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It seems like the only thing I have time for now is oekaki, since my parents are making me go through this stupid precalc preperation thing... and geometry... and chemistry.... grrr.
I've another one too, but I just finished this one... It's rushed and there's no bg, but I think it's alright.
EDIT: Oh yeah, did it in MSpaint (It's becoming predictable, neh?)in... maybe 20 minutes? Probably a little longer.
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lol, Squat.... Sorry, I thought that was funny when you said that ^_^'
Anyways, I think this one looks really great. The shading on her skirt is great, the BG is a bit confussing, but still really intresting. Only her legs are a bit odd. How the one in the back doesnt show much. But its still great ^^

Rating on 2nd oekaki: 9/10
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