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OOC: There will only be eight people. If you do not post in a curtain amount of days, i will consider you dead in the rpg.

IC: Everyone has felt along sometimes. There are those people who fell like no one wants them and there is nothing that they can do, no one they can talk to, and that they have no right to live.

If you were given a second chance to make a difference in life would you? If you could protect the world and fell wanted, would you do anything?

Welcome to the year 3031. The world is left in ruins and very few people are left on the planet. The others have moved, to the Moon, Mars, and just in space. The people that were left on the planet were too poor to buy a plot in either of those places. There is no communication to the planet either. NO one knows if there are people left on the surface. All the chemicals and waste that was left behind started to effect them.

Now, the planet wants to be free. It changed over night and no one noticed. Forests regrew, the building not in use disappeared, and the people left on the planet understood what happened. Seven people were chosen by the planet to protect it. Seven elements rule in the planet's wake.

Space and the other domains have noticed the change and they want to get back on the planet. But the planet has other ideas and fought back to keep its purity. The war started on this day and in this year. This battle continued for 50 years.

There year is 3081 now. The original seven protecters have died in battle now. The planet is being ravaged by the victors. That is, until seven children from off the world, these children forgotten, alone, and called social freaks, come to find them selves being drawn to the planet.

These seven control the elements and a new power that the old seven never had. Now the seven must harness the power that was given them, understand their ability, and free the planet again. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Darkness, Light, Dreams, and Psychic elements have been given.

Airin sighed heavily and sat on a bench at the space port. She had just arrived at the port above New Earth a few minutes ago. Unfortunately for her this was all the father she could go because she didn't have enought Bit Credits to get the the planet. She needed to get there for some odd reason too.

Airin rested her head on the bench, "Why is this the worst time in my life?" she muttered. "I mean, it can get better and get worse. With my luck it can only get worse."

An alarm started to blare through the port. Airin looked around in fear.

'What the bloody frill is going on?!?!' she thought.

Several heavily armed guards came down the hall and stopped a few feet away from her.

"Where is the stow away now?" one guard shouted.

'Stow away?' Airin thought puzzled.

"I saw it come down this way." another guard answered.

"You mean you didn't stop and see if it was male or female?" the first screamed.

"Sorry sir."
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Suddenly a dog ran out from a cover of boxes.It spotted a girl sitting quietly watching the commotion.It made its way over and sat with the girl as guards ran past.They dismissed it as an ordinary dog.As soon as they had passed and it was clear the dog began to change.Soon it grew and became a human.

"Hello.My name's Ki.And you are?"she said holding out her hand for a shake.

"Oh.I'm Airin.Are you the stow away they're looking for?"the girl replied taking the hand and shaking it.

"I suppose so.I'm a morpher mainly.I can use the power of water too."Ki said sitting down next to Airin.

"I change into any creature I can think of."replied Airin.

"Handy.So what are you doing here?"Ki asked curiosly.

"Going to New Earth.You?"

"Same reasons.Someone reported me as a stow away.I'm not."Ki said looking around.

"That was mean of 'em."

"At least you're not the one reported stow away that everyone's after."

"I'm sure they'll have it sorted out soon."

"Maybe...I heard there's some other people going to New Earth arriving soon."

"Cool.We'll have some company then."

The two girls continued their conversation finding out about each other and learning about their traits and personalities.

[b]OOC: Did I do anything wrong?Anything you don't like?tell me and I'll edit.[/b]
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Kitty was looking out the window admiring space, when she heard some men arguing a few yards away. As the men dissappeared, she saw a dog trot towards a girl, then the dog became a human girl, too. Kitty was taken startled for a moment, then realized something.

Kitty: She's... like me somehow. Maybe if I go over...

Kitty hesitated, then started to walk over towards the bench. The two girls talking quieted and watched Kitty slowly approach them. When Kitty got to the bench, the others looked at her questioningly.

Kitty: What are your names? I'm Kitty.

Ki: I'm Ki! This is Airin. I'm a-

Kitty: A morpher. I saw. I control wind. You?

Airin: Who, m-me? Oh, I control darkness, but I can change into any thing I want.

Kitty smiled and sat down, too. Ki started talking to Airin again, when suddenly Kitty held out her hand towards them.

Kitty: I have plenty. Go ahead.

Airin: How'd you know that I needed Bit Credits?

Kitty: I heard you talking about it a second ago. Ki, do you need some?
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Guest Hikaru14
Minako sat wondering if anyone notice a dog morph into a girl.It was no surprise to her that the girl could morph, but nobody seem to notice save her and a girl with blue hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Minako: Might as well go and see what their are talking about.

She slowly got up and walked over.

Minako:Hi my name is Minako, I saw you morph and overheard you talking about controling elements.I can manipulate earth...

kitty:My name is Kitty, this is Airin and Ki.I control Air.

Ki:And I control water

Airin:I control darkness and can turn in to anything I want.Let me guess your also going to Earth.

Minako: So everyone here is?

Everyone nodded, Minako stood wonder why everone was going but didn't ask. She took a seat on the next bench and listened to the conversation.

Minako to herself:I wonder why we are all here and all can control an element?

OOC:I'm not very good this,did I do okay.:)
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ooc: you guys did great. i wouldn't tell you to change it anyway.


Airin was interested in the whole elements conversation but soon found her mind wandering. All three girls, Ki, Kitty, and Minako, were now in a conversation of their own. Her gaze drifted to the window and the sight of the earth. She had heard many stories of the past and how the earth was. But from the looks of it now it was better than ever, though you could see large gashes caused by the war.

[i]They shouldn't have done that.[/i] she thought to herself.

Kitty waved her hand infront of Airin's face. "Are you home?"

"Huh?" she asked and then blushed.

"They called our shuttle." Ki replied.

"Oh." Airin said and stood up. "Than what are we waiting for?"
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Matt was walking when he saw 4 beautiful girls headed towards Shuttle 12. That's where he was headed. BONUS! He walked towards them, took a deep breath and said Hi.

They stopped and stared at Matt. His blonde hair was shining and Blue eyes glistening.

"You gotta lot of Courage coming up to us" said Minako.

"Uh.. I.. I guess." said Matt.

After a few moments of silence Matt broke it with a "I'm Matt. And you are...?"

"Im Kitty!" said Kitty blushing while the others giggled.

"What!? He said Hi!" said Kitty at the girls.

"Ugh.. ignore them." Kitty was all red with anger.


"So you can't get to Earth?" said Airin.

"Correct." answered Matt.

"Really?" Ki asked.

"Really, really" said Matt. "Unless.."

"Unless what!?" questioned Kitty.

"Shuttle 13 takes ya there but it costs alot of BC... but it gets you there safe and sound."

The group huddled popping their heads out looking at Matt every once and a while. Finally they stood up and walked past Matt.

"Thanks for your help." they all said heading towards Shuttle 13.

"Wait! I was hoping I could come... ugh" said Matt slowly and quietly. He didn't think they heard him but...[/b][/color][/size]
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Kitty was still a little red, but she stopped and turned towards Matt. She threw him some BC and then went back to the girls. The others were still giggling at her.

Kitty: WHAT?! Can't a girl help someone out?

Ki: *giggles* Yes a girl can, but you?! You make it so... so... *giggles*

Kitty: That's it. I am NOT sittin' next to you three on this thing!!

Minako: So who ARE you going to sit next to? *giggles*

Kitty just stuck her tounge out and walked ahead of them. Matt, behind the others, was red in the face. Kitty starts to think: [i]Why do I even try making friends...[/i]
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Ace warps infront of the girls and turns around bumping into Ki.

Ace:Im sorry,my falt.

Ki:Thats ok.

Ace:Oh ya im Ace,I can send out a wave of energy and warp as you can saw.

Ki:I'm Ki,I can control water and morph into stuff.

Kitty:Im Kitty,I can manupulate the wind and fly.

Airin:My names Airin,and I have the power to morph into any creature that I can imagine.

Minako:And I'm Minako,I can manipulate earth.

Ace:I see your heading to shuttle 13.You don't mind if I come with you?

The girls just look at him strangly.

Ace:I have enuff BC to pay for my self,so what do you say?
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Donajel seated himself in the baggage room of shuttle 13. It was a bit uncomfortable, having lumpy bags and packages all about, but it was the only way he could think of to get to New Earth.

Truth be told, Donajel didn't even know why he was going to New Earth. He had been doing alright where he was; eating enough and having a decent place to sleep each night. But he had suddenly become gripped with this compulsion, this...need to go to New Earth.

Peering out of a small window, Donajel spotted a group of several girls his age. He suddenly regretted that he was could not afford to pay for a cabin seat in the shuttle. He had been forced to stow away in the baggage room. Then he saw someone else following close behind the girls. It was a blue-eyed blonde guy. He was obviously following them. then suddenly, another boy suddenly appeared and bumped into the lead girl. They talked for a moment, then moved out of his sight.

Donajel laid down. He might as well get comfortable for the trip ahead. Something covered the small window and the room was plunged into darkness. Donajel did not like the dark. His imagination always painted vivid pictures of horrible monsters whenever he was in the dark. He snapped his fingers, and suddenly, it wasn't dark anymore.
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Airin shook her head as they got seated. She got a window seat but was no where near the others. Kitty was sitting with Matt, Ace, Ki, and Minako were sitting togeather, and that left her by a very old guy that was looking her over. She sighed inwardly and swatted at the guy's hand.

"Touch me and you might get more than you want." she snarled at the man.

He just looked at her and smiled. "What do you mean?"

Airin glared at him and replied, "You'll soon find out if you keep it up."

Airin turned back toward the window and sighed as they went over safety precautions and all the other stuff that goes on in the shuttles. The captain gave them warning and they launched into space.

It was a slow trip to even the atmosphere, or it seemed long because of the guy beside her. He was just reaching over again when she lost it.

"I gave you fair warning." she snarled loudly.

She closed her eyes and consentrated on a creature that she had been imagining during the trip. The creature was a snake with gold eyes and fur along its body. Sharp fangs glistened with poison. Almost in a blink of and eye she had transformed into that creature.

"Wh-What are you?!?!" he screamed.

Airin just hissed and the man passed out beside her. She returned to her normal form.
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[color=blue][size=1]Kitty was looking out of the window, trying to avoid looking at the girls who were a little ways away. Matt and her were both red, but Kitty was glad she wasn't sitting where Airin had to sit. She noticed that the man had fainted, then she laughed out loud, startling Matt.

Matt: What's so funny?

Kitty: What Airin did.

Matt: What'd she do? Did she make a funny face or a joke or something?

Kitty: You remember who she's sittin' next to, right? Well, she used her power to make him faint. Or maybe she was going for something else... Oh well. At least he won't bother her.

Kitty turned back to the window and noticed that they would be landing soon. She looked down at New Earth and wondered what it would be like. She spaced out for so long that Matt waved his hand in front of her face. She blinked and then blushed, turning her face red again.[/color][/size]
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