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Writing My dragonball Z fanfiction (email me if you want details on anything)


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The story of a lifetime

Way back in time, two spaceships travel. One in the west, the other, in the same direction, but faster. In the background, a planet explodes. The planet that explodes is called Vegeta, and the spaceships carry Goku and another Saiyan. The slower spaceship's cargo is unknown.

Almost 20 years later, Goku and the others are training to fight the Androids. They are in the middle of the forest, eating breakfast until they heard a loud crash. "What was that," said Goku.
"I don't know, but it doesn't seem nice," replied Piccolo. They went immediately to check out the crash site. When they got there, the smoke had not yet settled. A mysterious figure approached. "Don't tell me it's that mysterious future boy again."
"No it isn't," said Goku, reading the person's ki. Gohan fell silent. He wouldn?t believe it if Frieza had come back. Instead of attacking the person came out of the dust and said hi. "Hey", said Goku. "I'm sorry, but I know this guy. His spaceship broke down on the way here. On my way back from Namek, I met him training on Yardrat." Piccolo's mouth had not dropped so low before.
"You mean, you've met him before!" replied Piccolo.
"Of course". Piccolo fell in disbelief.
"My name is Juni, and you must be??
? Oh, don?t mind him,? interrupted Goku. ?He?s not feeling well, so you?ll need to excuse him. They walked into the house to get something for lunch. Piccolo, for the first time in Dragonball Z history, cooked. It was very surprising and shocking. The Evil King who hadn?t cooked since the beginning of the Earth, put together a mean grilled chicken sandwich.
?Nice food?, said Goku with a mouthful of sandwich. Piccolo mumbled something when Vegeta walked in.
?Goku, I challenge you!? hollered Vegeta.
?Vegeta, are you okay?, replied Goku.
?Fool! Of course I?m okay! Why don?t you get yourself out here and fight!? Juni stood up.
?I?ll fight you,? said Juni with confidence.
?So you think you?re tough, huh?? said Vegeta. And with that, a battle began.

Juni powered up to an astounding level. Vegeta powered as well, but not as high. Vegeta threw the first punch and missed. Juni kicked Vegeta?s leg in mid-air. Not a very strong move but effective. Juni?s ki blast destroyed a large area of land. Juni stood in Kamehameha stance. He shouted ?Rainbow Kamehameha!? Vegeta began to do the same. After five minutes of powering, their blasts fired simultaneously. A ki wave battle began. Juni?s rainbow colored ki blast began to win. But no one knew the capabilities of Vegeta?s Galick Gun. Goku watched in suspense as the two powers collided. No one placed any bets. After many minutes of battling, both blasts exploded. Smoke flew everywhere. No one could see clearly who won. A mystery was being pondered. After the smoke settled, both combatants were tired, but determined to go on. Vegeta watched in awe as the battlers survived each other in harsh battle. More physical combat began to go in motion, and Vegeta was taking a real beating. Juni was stronger than anyone had imagined, and Goku knew it. Juni stood watching Vegeta coughing on sand. "What's wrong, can't catch your breath," taunted Juni. Vegeta got angry and stopped.
"I admit it..." said an injured Vegeta. Everyone gasped in surprise.
"Are you really okay, Vegeta," said Goku. In silence, Vegeta flew off.

Juni's Adventure Begins- Strap on your seat belts!

"That was weird," said Juni as he powered down.
"Why did he run?" whispered Gohan to himself.
"Did you say something, son?" replied Goku.
"No," said Gohan, nodding his head.
"Did you just see that, I have more power than I realize," Juni said to himself. They went back into the house for tea. They engaged in more conversation. Several hours later, Juni was invited to spend the night. He and Gohan had fun playing video games. And they slept half the night after playing Hyper Dimension. In the morning, Piccolo was protesting to cook so, Chi-Chi decided to. Pancakes and sausage, Goku?s favorite. Juni would leave as soon as they were finished with breakfast. Everyone wished him good-bye later. Gohan thought of how Juni reminded him of Trunks. He wondered if Trunks was doing okay in his future.
"I hope you do okay Juni," said Goku.
"I'll do fine," replied Juni. He boarded his ship and blasted off in turbulence.

Hours later, in space, Juni was gravity training. He wanted to become a Super Saiyan, just like Goku. He knew he had the power, but not the motivation. Then he thought of Vegeta. If he had plenty of motivation, then why is he not a Super Saiyan? Many hours of thinking took place. He couldn't ponder the situation correctly. He knew exactly that Vegeta was the prince of Saiyans. What he thought most about was, his past. Where did he really come from, and why was he not with beings similar to him. That is what made Juni and Goku such good friends. They where the strongest of their kind, and they knew it.

Not a good beginning - trouble already!

Juni had problems trying to find a spot to land and stock up on more food. He had bad luck on some planets, and on others not good stuff. Until he finally landed on a ruby colored planet. The beings were nice enough to give him some food on his journey. However, there were some complications. They began to get hostile once they found out that he was a Saiyan. The king sent his strongest warriors to fight Juni. Juni being as complacent as he is, accepted the king's challenge. He sent three, Jark, Henme, and Eon. They were to fight him in a stadium. Juni wanted to have the fight fought in a larger place, so it was so. Cameras would televise the situation.

The day came. Juni was ready. He wore the GI that Goku gave him. It was just like Goku's, only the fact that Juni's was blank. He stepped into the arena to fight Jark. Jark was alien which looked like Jeice, only taller. Jark decided to start with a taunt. "Let's go Saiyan weakling, I haven't got time for a pushover." His attack was short and sweet. A nice backhand slap shut Jark up. Juni wanted everyone to know that he was serious, and he showed it. Henme tried to interrupt, but was caught by an unseen ki blast. Juni was ready. Eon tried his hand at it. Juni kicked him in his stomach, before he even got to attack. Jark bound Juni in a strong ki rope. This was it. Juni tried hard to free himself, but couldn't. He watched as everyone laughed at him. He deeply meditated. In his "vision" he saw Vegeta. Vegeta was telling him that he was nothing, and that he would fail Super Saiyan. He also saw the warriors he was fighting. They as well were laughing at him. All of a sudden, he got angry. He got so angry, his energy aura started to get darker. His hair began to stand and flashed white. Everyone watched in awe. Even Goku sensed his high power level on Earth. Juni broke out of the ki disks. He became a Super Saiyan! He backhanded Eon into a rock. And used Rainbow Kamehameha on Jark and Henme. The king shouted in terror, ?Stop your destruction!? Juni just smiled. He blasted all of the cameras, and began to target the civilians. The army came firing their firearms and attacking him. Juni laughed, and wiped out the entire army. He shot a ki spear at the king's head, instantly killing him. All the innocent women and children were killed as well. Juni was really cruel. Goku sensed trouble on Earth.
"What's that high ki level?" Goku asked himself. "It isn't Vegeta, too high, it couldn't be... Juni?" Goku had called attention to himself. He disturbed Piccolo in his deep meditation. Everyone thought that Gohan was meditating, but little did they know that Gohan was sleep.

Juni woke up hours later on the ground. He had no real memory of what happened, only traces of evidence everywhere. He had led a race into extinction. Deep in his mind he could hear a voice say, "Good job, Juni, you?ve cleared your first planet."

The Great Tournament I - Juni's big break!

Juni came to a planet called Thaar, where the Smurf-like people live. Juni had his tail cut by the swordsmen. They had not known of Saiyans before. They welcomed him with great hospitality, like the beings of Yardrat. He saw advertisements about an intergalactic tournament. Many fighters, all over the galaxy would be there. The fights would be held on a planet they referred to as "Match City". There the fighters would register and train. Goku would later fight in a tournament like this. He met an old Thaar, who would teach him his techniques. They called him Mr. Ishtar. He told Juni, "I will assist you, but you must win this tournament!" Juni was adamant about the fights. He registered and began training.

They began training in a place called Gathar. The surrounding mountains and wastelands made everything great. First, Juni tried to harness Super Saiyan. Discouraged that he couldn't do it again, he almost lost hope, however, until Mr. Ishtar taught him the Galactic Raging Fist. He thought that if he had a good arsenal of moves, he wouldn't need another form. He trained hard for many days until the tournament. He was now ready, to conquer the ranks.

The first day of the tournament was easy, all he had to do was eliminate the weaker, leave the stronger. His first real match was three days later. He fought his first opponent, Jacky. Jacky was shorter and younger, but Juni knew he would win. "Everyone welcome to the tournament of the year!" said the announcer. "Our first match is Juni vs. Jacky! Round 1, Fight!" Then the fight commenced. Juni first started in defensive stance. Jacky started his fight with a round of multiple kicks. He didn't touch Juni at all. Juni high kicked Jacky into the air. He continued the fight up there with some hard attacks, but Jacky had a trick up his sleeve. He knew a technique called Cloud Smash. He could gather essential energy and use it to carry out a physical attack. He put together some energy and his fists began to glow. He smashed Juni in the face and sent him flying. Jacky began his relentless attack on Juni. By the time he was done, Juni's face was all bruised up. "Times up, loser", said Jacky. "Need a band aid, ha, ha," laughed Jacky.
"Keep laughing." Juni punched Jacky in the face, ending his Cloud Smash and his continuous boasting. A continuous punch on Jacky made him subdue. Jacky fell and the count began. "1, 2, 3, 4..." the announcer counted. Jacky got up on the count of 8. Juni gathered all his energy, and with one punch, knocked Jacky out of the ring, right into the wall. Everyone looked in awe.

After the match, Juni was taken to the hospital to get his face bandaged up. Jacky entered the room. "Great match Juni," said Jacky.
"Thank you," answered Juni. They shook hands, that's when the nurse walked in. Juni didn't know exactly what he was getting into. She sighed. "So you?re our first Cloud Smash victim".
"Yes," answered Juni.
"That must hurt".
"No actually it tingles."
"Yes, really."

Juni had to wait several days, and his opponent forfeited afterwards. When the bandage was about to be pulled off, he assured himself that there would be nothing wrong. The nurse took a deep breath as she began to wrap the bandage off. She gasped. "You look perfectly fine!"
"And you do too. What is your name?"
"Would you like to meet me for lunch tomorrow?"
"I would love to."
?At the café, at 12.?
?I?ll be there.?

Juni?s next match was with a guy named Mercury. Mercury had speed, and most importantly a good power level, Juni would have some trouble. Luckily, his date was first. He had not seen May eye to eye before, but they conversed. Often talking about personal matters. She was amazed that he had healed so perfectly. He was also stronger, thanks to his Saiyan genes. Juni had never been in love before. He thought as some kind of magic. In reality, he had never been in contact with a female before.

He walked to her table, feeling awkward as he came. He wasn't nervous, but shaky in his manner. His first mistake was mentioning the fight. "How do you think I will do?" May didn't answer at all. She just looked away as if she didn't hear a thing. Juni realized his irony, and corrected himself. "Lovely day, isn't it?"
"Why in fact it is," May replied. Somehow the conversation got to other things. They talked about fortune, love, and even funny events that took place in each other's lives.

Hiding behind some bushes, Mercury became jealous. He had to win the match and May. He knew something about Saiyans that no one noticed. He would expose Juni's real weakness.

The match came on later on. Mercury was ready for a fight. He new the secret to beating Juni from the start. The match started instantly with no delay. Mercury began to try to stun Juni. Then he did the unthinkable, pulled Juni?s tail. It had grown back during training. Juni stopped, thought, and began to weaken. Surprised, stunned and shocked, Juni fell. Mercury had a big grin on his face. ?Ha, you weakling Saiyan, how dare you challenge me with that weakness?? Deep inside of his mind, Juni got very angry, and it began to show.
?Think you can beat me like that?? answered Juni.
?Feeling confident??
?Maybe.? Juni began to power up. His hair began to stand. He had powered up to Super Saiyan level again. He broke off his tail, and began to glow lightly. His energy aura put everyone in a sense of awe. He then used his Super Saiyan speed to pull a fast kick on Mercury. "Don't ever mess with the tail!" Juni powered up a Super Kamehameha as his finisher. "Ka-me-ha-me-ha!!!"
"OH @#$%!!!" replied Mercury, as he vaporized into the light. The match was over, and everyone celebrated a new promised champion.
"Stunningly marvelous!" shouted the announcer. ?We have seen a wonderful fight here today,? he added.

After the fight, Juni had won over some fans who were really beginning to notice Juni?s special abilities. Juni knew about Super Saiyan, but could not control it. Maybe by holding it back, he thought, he could understand it better. The next round of matches would be in about four days. He had this much time to pull himself together. He met up with May and trained.
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