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RPG Final Fantasy: Future


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[u]Character List[/u] ([url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=28701]recruitment thread[/url])
[i]member - character (game) - special weapon[/i]

Wondershot - Norris (Chrono Cross) - Ryujin
Shippo - Vincent Valentine (FF7) - Death Pistol
The (Sic) Shape - Shadow (FF3) - Shadow Fang
Jim_Hawking - Cloud Strife (FF7) - Cosmic Spiral
NashvilleDream - Squall Leonhart (FF8) - Lion Heart
terra - Celes Chere (FF3) - Arcadia

Oh, signups are still open if anybody's interested.

[u]Brief story recap:[/u]

Someone's recalled the weapons sent to these heroes to a different time/galaxy/place, because a new threat is coming to that world. We'll begin just after we were transported to the new world, everybody wakes up in a small, somewhat dilapidated house on an empty tropical island. We'll all meet up before we leave the house, and our mission will be given to us (by me :p) in a little while.

K, there are only six of us, so this RPG will always be in constant danger of complete death unless we all post ... :D Shall we begin?


Celes raised her eyebrows in surprise. She'd definitely walked through the door towards her apartment's bathroom, just like she did every morning, and this was definitely [i]not[/i] her bathroom.

She was in a room of what looked like an old wooden house. The paint on the walls was faded and chipped, and the only furniture in the room was a creaking rocking chair. Though she'd just gotten up and had still been in her pajamas, Celes discovered she was wearing her traditional battle gear, complete with her sword strapped to her belt and a long bow strapped to her back. Her hair was even half tied back, just like she always did it just before she went out to battle.

"What the ..." Celes said slowly, looking around the room. She pulled out her sword to make her feel a little better, and realized it wasn't her normal sword, but that weird gift she'd gotten so long ago, just after she'd helped save the world. Arcadia, apparently, as its own blade proclaimed.

"What is going on here?" Celes said aloud, hoping the sound of her own voice would comfort her. She peered into the hallway and saw a shape slumped in the corner of the hallway.

Warily, she approached it, and as she got closer she saw it was a man. When it didn't move, she nudged it with her foot. The man abruptly jumped up, looking around wildly.

"Who are you?" Celes said, toughening her voice. "Where am I?!"

The man shook his head as if clearing it. "I'd like to ask you that myself," he said.
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'I PMEd you about the name of my weapon, the "Death pistol"
[b]Vincent[/b] Ugh,...where am i...?
Vincent Valentine, a mysterious, dark "Vampire" stood up.
He rubbed his head and looked around.
[b]Vincent[/b] Ive never actually seen this place before...
He suddenly heard a swift movement behind him. He quickly drew his pistol and looked in back of him cautiously.
[b]Vincent[/b] Must'a been some rat...
Vincent put back his pistol, and began to explore the house,
It was silent as ever, and he was still wondering why he was here.
[b]Vincent[/b] Gah, who cares...im outta here.
Vincent walked down the hallway, and was about to go just before a voice called out
[b]Voic[/b] Hey! Wait a second! Dont go just yet!
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Shadow awakened in a cold sweat, breathing heavily.

Shadow:[i]Another dream[/i]

Shadow stepped out of bed, his dog Interceptor sitting by his feet. He then realized that he was no longer in his room at the inn.

Shadow:[i]What's going on?[/i]

He pulled out his weapon, Shadow Fang and slowly walked out of the room, Interceptor following.

He surveyed his surroundings to see that he was in some sort of a wooden house. He stopped inside a large room as Interceptor barked. Shadow faced the direction Interceptor barked and walked into a hallway to see someone in the corner.

????:Who are you? Where am I?

Shadow: [i]That voice. It sounds familiar.[/i]

He walked closer, his footsteps not making any sounds to get closer without being noticed. He then recognized the person.

Shadow: Celes?
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Norris raced down the streets of Porre, after having been returned to his home, the strangest things have been happening. First, he receives this weapon from an unknown benefactor, then he is kicked out of the army for no reason, and then monster attacks become even more constant. This one was tough, and it managed to get inside the city, to everyone's shock. Norris dashed around the corner and loaded a bullet, this weapon, "Ryujin" used bullets unlike anything he had ever seen before, they were long and golden, as well as twice the size of anything he had ever seen before. He rounded the corner, and peeked over the edge...
BOOM, the weapon made a large explosion sound, as well as a strange shriek which reminded him of the Dragons. The bullet sailed through the air and pierced the beast's armored face. However, it still wasn't stopping. Norris looked at it in surprise, then crouched back around the corner, checking his pocket device.
"The element is...green." He said while reading his device, he responded by pulling a large yellow bullet out from under his jacket. He loaded it, and looked around the conrer again. He focused deeply, and pulled the trigger...
This time, the explosion was twice as loud and powerful, and instead of a bullet, a giant yellow dragon erupted from the barrel, making a few arcs in the air before crashing with a deafening roar into the beast. It exploded in a great display of thunder and lighting, and the monster was vaporized instantly. Norris sighed, then smiled slighly in triumph, as the other Porre soldiers looked around in amazement, wondering what had just happened. Suddenly a massive roar came from the alley, and Norris wheeled just in time to see a larger demon hurtling towards him. He jumped out of the way, then crashed into an empty building...or at least...he thought was empty.
He looked around in surprise at the unfurnished building, as well as the perfect silence that filled the air. He turned around and saw in some shock that the door behind him had disappeared. In fact, he couldn't see any doors or windows in this room, making escape unthinkable.
"What the..." He turned to his side and saw a pale woman in white battle gear standing there. He looked to the other side and saw an old man in a rocking chair. He turned back to the woman.
"Who are you...and what is this place?..."
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"Shadow!" Celes said, eyes widened in surprise. "What -- where [i]are[/i] we?"

Shadow shrugged. Celes waited for a second, expecting him to say something, but then she remembered his customary silence and sighed.

"Right," she said. "Well, I don't know what happened to you, but I was walking to my bathroom and I ended up in this room --"

She gestured towards the room she'd just come from, then did a double take. Though the room had been empty just seconds before, there was now an old man sitting in the creaky rocking chair, his hands complacently folded in his lap.

"Er ..." Celes said, more than just a little thrown. She stepped back into the room and realized someone else was in there as well, someone who looked kind of like a soldier, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Who are you ... and what is this place?" the standing man said, turning to face her.

"No use asking her," a surprisingly strong voice boomed from the old man in the rocking chair. Celes and the man wheeled around to face him. He had a gleeful smile on his face. "I'm the one with all the answers. And don't worry, I'll give them to you too, we just need to wait for the others."

"The others?" Celes repeated, and as if on cue, Shadow walked into the room. He leaned against a wall in a way that reminded Celes forcefully of the meetings they'd had on Setzer's airship.

"You might want to go look for them, Celes," the old man suggested. "It may take a while otherwise."

Celes decided to not even bother asking how he knew her name.

"How is she going to get out?" the blond said, glancing around the room. "There aren't any doors or windows in here!"

Celes bit her lip and tried not to shake, suddenly wondering if the blond was just as crazy as the old man appeared to be. She saw two doors and three windows in the room. Was that guy blind or something?

"Ah, that has an explanation, too," the old man chuckled.

"I'm going to go, um, look for ... those others ..." Celes said, backing slowly out of the room. When nobody made a move to stop her, she turned and walked forward quickly, a vague idea in her mind of walking out the door and never returning.

Down one of the hallways, though, she saw a standing silhouette, long hair blowing in the wind. Thinking it might be another girl, Celes increased her pace, calling out, "Hey! Wait a second, don't go yet!"

The figure turned, a pistol pointing straight at her, and Celes realized immediately that this was definitely [i]not[/i] a girl.
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Squall walked through a house, wondering what it was, he had just been in the hills of the countryside, and this was definately not it. "Where am I?" he said as he stepped through a door, "and why?" "that's what we'd all like to know, but none of us do". he looked around him, and saw others there as well. then he looked behind him, and the door he had just come through, was no longer there.
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