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Writing Gundam Wing Fanfic


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[color=crimson]This story was actually written for my creative writing class in 8th grade. The story is 17 pages long, everyone else in the class had 3 or 4 pages. O_o Heh. I actually had to reprint it and change the names cause everyone who i ask to read the beginning had trouble with them.
There is a bit of out of characterness, especially on Wufei's part. It had to be a mystery/horror story, so yeah. I'm gonna post it in two pieces. If I get any reviews, good ones hopefully, asking for the next part it will be up.
Here goes nothing:[/color]

When the Sun Comes Up

Duo walked down the stairs towards his friends. They were waiting for him so they could go home, Duo had the key. Duo knew he was late, and he hoped he did not have to explain why, he would be in big trouble if he did.
?Hiya, guys!? Duo cheered happily.
Heero threw his normal death glare as Duo greeted them enthusiastically. Quatre, the blonde one, greeted Duo with his normal kindness. Trowa remained as silent as ever, he just nodded; his one-eyed gaze steady and unwavering. Wufei began to rant about the injustice of Duo always being late.
By now, Duo was used to this kind of greeting, no matter how odd it would seem to normal friends. Duo started his way towards the crosswalk to get across the street; he paused only to see if everyone else was following. Once he knew they were there he continued. After crossing the street Duo headed for Elm Ave., the street on which their house was located.
?Wait up!? yelled a voice.
Duo heard the distant call of Quatre as he watched the sunset as he walked. He turned around to see Heero and Wufei right behind him, but not Quatre and Trowa. Duo quickly asked Heero where they were, who jerked a thumb towards a stairwell about five houses back. Without another word to Heero or Wufei, Duo headed back to see what was wrong with Quatre and Trowa.
Duo turned back just a moment to see the sun disappear behind the horizon. He sighed as he continued his walk. Upon reaching the stairwell, Duo noticed a small trail of blood leading towards where Trowa and Quatre sat. A small pool of blood also had formed where Trowa?s leg was resting. Quatre was fussing over the wound like a kitten?s mother. Duo slowly moved Quatre?s hands out of the way so he could inspect the wound himself.
Trowa had what appeared to be a knife wound in his leg.
?Trowa, what happened?? Duo asked, concerned. He kept glancing from Trowa?s leg to Trowa?s face to Quatre.
?I?m not really sure,? Trowa responded quietly. ?I was walking and I felt a pain in my leg, and when I looked down, blood was gushing from my leg.?
Duo glanced around for a knife of some kind. When he found none, he looked at the dark alleys suspiciously. When he saw no movement he looked to Quatre, who was staring dumbfounded at Trowa?s leg. Suddenly, Quatre realized Duo was staring at him with an expression of accusation.
?Duo, Trowa,? Quatre began, ?you know I would never hurt one of my friends, let alone my boyfriend. I would never even carry a weapon around, I hate violence. You know that.?
?Yes, we do,? Trowa stated, knowing all along it could not possibly have been Quatre.
?Sorry about that, man,? Duo apologized, a sheepish grin on his face.
?It?s getting really dark,? said a monotonous voice.
Duo nearly jumped four feet in the air as he heard a voice right behind him. He whirled around; Heero was about two inches from his face. Duo quickly stumbled back, but kept his balance.
?I told you not to ever sneak up on me like that!? Duo yelled.
?Barton,? Wufei said referring to Trowa, like everyone, with his last name, ?what happened to your leg??
?We?re not sure,? Quatre said uncertainly, speaking for Trowa. Trowa was still trying to stem the blood-flow.
?What do you mean? How can you not be sure?? Heero asked.
?Well, Trowa was walking and felt a pain and poof. Here we are,? Duo said.
?Uh?yeah,? Quatre said, still trying to figure out what the ?poof? meant.
?The blood?s stopped,? Trowa announced quietly.
?Then let?s go home and try to figure it out there,? Wufei said. He had started to wander back along the road.
Duo had Heero lend his shoulder to Trowa for support; Heero was the only one about Trowa?s height. Once again they started down Elm Ave. The sun was completely gone by then and the street lights had already come on.

By the time Duo, Heero, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei arrived at the house, Trowa?s leg was bleeding again. Duo had been fiddling with the key nervously since they had resumed walking. He skillfully unlocked the door. They all piled into the main living room. Trowa went to the downstairs bathroom to bandage his leg up. Quatre followed him. Wufei headed upstairs to his room to read a book. Heero walked into the kitchen to start dinner, which Quatre normally made. Duo stood in the living room not really sure what to do. Around this time he would watch T.V., but he really did not feel like it after what happened to Trowa.
Duo sat down in a chair and began to think. He always knew weird things would happen around him, but this was just plain scary. Out of no where someone gets hurt. Duo could not possibly figure it out, but the thought that someone might be after the five of them popped into his head. Duo shuddered. He remembered a story about a group of girls who were getting hurt and murdered one by one. Duo would never want that to happen to any one of his friends.
Just then, Duo became aware that Heero was watching him from the kitchen doorway. Duo quickly put on his grin and turned to look at Heero.
?Whatcha looking at, Hee-chan?? Duo chimed. He watched as Heero?s face got an ugly red tint to it. Duo got ready to bolt out of the room just in case Heero decided to attack.
Amazingly, Heero calmed himself. Glaring at Duo like there was no tomorrow he walked back to the kitchen, but not before Duo caught a look in Heero?s eyes he never thought he would see. Concern.
?The Perfect Soldier? Concerned?? Duo asked himself quietly out loud. He definitely knew something was wrong now. Of what could Heero be afraid? Duo?s smile disappeared, a rare occasion.

Duo was quiet at dinner. He also did not eat a lot. He knew the others were giving him concerned looks, he even partially heard Quatre ask if he was sick. He told Quatre he was fine then left the table without another word. Wufei called after him. He stopped as he reached the stairs. Wufei had just come into the living room.
?You blame yourself, don?t you?? Wufei got straight to the point.
??? Duo remained silent.
?Trowa wasn?t even badly hurt,? Wufei said, ?How can it possibly be your fault if you weren?t even there walking with them??
Duo still did not say anything, just looked at the rug.
?Are you going to answer me or not?? Wufei asked, ready to walk away.
Duo mumbled something then went upstairs. He did not realize Wufei had awesome hearing.
Wufei frowned at what he heard, ?I?m just bad luck?? Wufei was not very superstitious, but that comment bugged him.

Duo reached his room, which was at the end of the hall. He flopped down on the bed. He dragged his homework out of his back pack then froze.
?Duo?? called a very distant voice.
?Who?s there?? Duo asked the silent room around him.
?Duo?.? the voice called again, ?it?s your dark side?In the sunlight??
Duo was a little panicky by now, ?First Trowa, now this,? he mumbled to himself.
He did as much of his homework as he could; he was trying to ignore the voice. He was not really sure where the voice was coming from. The voice had started repeating two words over and over by now.
Duo shoved his books in his backpack with tears in his eyes. The voice was scaring him more than he wanted to admit.
The house was silent; everyone had gone to bed by now. Suddenly, another voice joined the first. This one sounded an awful lot like Heero telling him to wake up.
?Wake up, Duo?Wake up, Duo?? Heero?s voice repeated over and over.
Finally cracking from the voices, Duo rolled over on his bed, put his hands over his ears, and tried to sleep with tears streaming down his face.
The original voice continued as Heero?s voice faded then disappeared.
With those words in his ears Duo fell asleep. Even in his sleep, Duo heard the voice.

Duo?s voice filled dream abruptly ceased when an agonized scream pierced the air. The voice Duo was hearing halted immediately.
Duo jumped up as quickly as he could and ran out the door to find out from where the scream came. As he emerged from his room, Heero was walking across the hall towards his door. Heero had a very concerned expression on his face.
?Who screamed?? Duo asked quickly from fear.
?It wasn?t you?? Quatre asked emerging from his room.
?No it wasn?t,? Duo said.
Trowa came out of his room. He took one glance at Duo, Heero, and Quatre, and headed for Wufei?s room. Duo was the first to follow. Trowa opened the door, but Wufei was not in his room. Quatre went to see if Wufei was in the bathroom, Heero went to look in the living room and dining room, Duo went to the kitchen.
Duo and Heero both had to walk down the steps, so they went together.
?Are you okay?? Heero asked Duo with a strong tone of concern. ?You look like sh^*.?
?I?m fine,? Duo said even though he felt horrible.
They reached the bottom of the stairs and Duo went through the living room to the kitchen door. He felt a sudden wetness on his foot and immediately looked down. It was water; a glass was about a foot away. Duo knew he was being paranoid now. He was in front of the door, now all he had to do was push it open. A sinking feeling had entered his stomach. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Heero reenter the room from the hall that led to the den and the dining room. Knowing he could not be a coward in front of Heero, he put his hand against the door, took a deep breath, and pushed the door open.
At first all he saw was red on the floor. He closed his eyes and took another step. He forced his eyes open. Duo was so horrified he could not even scream. Wufei was lying on the floor, blood flowing from his back. A knife was a few feet away from him. Duo ran over to where Wufei was laying face-up and checked if he was alive. He had a steady heartbeat and was breathing normally. Duo slowly turned Wufei onto his stomach to see what had happened to his back. Duo looked then stumbled back.
Heero watched as Duo flew out of the kitchen door once again stumbling backwards quickly, his breathing erratic. Heero ran over and caught Duo just before he fell over completely.
?What? What happened?? Quatre questioned frantically as he ran into the room after hearing Duo hit the door as he came out of the kitchen.
Heero placed Duo into a sitting position on the floor against the wall. Duo was grateful for this because his legs would no longer support him. Trowa walked into the room and saw Duo against the wall, Quatre looking at the kitchen door uncertainly, and Heero moving to go in to the kitchen. Being the doctor of the five, he went over to Duo to see if he was all right.
Heero opened the kitchen door at the moment and saw what Duo had seen: Wufei now lying on his stomach and a knife a few feet away. Heero also noticed the knife moving. The knife shot up from the floor aiming straight for his heart. He jumped out of the way, but the knife kept going.
?Duo! Trowa! Move!!? Ken yelled out, knowing who was directly in line with the door.
Duo, who had been looking at the ground, glanced up at his name being called. He saw a knife heading straight for him. He pushed Trowa away, just in case his eyes were deceiving him, and threw himself forward under the path of the knife. A thud against the wall told him he could look up. He glanced at Heero in the doorway, and then looked behind him. The knife was embedded in the wall up to its handle, right where his head had been.
?Did you throw that?? Quatre asked Heero suspiciously.
Heero shook his head, ?I did not, and neither did Wufei.?
?Wufei?? Ryo asked, he had already guessed where Wufei was, ?Is he all right??
?Come take a look,? Heero said to Quatre and Trowa, knowing full well Duo did not want to go back in the kitchen.
Trowa stepped forward with Quatre trailing behind him. He took one look at Wufei and knew he should get the band-aids. Quatre took one look at Wufei and the blood around him, and joined Duo in the living room.
The wounds on Wufei?s back were slashes. Slashes that formed two words.
??Shadow? and ?Sunlight?,? Heero read out loud so that everyone could hear.
Just then, the voice Duo had heard all night came back. This time it was louder then ever.
?Shadow?Sunlight?Shadow?Sunlight?? the voice nearly screamed the words in an everlasting mantra.
Duo threw his hands over his ears and buried his face in Quatre?s shoulder. Quatre, who was sitting next to Duo, was very surprised by this action. Heero had also turned to see Duo?s reaction when he read the words. He was quite surprised, as well.
Duo had actually started to cry silently.
?Duo?? Quatre asked, concern etched on his face, ?Duo??
?Don?t you hear it?? Duo asked in a strained voice, his question muffled in Quatre?s shirt.
Heero cocked an eyebrow in confusion and frowned, which Quatre noticed, but did not understand. Trowa had been trying to revive Wufei, and it seemed that he finally succeeded. Wufei stirred then winced as pain shot through his back.
?You all right?? Trowa asked.
?My back ?really? hurts,? Wufei said. He tried to push himself off the floor, but decided against it as soon as a burning pain shot through his back.
?I?m going to clean some of the blood off your back,? Trowa told Wufei like he was talking to a child, ?It?s going to sting.?
?To keep your mind off of it, why don?t you tell us what happened?? Heero suggested.
Wufei nodded, ?I came down like I do every morning to start breakfast as the sun comes up. When I got down here, and came into the kitchen, it felt like someone clamped a hand over my mouth.? At this point he stopped and looked around suspiciously at his friends.
?It was not any of us,? Quatre and Trowa said simultaneously. Trowa glanced up at Quatre, smiled, and then went back to work.
?Whatever,? Wufei said as he continued, ?I tried to call out, but no sound came out, then I saw something flicker,? he glanced at the knife before continuing, ?And then it felt like someone was cutting open my back. The pain was pretty bad so I started to pass out, but before I did the hand disappeared and I was able to let out that scream I had been holding in.?

The whole house was silent after Wufei concluded his tale. Duo was no longer crying, but he still had his hands over his ears.
Quatre was trying to think of something to say, but instead he made a suggestion he knew Duo would like, ?Let?s turn on the T.V. and let Trowa finish with Wufei in peace.?
Duo nodded, as did Heero, at this suggestion and the three of them headed for the den. Duo quickly got the remote from out of its hiding place, his hiding place for it, and flicked on the T.V. Instead of cartoons being on like every Saturday morning, there was a breaking news story.
?Be advised that 13 people have been murdered in this area,? the reporter was saying, ?and 36 more have been injured.?
The screen went to another reporter at a hospital, ?These sudden injuries have been some of the strangest that doctors have seen. The injuries are all slashes that say ?Shadow? and ?Sunlight?.?
Duo tossed the remote to Quatre who was watching him with concern, ?See if there is anything else on.? Duo said as he walked down the hall to the back door.
Once he was outside, Duo leaned against the shadowed side of the house. The voice was still in his head, as he assumed he was the only one who could hear it. The voice tended to get louder whenever he heard the words ?shadow? and ?sunlight? on the outside. Every other time he could push it to the back of his head so that the voice was only as loud as a whisper.
Heero came out the door just then, and came around the house to the side Duo was leaning against. Duo seemed to be lost in thought so Heero sat down in a sunny spot against the wall.
?I don?t get it,? Duo said and threw up his hands in exasperation.
?What don?t you get?? Heero asked.
?I feel like I should know what is happening, but I don?t!? Duo was clearly upset.
Heero decided to change the subject, ?Before you asked us: ?Don?t you hear it?? and we never answered you. What did you mean by ?it???
?A voice, in my head, I now assume,? Duo answered, ?it was bugging me all night too. It stopped when Fei screamed, but started again when you read what was on his back.?
?You mean, when I said??
?Yes, ?that?.? Duo cut him off desperately, ?Please don?t say ?that? again.?
?All right, I won?t say it, and I will give the others a heads up not to say it,? Heero replied.
Duo smiled happily. The door opened again and this time Quatre came out. Quatre headed over to stand by Heero, but he never got there. He froze in mid-step.
?Quatre?? Duo asked.
?I can?t move,? Quatre said with a little panic in his voice.
?What do you mean?? Heero questioned.
?I mean: I cannot move any part of my body even an inch because something is holding me in position!? Quatre yelled at Heero.
?Q-man, calm down and hang tight we?ll figure it out,? Duo reassured him.
Quatre suddenly took a step towards Duo.
?You can move again?? Duo asked.
?Uh?I don?t know how to tell you this?but?no,? Quatre said uncertainly.
?Huh?!? Duo asked as Quatre took another step towards him.
Quatre next took a running step forward and launched himself at Duo. His hands wrapped around Duo?s neck. Duo?s hands flew up and tried to pull off Quatre?s hands. Quatre had tears falling from his eyes as Duo?s struggling started to lessen.
?I?m sorry Duo,? Quatre wept, ?I don?t want to hurt you,?
Suddenly, Heero flew into both of them and knocked them into the shaded wall just as Duo?s consciousness started to fade. All three of them hit the house with a thud. Quatre?s hands immediately let go, and Duo sucked in a deep breath and started to cough. Heero grabbed Quatre?s hands just in case he tried to do anything while Duo recovered. Duo tried to pull in another breath, but choked once again. He finally collapsed in a heap still coughing. Trowa appeared outside the door just then with Wufei following him. He was cleaned up and was wearing clean clothing. They both took a look at the scene in front of them. Duo was lying on the ground gasping for air and coughing, and Heero was sitting against the wall with Quatre in front of him. Heero was holding Quatre?s wrists while Quatre was telling him it was okay to let go.
?What happened out here?? Wufei asked.
Duo tried to speak, but failed spectacularly. His coughing increased and he clutched at his chest in pain. Trowa ran over to him to help.
?I?m really sorry Duo,? Quatre said sadly and quietly, ?I didn?t mean to, I couldn?t help it. It wasn?t my fault. I tried to stop.?
?I don?t believe it was your fault,? Heero said to Quatre because Duo could not answer.
?I found the problem,? Trowa stated while looking at Duo?s bruised throat, ?his windpipe is partially crushed.?
?Oh,? Wufei said, ?How can we make him stop coughing??
?Go get a glass of water,? Trowa ordered. Wufei went back into the house.
?Can you hear me, Duo?? Trowa asked.
Duo nodded in response.
?I need you to sit up,? Trowa told him.
Duo did so with a little help from Trowa. He still had one hand on his chest from pain in his lungs. Wufei came out of the house again with a glass of water, which he handed to Trowa. Trowa tipped Duo?s head back and poured some water in. Duo swallowed, and choked on a bit, but recovered from that quickly. Trowa poured some more water down Duo?s throat hoping the water going through would open up the passage a bit more. Soon the glass of water was gone, and Duo was breathing a bit easier.
?It?s all right Quatre,? Duo said to Quatre first, ?You didn?t mean to and I know that.?
?No one ever told me what had happened?? Wufei muttered.
Heero quickly told the story from what they had seen on T.V. to the part where he had knocked all three of them into the side of the house.
?Can we go inside?? Duo asked after he had finished.
?Sure,? Trowa said as he helped Duo stand up.
They all marched back inside and went their separate ways. Wufei headed back to the kitchen to restart breakfast which could now be considered lunch. Quatre went to help by setting up the dining room with plates and silverware. Trowa headed upstairs to take a shower. Heero looked as if he were about to go to his computer in the study, but instead he followed Duo upstairs. Duo did not seem to notice his presence; he just absently rubbed his neck as he went to his room.
He followed Duo all the way to his doorway, and stopped at the entrance. He watched as Duo flopped down on the bed and fell asleep the moment his head touched the pillow.
?It?s all only a dream,? Heero said to himself with a smirk as he walked away from Duo?s room to his own room.

An hour later, Wufei finally got tired of waiting for Duo to come down and eat his lunch. He marched up the stairs to the end of the hall, threw open Duo?s door, and turned on the light. Duo sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes.
?What was that for, Wu-man?? Duo asked sleepily through a yawn.
?I made lunch and we were waiting for you, so I came up here to get you,? Wufei said a little embarrassed. He had not realized Duo was sleeping.
?Oh,? Duo said standing up, ?Okay, I?m coming downstairs.?
Wufei and Duo headed back down the stairs. Lunch was quiet and after he had finished eating, Duo headed back for his room. He immediately went back to bed. He slept right through to Sunday.

Duo?s alarm clock went off at 6 o?clock, and for once Duo woke up to it. Duo realized that no one woke him up for dinner when his stomach rumbled. He grumbled about ?mean friends? and headed out his door. The shades in his room were drawn, so when he walked out the door, the sun was rising in the hallway window. He rubbed his eyes in pain.
Downstairs he heard the sound of sizzling bacon and smelt eggs.
?Woo Hoo!? He cheered sleepily and quietly as he slid down the banister.
He walked through the living room and into the kitchen to find no one there. Someone had left the eggs and bacon on their own. Duo quickly grabbed the spatula and turned the eggs so they would not burn. Seeing that they would be fine, Duo went to find the chef. As he walked down the hallway to the backdoor, Duo felt a poke in his back. Duo turned on his heel and looked around, no one was there, only his shadow.
?Okay?? Duo said to himself. He looked out the back door. Heero was sitting on the steps.
Duo opened the backdoor. ?What are you doing out here?? Duo asked. ?Your eggs are going to burn.?
?What eggs?? Heero asked as he turned around.
?You mean?? Duo?s voice trailed off.
?I have no idea what you are talking about,? he said.
Duo walked back into the house with Heero following him. Duo went back to the kitchen to find the eggs were gone, but the frying pan was in the sink. The smell of the eggs and bacon was gone too.
?What are you looking for?? asked a voice.
Duo looked to the window that connected the kitchen to the dining room to see Quatre and Trowa looking in from the other side. Heero glanced at Duo and raised his eyebrows. Duo began to laugh. He threw his hands up by his head and headed for the hallway to get to the dining room. He was laughing so hard he walked straight into Wufei who was coming down the stairs. Wufei raised one eyebrow and went to the kitchen to make coffee.
?What was that about?? Wufei asked upon entering the kitchen and seeing the others giving each other glances.
?Don?t know,? Trowa shrugged.
?Duo seems a little off lately,? Heero pointed out.
?He?ll be even more ?off? if he finds out we are talking behind his back,? Quatre said.

To be continued....

[color=crimson]If you guys want the rest, just say so. I actually wanted to put book commentary in...LOL

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Very intresting, I mean for a GW fanfic. No gundams though, that makes it really interesting and the whole thing with Duo freaking out, it really adds intensity to the story, I'd like to see the next part to this story ^_^ [/COLOR]
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[color=crimson]Thank you very much, Domon. As I said above, this was for a creative writing class. If I put in the parts about the war and gundams, my class would have had such blank looks on their faces it's not funny. The story would also be much longer, which I wouldn't mind, but I had a deadline. The funny thing about the original story was someone said they thought a girl should be in it. >.> Wufei's original name was Amber...>gets killed by Fei fans< When I changed all the characters back, I reread it and realized I forgot to changes the "she"s to "he"s, it was funny to read it that way. Since I changed Wufei to a girl, I kinda had to change the character a bit. I based the Wufei in the story off my best friend, Amber. She had asked to be in the story, so yeah. My other friends asked, but I would have ended up with like four girls and a monkey, and I would have had to change all their characters. O_o;; So, the other friends either requested to name a character or be like a side character. You'll see Roxie later. To clear up some later questions, the names I used were Ken(Ken wanted to be in it, so he was), Duo, Ryo(friend request), Quatre(yes, I kept it because I take French in school >.>), and Amber. Heero became Ken, Trowa became Ryo. Characters' stayed the same('cept Wufei of course). Don't get me wrong, Wufei is my second favorite character. Well, enough of my ranting, ne?

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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[color=crimson]Ahhh, this story is not so popular, I was hoping for more input on my writing skills, but since you guys wanna see the rest. I put some comments, in here it is:[/color]
Duo walked down the hall. To him it seemed to take forever to get to the dining room. Again, Duo felt a poke in his back. Once again he turned around to see no one. Just his shadow from the sun shining in the window on the back door was behind him. He continued walking. He felt another poke and turned around again; no one was there. He looked to the dining room door; he should have been there by now. He started towards the door once again, only to feel another poke. He whirled around, no one was there. He turned again and heading for the dining room door, glaring at it like it had betrayed him. Before he could feel another poke, he whirled around. Trowa was two feet away from him.
Duo sighed in relief then glared at Trowa, ?Why do you go around poking people like that, Tro??
?What do you mean?? Trowa asked.
?You know full well what I mean,? Duo was pretty angry, ?You sneak up behind me, poke my back, then duck into a room before I turn around!?
Trowa stared at him in shock. He knew Duo was acting weird, but this was way out of the normal. He took a step towards Duo.
Duo recoiled and put up his fists defensively, ?It was really mean of you to scare me, but if you plan on hurting me now, I will never forgive you.?
?Too late,? Trowa said in a sinister voice. Just then the hall seemed to grow colder and he seemed to change.
Trowa jumped forward and punched Duo in the stomach. Duo stumbled back winded. He clutched his stomach and nearly fell to his knees. He was about to retaliate when he thought of a better idea. He turned and ran for the dining room door; he knew Quatre could help.
He reached the door and looked back, Trowa was on his heels. He threw himself into a forward roll to the door. He came right out of the roll to be standing in the dining room. The hair on the back of his neck went up as he felt Trowa fly by the door.
He glanced around the room, and his mouth dropped open. Quatre and Trowa were still at the window talking to Heero. Wufei just got into the kitchen. Trowa was in the dining room.
?But that?s impossible?? Duo whispered to himself.
Quatre turned around and saw his shocked expression. Duo quickly walked out and looked both directions down the hall before going back into the dining room. He gave Trowa a wary look then went to check out the food.
?Yum,? he said happily to Quatre and Trowa, ?eggs, bacon, and toast: my favorite.?
Quatre smiled and looked to Trowa who was staring at Duo cautiously. Quatre?s eyes shot over to Duo quickly to see him watching Trowa warily, as well and walking around the other side of the table. It was as if Duo did not want to go near Trowa. Quatre?s eyes shot between Duo and Trowa so fast he started to get dizzy. Neither Duo nor Ryo seemed to notice his stare. So instead, Quatre looked to Heero. Heero was gone from the kitchen, but he was standing in the dining room door.
Wufei walked in too. He had a fresh pot of coffee. Duo?s wary look at Trowa turned to one of delight at the smell of coffee.
?Ah, coffee,? he said warmly, ?What kind is it, Fei??
?It?s French Vanilla,? He stated as he took a sip from his mug.
Quatre looked between Wufei and Duo, ?What?s with you two and coffee??
?It?s ?so? good,? Duo said as he stole the pot from Wufei and poured his own mug.
?It?s not healthy to drink coffee when you are a teenager,? Trowa pointed out.
Both Wufei and Duo shrugged and took a sip of their coffee at the same time.
Heero took his seat and grabbed the pot of coffee. He studied the pot for a while and finally poured a cup.
?That stuff has no nutritional value, you know,? Trowa quickly stated not really caring if the coffee did have something healthy in it. He did not want to see what would happen to Heero if he drank caffeinated coffee.
Heero stopped right before he took a sip and put the cup between Wufei and Duo. Duo grinned as Wufei started to protest, but Trowa threw a hand over his mouth before he could say the nutrition facts of the coffee.
?So, what is everyone doing today?? Quatre asked as they ate.
?I was thinking of going to the movies,? Wufei said with a big smile.
?I am going to help out at the hospital again,? Trowa stated.
?I am heading to help on construction with the new church,? Duo said through a mouthful of toast.
?I am going to get the groceries, it is my turn,? Heero said.
?And, I am going to visit my sister in the next town over,? Quatre finished for them.
?Quatre?the next town over is like 25 miles away,? Duo pointed out, ?We are living in the desert, how do you plan to get there??
?Roxie is sending a car to pick me up,? Quatre said.
?Good luck on the roads,? Heero said, ?The sandstorm did a real job on closing some of them.?
?Oh yeah,? Quatre said in sudden realization, ?sandstorms are so unpredictable.?
?Isn?t it supposed to rain anyway today?? Wufei asked; he always kept track of the weather, ??The problem with living in a desert is the rain. If it rains it rains ?a lot?.??
He had quoted the weatherman. She even used his lame British accent. Duo had to laugh at the corny imitation.
?Thank you, Duo,? Wufei said with a big grin, ?I?m here all week.?
Breakfast ended with entertainment as the coffee that Duo and Wufei drank kicked in and they started flinging food and singing ?Rain Rain Go Away?. ([color=crimson]O_o[/color])
It was Duo?s turn to do the dishes today. He pouted and pleaded all week that he should not have to do them before going to church. Quatre refused to give in.
?Since I am paying the rent because I?m rich, you guys do the chores,? Quatre had said. Quatre?s father was the owner of the Winner Corporation, and Quatre was his only son out of fifteen children. So, basically, Quatre was ?very wealthy?.
Duo sighed and headed to do the dishes. He stacked the dirty plates on his left arm, put the silverware on top of the plates, put a piece of bacon in his mouth, and picked up three of the five glasses with his right hand. He walked carefully over to the window that connected to the kitchen and set down the glasses, silverware, and plates. He went back to the table and grabbed the last of the glasses and the plates on which the bacon, eggs, and toast had been on. He put those through the window too. He normally would jump through the window into the kitchen, but this time he was afraid of knocking over something. He went out into the hall instead.
Trowa was waiting for him out there. Trowa pushed himself off the wall.
?Are you afraid of me or something?? Trowa asked. He wanted to know what was wrong with Duo, but it seemed like Duo was a little jumpy so he did not want to scare him.
?No,? Duo said quickly and walked to the other side of the hall before continuing down to the living room and the kitchen.
?Then why are you walking as far away from me as possible??
?Because,? Duo stated, he did not even bother to finish the statement.
?What is wrong with you, man?? Trowa asked.
?Nothing, now if you don?t mind I need to get to the kitchen to do dishes,? Duo said curtly.
Trowa stepped in front of Duo before Duo could walk any further. Duo growled in frustration and tried to walk around him. Trowa was having trouble keeping Duo away from the door at the end of the hall, and he had to actually push Duo back at one point.
Duo finally stopped trying to get by, ?What do you want?? He asked wearily.
?I want to know what is wrong,? Trowa said in a warm voice.
?I told you I was fine,? Duo said, ?But even if I told you the truth, you wouldn?t believe me.?
?All right, I have another question.?
?Why are you afraid of me??
?Well, if I hurt you, wouldn?t you be afraid of me??
?What?? Trowa was at a total loss for words.
?I will admit you hit pretty hard, but not as hard as Heero,? Duo said smiling even though Trowa could tell Duo was angry.
?I didn?t hit you,? Trowa declared.
?Yes, you did,? Duo said through clenched teeth.
?No, I didn?t,? Trowa protested. ([color=crimson]yes, the sound of third-graders[/color])
Duo lifted up his shirt to reveal a nasty bruise on his stomach, ?Oh really??
?When did that happen, Duo?? Trowa asked; he really wanted to see if Duo was sick or Heero had hit him.
?In this hallway right before breakfast,? Duo seethed, ?You should know.?
?But I don?t know,? Trowa countered.
Finally, he leaped forward and grabbed Duo?s arm so he could not run, and placed his hand on Duo?s forehead. Duo jerked then froze.
?Just calm down, Duo,? he said to him.
Duo was not listening, he began to struggle, ?Let go!? he shouted at Trowa.
Trowa was suddenly on his back as Duo threw him over his shoulder so he would let go. Duo?s face contorted in pain as his wrist twisted with the move, but it did not break so he was fine.
?Sorry,? Duo apologized as Trowa started to get up. He looked really angry so he bolted for the dining room.
He reached the dining room in record time. Duo ran straight through and did his famous dive and roll through the window to the kitchen. Amazingly, nothing fell off the counter where he left the dirty dishes. He came out of the roll and turned around to close the shutters on the window just as Trowa?s hand shot through. Trowa grabbed his shirt collar and tried to pull him back through.
Trowa?s eyes were wide as he realized that he did not want to do what he was doing and had no control to stop himself. Duo looked at him fearfully.
?Duo, remember what happened to Quatre?? he asked solemnly.
Duo nodded meekly.
?I think it is happening to me now,? Trowa told him.
?What should I do?? Duo asked.
?See that frying pan?? he waited until Duo nodded, ?Grab it, hit me with it ([color=crimson]Sorry, need to make comment, I like the idea of hitting people with frying pans[/color]), and when I let go, run. Head for Heero?s room, he got Quatre out of his problem.?
?How is it that you are not trying to kill me like Quatre?? Duo asked.
?My mind is calmer and I can control myself easier, so maybe I am fighting it,? Trowa suggested with a slight shrug.
?Before I do this, I apologize,? Duo said as he reached for the frying pan.
Duo grabbed the frying pan and swung it at Trowa?s headed. He winced as it hit and was immediately free to run, and that is exactly what he did. Following Trowa?s instruction he headed into the living room and towards the stairs. He was about half way up the steps when Trowa came out of the hall. Duo broke into a full sprint, jumping up the stairs three at a time. He reached the top and ran for Heero?s room. He shouted while he ran.
?Heero!? Duo shouted frantically not really knowing what to say, ?Open your door!?
Heero?s door swung open and his head popped out. He saw Duo coming down the hall at a dead run and Trowa was following with a knife he must have picked up in the kitchen. Heero jumped out of the way for Duo to come in. Trowa charged in shortly after. Heero slammed his door shut and all three of them were shrouded in darkness. Even in the morning with the sun right outside the window, his room was pitch black. He had a sheet over his window.
?Heero?? Duo called out from somewhere in the room, ?Why is it so dark in here??
?Because I like the dark,? Heero stated from somewhere else in the room.
?Ow!? Trowa exclaimed from somewhere in the darkness, ?I think I just stabbed my hand on something!?
?Ouch,? Duo said trying to find Trowa, ?Can you turn on a light??
?No,? Heero said in his most expressionless voice.
?Okay,? Duo said, ?Hey, I found the bed.?
Trowa looked around to pinpoint Duo?s voice; somehow he swore he heard an echo.
?Are you guys there?? Duo?s voice called out as he tried to find someone or the door. No one really ever went in Heero?s room, so he didn?t know the layout.
?Here,? Trowa called as if taking attendance.
?I?m by the door still,? Heero said from somewhere to Duo?s right.
Duo closed his eyes and waited for them to adjust to the darkness. Out of nowhere he muttered, ?I don?t here it anymore.?
?What don?t you here anymore?? Trowa asked from his left.
?That damn voice,? Duo explained curtly as he tried to figure out why.
He must have realized that Duo did not want to talk about this voice so he kept quiet and waited for his eyes to adjust. He was finally able to see an outline of both Duo and Heero and some of the various items in the room.
Suddenly, thunder boomed outside and made Duo jump, ?Heero, please turn on a light or let me out,? Duo nearly pleaded.
?All right,? Heero responded from the right. The door opened immediately afterwards.
Duo was out of the room in a flash of black. His black clothing had fit well in the dark room. He turned around to look at what was in Heero?s room. His mouth dropped open.
Lying all over the furniture, except on the bed, were computer parts and what appeared to be parts of guns. In one corner there was a laptop in front of a beanbag chair. In another corner there was a small tool bench. Duo had the urge to go and fiddle with some of the computer parts and tools.
?Well, I now see why you spend so much time in here,? Duo said with an impressed whistle, ?what?s with the gun parts though? The war?s over.?
?Self defense,? Heero replied. ?Don?t tell Quatre.?
?Why would we do that?? Trowa asked as he too exited the room.
?I don?t know,? Heero admitted, ?but some people are unpredictable.?
Duo realized that last statement was directed toward him.
?Not a word,? Duo promised.

Mostly everyone was gone by the time Duo had finished the dishes. Quatre was forced to stay home due to the bad roads; he had received a call from Roxie. Trowa went to the hospital, which was actually a small one-floored building. He had to take one of the two umbrellas they owned, it rarely rained where they were. Wufei was hopping about at that moment trying to get rain boots on his feet. He was heading for the small theatre in the town; the theatre was for tourists who normally stopped by during spring and fall, but it was winter at the moment. With his rain boots on and a smug grin to Duo he took the last umbrella and left.
Duo waited for Heero to appear downstairs before leaving. Duo liked the rain, but hated thunder. So, he waited so he could walk with Heero. Duo stared out the window, watching as the rain fell. His amethyst eyes reflected back at him every time lightning flashed. He heard soft footsteps on the stairs and turned to find Quatre behind him.
?Is Heero up there still?? Duo asked Quatre.
?No he left a minute ago,? Quatre told him.
?Really? How did he get by me?? Duo questioned with shock in his voice.
?You know Heero: always quiet and secretive,? Quatre said with a smile.
?See you around, Q-ball,? Duo said as he rushed out the door to catch up with Heero.
As soon as he stepped out the door thunder rumbled in the sky, Duo visibly cringed, ?Stupid thunder,? he muttered to himself.
As he walked he thought about the voice. It was still gone. Ever since he went into Heero?s dark room it had been quiet. His thoughts wandered to what the voice had said: ?Shadow?Sunlight??
What is that supposed to mean? Duo thought to himself. He next remembered what happened to Wufei. He was probably going to have scars the rest of his life.
Once again Duo?s thoughts turned back to the voice and the slashes that form two words: Shadow and Sunlight. He growled in frustration as he realized the words were opposites. He stopped and tried to think of a connection the two words had.
?Bingo!? Duo snapped his fingers as he thought of a relationship, ?Sunlight creates shadows. One mystery solved.?
The next question was if the voice was good or bad. It might be a warning, he realized, or I could be crazy. Duo was sure the latter was not the answer.
?A warning?? Duo said thoughtfully to himself out loud, ?What could it mean??
?Wait a minute?? he paused in his walking again.
An image of watching the sun set over the horizon before seeing what happened to Trowa popped into Duo?s head. Next came the sunrise through the kitchen window, as well as the dining room window. Both images were followed by a picture of the shaded wall of their house and the sunny area around it.
?Holy?? Duo trailed off before using any profane language, ?All the attacks happened under the sun, none happened at night??
He had just figured out the Sunlight part of the warning.
?Shadow?Shadow?? Duo said to himself repeatedly out loud as he quickened his pace to find Heero.
An image of Quatre?s shadow disappearing when he went into the shade popped into his mind next, the same thing happened when Trowa ran into Heero?s room. The sun had gone down after Trowa had been attacked. After all the attacks, there were no shadows.
?The shadows have come to life,? Duo felt as if he was reading a book. He quickly took out a small walky-talky. Wufei, Trowa, Quatre, and Heero all had the smile radio, as well, except all of them had a different channel. Heero rarely ever kept his with him though.
Duo quickly tuned into channel four to message Quatre, ?Quatre if you are there pick up the walky-talky.? Duo was glad the town was no bigger than five miles in every direction; the walky-talky did not work outside of a five mile radius.
?Quatre here. Over,? Quatre responded.
?Whatever you do today, do not go outside,? Duo said in a warning voice, ?go around the house and close all the shades too. Then head for Heero?s room and stay there until the rest of us get back. On Heero?s nightstand I saw a flashlight and a poetry book, read that if you have to distract yourself. Just stay away from the sunlight.?
If Quatre found any of these instructions odd, he did not say it, ?All right, Duo,? Quatre said, ?Just promise to tell me what is going on when you get back. Over.?
?Promise,? Duo said kindly before ending the conversation and tuning into to channel five to reach Wufei.
Wufei responded within seconds, ?I?m in the movie and heading out, what do you want??
?I want you to stay in that dark movie theatre. Don?t leave until it is night time outside. Just stay away from the sunlight,? Duo repeated the last warning with great emphasis.
?Duo,? Wufei said back, ?it?s cloudy outside.?
?I know that, but if the sun comes out, stay away from it,? Duo countered.
?All right, I?ll head back to the house when it is dark out,? Wufei gave in.
?When you get there join Quatre in Heero?s room,? Duo finished then turned to channel three to talk to Trowa.
?Earth to Clownman,? Duo said sarcastically through the walky-talky.
?Yes?? Trowa asked almost right away.
?Are you in a room with no windows?? Duo asked.
?Yes, why?? he sounded curious.
?I?ll explain later,? Duo stated quickly, ?Stay in that room, and if possible get all patients and workers into rooms with no windows. Close the doors, turn out the lights. Try to make the hospital seem like Heero?s room. Just stay away from the sunlight.?
Duo could almost see Trowa staring at the walky-talky with an odd expression, ?I don?t get it, Duo.?
?Please just listen to me, this is not some horrible joke,? Duo said pleadingly, ?I?ll explain what it is that is happening when I get home tonight. Also, don?t leave the dark rooms until the sun goes down. When you get home, head for Heero?s room, you should find Quatre in there and possibly Wufei.?
?Got it,? Trowa said, ?Now I gotta try to convince the staff to move whatever patients to the center of the hospital.?
?I got to find Heero,? Duo said with a smile.
?Good luck to both of us then,? Trowa said with laughter in his voice.
Duo switched off his walky-talky and put it back in his pocket. He knew he would not be able to reach Heero on that so instead he broke into a run. His chestnut braid flew wildly behind him as he looked down every alley while he kept running. He spotted Heero about two blocks ahead of him. He ran faster hoping the sun would not come out.
His hopes were crushed as the town was being looked upon by the sun as a cloud moved out of the way. He called out to Heero, who turned around seeing Duo running towards him he started jogging back down the road. He never did get all the way back to Duo.
Duo watched in horror as a black knife went through Heero?s back and out the front of his stomach. His stomach twisted in a knot as he saw Heero fall to his knees and crawl towards the shadow of a building. Duo jumped into the shadow of another building and ran through the shadows until he was by Heero?s side.
?You blend well in the shadows,? Heero complimented through the pain he was feeling.
?Shut up, baka,? Duo said sarcastically tears welling up in his eyes as he realized he could not save Heero.
?Hey, that?s my line,? Heero choke out and smiled.
?You knew, didn?t you?? Duo asked already knowing the answer, ?You knew that shadows were killing and hurting people.?
?Yes, I did,? Heero said, ?that is why my windows were covered.?
He coughed up some blood and Duo knew that Heero didn?t have a lot of time left.
?Where are the others?? Heero asked.
?I walky-talkied them and they are safe,? Duo said with a smile, ?Poor Trowa has to convince the staff to move all the patients.?
Heero looked like he tried to laugh, but instead coughed up blood. If he had laughed, that would have been one of the very few times Duo would see him do so. Duo was the only one that had been able to make him laugh.
?Well, I don?t think you realize this, but you are my best friend,? Heero admitted, ?Too bad I didn?t try hard enough.?
?You didn?t have to try, Heero.? Duo said back, ?You have been my best buddy since the day I met you.?
?And you shot me. That?s good to know,? Heero stated, ?I?m gonna waste my last breath on you, you know.?
Duo quirked his head to one side and listened carefully.
?This is going to hurt your feelings,? Heero pointed out first, ?This is all your fault.?
Duo watched as Heero?s chest fell, but did not rise again. He felt a tear slide down his cheek, cutting through all the rain that was on his face. It was as if time stopped at that moment. The rain froze in its freefall, the clouds refused to move, the sun continued to shine. The whole world seemed black and white until a rainbow shot across the sky.
The rainbow slowly faded away as the sun started to disappear, but not before the sun hit the spot where Duo was kneeling holding Heero in his arms. Duo felt a sharp pain in his stomach and looked down to see a black knife protruding from his gut. The knife retracted and Duo slowly turned around. Behind him was a black figure, black as night. He saw the outline of his own face mirrored in the darkness that created the figure.
?Touché,? Duo said to his Shadow with a smirk before his whole world went black.

Duo shot up so fast in bed he almost broke Quatre?s nose with his forehead. Quatre had jumped back in surprise when his eyes had opened, which put him just out of range to a skull-bash from Duo.
?Duo?? Quatre asked frantically as he watched Duo look around the room fearfully, ?Are you okay??
?Where?s Heero?? was the first thing out of Duo?s mouth. This seemed to surprise Quatre very much.
?He?s right here,? Heero said from the doorway. He had a loaded gun with him.
?What were you planning to do with that?? Quatre asked about the gun.
?If you couldn?t wake the idiot up, I was going to try my way,? Heero said with an evil smirk as he looked down at his gun lovingly.
?Uh?? Duo was too shocked by this change to speak.
?Too bad he woke up,? Heero said as he walked out of the room.
?Better hurry up and get packed,? Trowa said as he walked in the door.
?Why?? Duo asked.
?Because we are heading to my house in Egypt,? Quatre told him.
?Can I have the key to the house?? Duo asked giving Quatre puppy eyes. He had completely forgotten about the dream.
?Fine,? Quatre reached into his back pocket, ?Just don?t lose it.?

After a long plane flight from the U.S. to Egypt, Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei got off the plane and were able to explore. They all agreed to meet back in the airport in an hour.
Duo wanted to go explore the ancient tombs, but he knew that it would take too long. Then again, there is always enough time for one tomb, he thought mischievously. He headed for the nearest tomb, not even bothering to wait for a tour group or even find out the name of the tomb; he snuck in. He wandered around for a bit until he saw an odd crack in one of the walls. The wall had a beautiful, yet terrible drawing on it. Fire rained down from the heavens as eclipse shrouded the land in darkness. He was about to touch the crack when a feeling of déjà vu came over him. In his mind, Duo saw himself touch the crack and the wall collapse and a darkness crawl out then disappear. Duo drew his hand back quickly and all but ran from the tomb.
As he exited he heard a very familiar voice:
The End...or Is It?

[color=crimson]Well, that's it. Yeah, you all think it sucks...v_v I am a horrible writer. >sighs<

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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I'm not really sure what to say. It was a bit unclear at points. (I kept having to reread sections.) You still need to edit some parts. (I caught a time where you called Wufei a "she".)
Overall, the story line is pretty interesting. I usually dont' like stories where the main character suddenly wakes up and it was all a dream, but this one was pretty good.
Keep up the good work. You should get on fanfiction.net It's great!
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Well, like I said before, interesting and creative. Very well done for an 8th grader. You did it for school correct? What grade did you get on it? I don't know if this makes sense but I thought the first part was better done the second. Maybe it was just me.

I'd give it a 7/10. I must say, I admire that you actually finished it. I write quite a few things myself and I don't think I've ever put an ending on any of them.

Well done Lumi.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Artemis [/i]
[B] I usually dont' like stories where the main character suddenly wakes up and it was all a dream, but this one was pretty good. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=crimson]Actually, that was added one afterwards, I didn't like it very much, but the teacher said there were too many things left hanging so I just threw that on, either that or pick up from where I left off in someone else's third-person POV. Maybe Wufei.

Thank you very much for all who reviewed. ^_^

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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