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    well high school keeps me pretty busy at the moment :)

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  1. yush again! except its dangerfish!

    (i love a good pun)

  2. just made a gingerbread house :)

    1. Magus


      Seems like everyone is making those these days

  3. are you excited for xmas! :D

  4. happy festivus :)

    1. James


      Time to air the grievances? :P

    2. Pleiades Rising

      Pleiades Rising

      I have only 33 minutes to perform my feat of strength. Grievances performed dutifully, however.

  5. gotta keep up the theme!

  6. i love the bear :) haha

  7. I am glad i could inspire you!

    you are definitely gonna like em!

  8. i picked up those miniwheats today! :D i haven't tried them yet but i'll let you know how i like them :)

  9. is wondering what your favorite color is :)

  10. also, i read your status!

  11. I did! buuut i am gonna change it back, I am too forgettable without my trademark!

  12. you changed your name! mmm i love eggnog :D

  13. the cereal is definitely out there!

    I bought two boxes yesterday. ^~^

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