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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]When the Prophecy of the Digidestined was newly written and the Digital World knew peace there was a great order of Mega Level Digimon, the only Mega level Digimon during this time. They were know as the Royal Knights of the Holy Order, Lead by the Mighty Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) they each guarded an Area of the Digital world that had attributes of a certain Element. Imperialdramon of Fire, LordKnightmon of Wind, Dynasmon of Earth, Omnimon of Water, Magnamon of Spirit, Gallantmon of Steel and AlForceVeedramon of Plasma. It was a great time of Peace when these Mega Level Digimon watched over the Digital World. But like all good things, it would not last

In the south of the Digital World where the Power of the Elements did not reach there arose Seven Great Demon Lords of the Digital world. They were Lucemon (Satan Mode) MaloMyotismon, Daemon, Lilithmon, Beelzemon (Blast Mode) Murmuxmon and Ghoulmon. They were the first of the Evil Virus Mega level Digimon, and they believed that the Holy Knights did not deserve the power of the Elements and took it upon them selves to steal the Elementals and corrupt them to serve their purpose.

So began the first Great War of the Digital World. For a time it look like the Demon Lords were going to win the War, but the Holy Knights soon turned the tide, but at a Price. Gallantmon and AlForceVeedramon both had their Elementals stolen from them, and they them selves returned to the baby stage and were forgotten about. After a cataclysmic between Lucemon (Satan Mode) and Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) the leaders of both sides were trapped in a void were they remain to this day. With out their leader the Demons retreated to the South and remained quiet for many years.

Fearing this might happen again the remaining Knights made their Elementals in special Crytals and LordKnightmon, how had been given the Fire along with Wind, hid them among the Digital world to wait for a time when the Digimon and the Digidestined who had the Power to use these to Digivolve to a new level. And a new Prophecy was written, The Elemental Prophecy of the Digital World. And so our story begins......
Okay, this is how it goes: There are five Elementals for the five kids and each kid has one of these Elementals, heres how the Elemental Digivolutions shape up:

Fire Elemental ? Infernodramon
Wind Elemental ? Tempestmon
Earth Elemental ? Terrainmon
Water Elemental ? Aquaticmon
Spirit Elemental ? Meleemon

These are the E-Digivolutions reguardless of the Digimon you pick. And this is the info I'd like for your Characters:

School: Shimada High (We all go here)
D-Elemental Colour: (These are our Digivices, duh)
Heres my Sign up:

[U]Name:[/U] Steven Takot
[U]Age:[/U] 16
[U]School:[/U] Shimada High
[U]Elemental:[/U] Fire
[I]Baby: Dodomon
In-training: Dorimon
Rookie: Dorumon
Champion: Dorugamon
Ulimate: Dorugremon
Mega: Dorugoramon
Elemental: Infernodramon[/I]
[U]D-Elemental Colour:[/U] [COLOR=orangered]Orange-Red[/COLOR]
[U]Description:[/U] Steven has short black hair with sticks up at odd angles and soft brown eyes. He wears the trade-mark goggles which have black out-lining and red straps. He generally wears black jeans and dark coloured T-Shirts and black/grey trainers (Or sneakers)
[U]Personality:[/U] Much like all the other ?Goggle-Boys? of the Digidestined/Tamers Steven can speak or act before he thinks, that?s what he has in common with Tai and Davis. But, much like Takato, he is slow to anger but just as slow to mirth. Like his Elemental, fire, Steven burns with pride when the group accomplishes something great and burns with fury when a member of the group is wronged or harmed in any way.
[U]The Catches[/U]
1. You must submit a post from another RPG to me by PM, and it must not be shorter then three paragraphs.

2. When you submit your character and sample, I will respond with my decision.

3. When the RPG starts posts must be no shorter than 3 paragraphs[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b]Kimana Toki(Ki)
[b]School:[/b]Shimada High (We all go here)
[b]Baby:[/b]Punimon>Bubble Blow
[b]In Training:[/b]Tsunomon>Bubble Blow
[b]Rookie:[/b]Strabimon>Light Nail,Light Leg
[b]Champion:[/b]Lobomon>Lobo Kendo,Howling Laser,Ancient Spirit of Light
[b]Ultimate:[/b]KendoGarurumon>Lupine Laser,Howling Star
[b]Mega:[/b]BeoWolfmon>Frozen Hunter,Cleansing Light
[b]D-Elemental Colour:[/b][color=royalblue][b]Baby Blue[/b][/color]
[b]Description:[/b]Ki has chocolate brown hair and bright emerald eyes but they are usually covered by her silver,reflective,custom made sunglasses.She wears a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside that has the image of a baby blue chinese coiled up dragon on the front,navy blue pants and blue and white nike joggers
[b]Personality:[/b]Ki is a kind and caring person.Like her elemental she is cool and can keep calm in heavy situations.Sometimes she may get heated up when very aggitated but it doesn't happen very often.Though she can be very upset if one of her friend's are hurt in any way.Physically or Emotionally.She's always there to comfort people and as a shoulder to cry on or a stronghold.
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[u]Name:[/u] Matt Hawke
[u]Age:[/u] 16
[u]School:[/u] Shimada High
[u]Element:[/u] Spirit
[u]Digimon:[/u] [i]
Baby: Puttomon
In-Training: Cupimon
Rookie: Lucemon
Champion: Angemon
Ultimate: MagnaAngemon
Mega: SlashAngemon
Elemental: Meleemon[/i]
[u]D-Elemental Colour:[/u] [COLOR=silver]Silver[/COLOR]
[u]Description:[/u] Matt has bright pure Blonde hair that shines in the sun. He wears a bright orange T-Shirt that says "Whassup!" near the top. He has Black, long shorts with a silver stripe down the right side. He has a silver necklace with a black lines on it that he never takes off and in the middle is a small silver nail like thingy. He also has a Fitted Visor which is grey but black on the front and it says "Hoops". He also has bright blue eyes. He's 5"7 and only 96 lbs. Which makes him very fast. He also has a year round tan.
[u]Personality:[/u] Matt is one of the kindest guys around. One time his girlfriend had to give him permission to kiss her. He's very sociable with everyone. And very funny.[/b]

-=§=- :wave:[/size][/color]
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Name: Glenn Reid
Age: 15
School: Shimada High
Element: Wind
Baby: Pabumon
In-training: Motimon
Rookie: Gotsumon
Champion: Thunderbirdmon
Ultimate: AeroVeedramon
Mega: Pheonixmon (EDITED)
Elemental: Tempestmon
D-Elemental Colour: [color=limegreen]Limegreen[/color]
Description: Glenn has long blond hair, but it is obviously dyed since it gets darker near the roots. He has blue eyes, and a large green jacket with a Chinese dragon on the back, as well as a darker green shirt underneath. He also wars black fingerless gloves and very light aquamarine jeans, which have been bleached to almost perfect whiteness. Also wears large hiking boots, and carries sunglasses in the jacket pocket. He is 6' tall and weighs 110 lbs, making him quite skinny.
Personality: Although calm most of the time, Glenn actually has a very animated personality, winsome and wild and with an imagination unlike anyone else. He loves to express himself through writing and poetry, as well as taking advanced kendo classes. People usually steer clear of him because of it. He is also quite intelligent, since he is one year younger than anyone in his class.
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Kimana Toki
Post Sample Recived[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Matt Hawke
Post Sample Recived[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Glenn Reid
Post Sample Recived[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Thanks for changing that Wondershot, now we wait for other Applications.....if they come :S[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Saikano TecAmoray (Sai for short)

Age: 16

School: Shimada High

Elemental: Earth

In-training: Dokunemon
Rookie: Betamon
Champion: Yamamon
Ulimate: SandYanmamon
Mega: Brachiomon
Elemental: Terrainmon

D-Elemental Colour:[COLOR=seagreen]Sea-Green[/COLOR]

Description: Short black hair tinited vilot, brown eyes, pale skin, and rosy cheeks. Wears a short sleeve white shirt, the end of the sleeves are lined with sea-green along with the collar of the shirt. Black pants, white and black tennis shoes, and has black choker with a small rose in the front. She is 86 lbs, and is 5' feet tall.

Personality: Sai is very quiet, void, and intelligent. Sai's quiet attitude causes many people to interpret her as being shy. Her nature is more contemplative really. Sai basically let's the others do the talking and adds her comments when she feel it is need. When she chooses to speak it's usually relevant and important. Sai tried never to show fear, or any other emition that would cause others to worry about her.

At school, she is usally found helping others, that or being alone. Sai being faithful to the ones she cares about. Will always be there for them and stand up for them. Although not being the best fighter she gets beat up and teased alot at school. So Sai usually keeps her mouth shut. This causeing her to be ignored by the other class mates.
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Saikano TecAmory
Post Sample Recived[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Okay people, we can start now ^^, but it's late where I am so I'll start it tomorrow okay ^_^. Any questions PM me or add me to MSN Messenger (Send address in PM)[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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