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From St. Louis to Tokyo and Back Again: A Dream

Cocomi Myojin

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I'm only, thirteen, and I'm a Newbie. It's great to be part of something like a message board. You all are really cool. Now in a few days I will be back at school...and I'm going to be going to a private school in eight grade. This school give you ideas on what profession you want to accomodate and prepares you for college. I am extatic and a little nervous at the same time :p Well, I am thinking about my goals, my dreams, my aspirations, and I wanted to bring out something that has been nesting in the back of my head since I was introduced to Anime: I want to move to Japan and become an Anime artist. Call it a far off dream, but I feel quite approving myself of this. It's just odd, you know? You want to do one thing, but then a dream lures you on to another topic. Now this isn't making any sense, so I will clear it up bit:
I'm deciding what I should do when I get older. Take up some high business job, or move to Japan and do what I love? Drawing
:D But there are so many options, and I'm only thirteen, so I have a good while to think it over :) I really just felt like speaking my mind. I am odd...
P.S., The picture link below is the rest of my avatar. I just cut my face out for my Avatar. It's a combination of a few anime I love: RK, Inuyasha, and *drumroll* STH!:) :) :)

Hey! Thank you for replying! I would love to go w/you, and I agree on the citezenship ordeal. Well, like someone said, working in the us w/ a cartoon would be great as well. I should start w/ my Sonic comic/thingy. I like, created all of sonic and his friend's children an I'm writing a script for the comic. Just need to learn how tom draw foxes...
:) Thank you!~
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You know what? I have the EXACT same idea. Holy crap, one of the reasons I came here was to improve on my story telling ideas, and thinking up idea's. I've had this idea for quite awhile now, so I dont think its a phase. If your REALLY into anime and stuff like that, I would say go for it. If it doesnt work out, no big deal, you can be something else. What I plan to do is to learn Japanese in high school, and have something to fall back on. Something like a business. thats what i think.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cocomi Myojin [/i]
[B]I want to move to Japan and become an Anime artist. Call it a far off dream, but I feel quite approving myself of this.[/B][/QUOTE]

I wouldn't bet on it. Citizenship is damn near impossible to get in Japan, unless you're a seal (yes... they gave a seal citizenship). It's not easy to just go find a house and buy it, or anything of that sort. And besides that, no Japanese person wants some wannabe anime/manga drawn by a white devil.

I suggest you shoot for something different. I mean, I don't wanna destroy your dreams... but I really doubt it's going to work out for you (and not you specifically, but really anyone with that "plan").
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Hey I decided to move to Japan for a couple of years after college. It's always been a dream of mine to do something like that. And I don't have to wait much longer. Just about five years hey maybe we could go together. I want to go but not alone, would someone like to come with me? Pleez.
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