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Writing Help on writing a Autobiography???


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[color=crimson]Hmmmmm...What's it for? A class? It's supposed to give an image of what kind of person you are and what you have done with your life so far, I think. Think of the important things you have done in your life and write them on a piece of paper. They don't have to be long. Then think of the rest of your life and fill in the blanks. That's how I wrote mine for my creative writing class, I was one out of three people who got A's, hope yours is as good as mine. Good luck!!!

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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[size=1]Well, not just things that have affected your life, but little incidents and anecdotes that are fond things. They may have no effect on you what so ever. Some autobiographies are even odd thoughts that people have a random times.

I suppose, the best thing to do is be creative. That's all a teacher can ask, after all.

Of course, it wouldnt' hurt to have a good beginning. I remember one of my friends stories [written in 3rd person, from a mother's perspective] that described childbirth, so you could change that to something like:

[i]It was thirty six hours, twelve minutes and two seconds from the time my mother went into labour and the time my mother gave birth to me. She's never let me forget how much of a burden I was -- how incredibly painful I was to bring into the world. Of course, she'll always remind me at just the right times; when I need to do my chores, for instance.[/i]

Or something like that.[/size]
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