the home of the fruits and nuts. ^^ One hour weddings for the win! Yeah...
  17. Plain Dane was very confused. He had taken his towel and gone off to find the others. He hadn't been able to locate Bear, but he had found Saio and Anya quick enough by following the screams and the carnage. What he saw before him was horrible. It was the fabled [b]The Gothopotomus[/b], which was confusing him for two reasons: 1) he thought they were extinct and 2) the grammer required to address [b]The Gothopotomus [/b]was sometimes horrendous. In his confusion, Plain Dane hurt himself, much like a pokemon in the GameBoy games. Luckily, all his fingers were still attached as he drew his hidden blade. What was it his father had said about it? It was only for sword fighting, not close range assasination? No, no that didn't seem right. He withdrew his hidden blade and withdrew his sword. Plain Dane smiled and charged at [b]The Gothopotomus[/b] right as the beast was charging at Saio, but the mighty beast roared at him and he stopped dead in his tracks. He raised an eyebrow. "[i]Oh ****[/i]."
  18. Gah! I loved my little nerd!! Thank you ^^ He is adorable. I want to put him in my pocket! Thank you so much!! It is so awesome! Can I have another? of this guy: [img]http://thecia.com.au/reviews/d/images/dorm-daze-2.jpg[/img] [img]http://l.yimg.com/eb/ymv/us/img/hv/photo/movie_pix/universal_pictures/the_fast_and_the_furious/tony_denman/furiouspre.jpg[/img] It's Newmar from National Lampoon presents Dorm Daze
  19. Hooray for bandwagons! Can I have a picture of a computer nerd? Like any random little cliche computer nerd... but one of the cute ones I don't know. It was just a random thought that came to mind. xD
  20. That was hilarious! That's exactly what I feel every time I go on the SS Anne =[ and all the other varriations of it in the other games. But I still go because I don't know any other place to get like a billion pokemon battles lol
  21. I like it very much so far! I can't wait for you to continue! I like the name "Grayson" in particular, because I like names like that. You write very well and it flows very nicely. The imagery is nice and vivid. This can be something great if you continue with it.
  22. Eh, that's true. And there are lots of other things that can happen once we get home. ^^
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